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Are Vegetarians Healthier?

Could veggie burgers increase your lifespan? Many experts insist that switching to a vegetarian lifestyle can greatly increase overall health, leading some to ditch their pork rinds like an old smoking habit. Still others swear by an omnivorous diet, saying that occasional New York steak never hurt anyone. Is a fresh helping of tofu just what the doctor ordered, or only a lot of empty calories?

You do notice the smuggled premise, right? Not to mention the typical smug assurance which, is really the more necessary the more wrong you are.

At any rate, the Weston Price Foundation does a very admirable and thorough job. Much of the veggie stuff is shallow assertion. The comments are generally shill with far too much protestation; but then again, that's what has to happen when you go up against reality in such a stark manner. Thanks to Diana for emailing that link.

Here's one of my recent — and infrequent — posts on vegetarianism.

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