Camping Dinner

There are a couple of things about my health and fitness blogging that have surprised me, and this goes back to May, '07, even when this was still primarily a political blog with excursions into EvFit. They are reactions to the food photos and queries about cooking. I suppose I'm surprised because I've always been around people (familly, mostly) who cook, and cook well, and I've always cooked plenty (in between the pizzas and fast food of the last decade or so). It's just like my previous hunting post. I get that people don't really have to, to survive, but part of me could never feel that utterly detached from the base requirements of survival.

I'm going to do something a bit different with this food post. I'll take you through it. What makes this different is this was out camping, so even though I shopped at a market and didn't forage or kill, I did cook out in nature, and ultimately, cooked over an open fire. Let's go, then.

First, here's the setting.


Now, here are the raw materials, foraged from Nob Hill Market.


I have expensive balsamic at home and didn't want or need another $15 bottle, so I got the cheap one and reduced it. It evaporates very quickly. This only took five minutes or so. In the end, sweet and syrupy.

Balsamic reduction

Now comes the salad preparation.

Watermelon salad

What's next? Why, red onion, of course.

Watermelon and red onion

Now we switch over to the main course. Here's the prep, which is red onion, two small jalapeno peppers, and three crimini mushrooms, all finely chopped.

Burger additives

This is mixed thoroughly with the ground beef (80/20), and in my case, placed over an open oak wood fire. The plain burger to the side is for doggies.


Here's the finished product. The burger was perfectly spicy with the jalapeno. For the Greek watermelon and red onion, the other two ingredients are crumbled feta cheese and the balsamic. However, two much balsamic. The reduction was very concentrated and overpowered the dish, though not in a vinegar way. Just too much balsamic flavor. A third of what I had reduced would have been plenty. It also would have looked more appetizing. I'll make it again next weekend while up at the cabin with visiting friends.

Burger and salad

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  1. Chris - Zen to Fitness on September 15, 2008 at 09:36

    All I can say is "Unreal" exactly my kind of dinner looks absolutely delicious. Must have been so good eating that while in the out camping. Superb post and thanks for taking all the pics really inspires me to get my Paleo cooking on!!

  2. Bill on September 15, 2008 at 11:16

    Great post, i like how you took it step by step.The food look's great and you have gave me a idea how to cook my burgers thank's.


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