I guess it was rather early in the AM, yesterday, when I noted that the top news item on my Yahoo "home page" was that 'ol Barack was about to announce a running mate.

I could only imagine the millions who must've worn out their mice buttons throughout the day clicking on the refresh, over and over. I paid no attention at all, and then when I went to the gym at 4pm pacific, noted afterward on the locker-room TV that Matthews of "Hardball" infamy was being his usual self, acting as though American Civilization was on the cusp of some momentous event. Still no announcement…

Ooh; Ah.

Well, as I understood it, several "reasons" were proffered for the delay. "He wants to lure many more to sign up for the text message announcement," of course so he can send out additional text messages for the remainder of the campaign to tell people just how it's "the most important election of our time" (So send money. Now.), or, at least, the most important since the last one and of lesser importance than the next one, which, he would not say in any event but is implicit in the whole scam. Impotence Importance inflation, I guess. Other reasons were that he wanted to make McCain sweat it out, not giving him an opportunity to go all "politic" on the thing, being it's so momentous, and all. Then there's the Hillary! Factor.

My favorite was Matthews' claim that Obama runs a "very disciplined campaign." I suppose. I've always loved the film "The Godfather" and sequels precisely for the cool and calculating discipline always on display from the Don.

Whatever the precise reason or mix of them, I think William of Ockham bears attention and that the more simple and essential reason for all the delay is because Obama's campaign is assured of something quite necessary in this sort of endeavor. Can you guess what his assurance is? Here, let's have George give you a clue.

So here's my modest suggestion for the remainder of the erection election: keep the link to that video handy and take the four minutes to give it a review every time you start feeling the fool, which you really should feel if you're paying any serious attention to this nonsense beyond the clinical (as in: mass hysteria and psychosis), or simple amusement. Oh, and there's always mockery, too. That's my personal favorite.

Rule #1: don't be anybody's fool.

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