Survey Results

Thanks to all who took the time. As promised, and without further delay, here are the results.

  1. Is my information relevant to the average person who constantly diets, exercises, reads diet books & magazines, purchases Jenny Craig type food products and continuously gets discouraged by the dismal short term results? Y=95%; N=5% 
  2. Is the scientific basis of the evolutionary fitness program easy enough for the average person to comprehend? Y=87%; N=13% 
  3. Would you buy a streamlined, easy-to-read, step-by-step book or Internet Download of my new book? Y=70%; N=30% 
  4. Would you attend, if made very affordable, a seminar for the “No Diet-Diet” program and life way? Y=39%; N=61% 
  5. Would you participate in an informational 45 minute live Webinar? Y=57%; N=43%
  6. Do you think the people who are constantly and perpetually on diet programs would be interested in a fat loss program that would be permanent, easy, natural and provide long term results …and reduce their food bills? Y=94%; N=6%
  7. In your own honest opinion, could I succeed with my program if made public? Y=87%; N=13%
  8. Strictly hypothetically, if you were financially able and inclined to invest start-up capital for this sort of venture, would you invest $10,000 for the startup of my marketing efforts if you could get ground floor investment stock? (This is not a solicitation for investment. You will not be contacted if you answer ‘Yes’. This serves merely as an "enthusiasm data point" for investors we are already in contact with.) Y=33%; N=38%; Decline Answer=29%
  9. Would you be interested in becoming a Testimonial with before and after pictures, if I personally supervised and managed your program on a complimentary basis? Y=53%; N=47%
  10. On a scale of 1 to 10, ten being the highest approval, do you think this is a good business idea? 1=1%; 2=0%; 3=3%; 4=1%; 5=8%; 6=13%; 7=31%; 8=26%; 9=3%; 10=14% 

Thanks again to all who helped out. Now, I must decide where to go from here. But whatever I decide, the blog will keep going in the same direction, free for all, with daily effort to provide relevant and valuable content.

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