Lemons to Lemonade Documentary #1

It’s easy to scrounge around for imperfections. But how about the obvious far greater good?

This is a new series, consecutively numbered, to come out each weekend (longer at times when the dust has settled for a while). Its purpose is the simple, objective documentation of injustices; the trashing of good people and their good work, by coordinating principal parties and their followers and helpers: Melissa McEwen of paleo Drama and Evelyn Joerg-Kocur aka Evelyn Kocur of The Carb-Sane Asylum.

Each issue will be a documentary of those whose efforts were trashed, their basic value to the paleo / Low-Carb / Ancestral community, and on what bases they have been besmirched. It’s offered without vitriol, vulgarity, or judgment beyond the simple implicit one: that such destructiveness is not helpful to anyone, and likely harms people on net.

The following covers the period March 15 through March 22, 2013, i.e., one week of trashing. Items are tagged with (PD) for paleo Drama, (CS) for CarbSane, or (PDCS) for both sites. Subsequent issues will include all instances of trashing for the previous week or so, as well as a section running back in time from March 15, 2013, such that every act of trashing and destruction will eventually be accounted for, back to day one. It’s anticipated to be a longish term project.

Comments are always closed (not what this is about). Email submissions and suggestions are welcome (address on my About Page).

1. Paleo Parents (Matt & Stacy) — The parents of three boys who together as a family lost a lot of weight, improved their health and markedly improved the behavior of their two older boys. In addition to their website/blog, they have published a book for children from an evolutionary perspective, Eat Like a Dinosaur: Recipe & Guidebook for Gluten-free Kids, and have a forthcoming cookbook (July 2013), Beyond Bacon: Paleo Recipes that Respect the Whole Hog. I interviewed them on video about their life & family changing journey in September, 2011 (Part 1 / Part 2). The videos have been viewed over 12,600 times, combined.

  • Appearing on a major news program video to discuss the paleo Diet (PD)

2. Jimmy Moore (LLVLC) — Jimmy Moore is the most popular and prolific Low-Carb blogger in history. It would take far too much space to actually account for all the stuff Jimmy does and maintains, so here’s a list of it all: blog, books, forum, three podcasts (one with over 400 interviews of everybody in diet & health you can name), a YouTube channel, annual Low-Carb Cruise. In addition, he attends just about every major conference, presenting at some, and reporting back on the others. He’s active on Twitter, Facebook, and always returns emails. He is very honest and open about his own struggles and doing such makes him a very easy target.

  • Posting a derogatory Amazon book review of Paleofantasy: What Evolution Really Tells Us about Sex, Diet, and How We Live (PD)
  • Not having “proper” cholesterol numbers (CS)
  • Promoting a supplement (CS)
  • Engaging in a ketogenic diet (CS)
  • Engaging in a fast (PD)

3. Robb Wolf — Like Jimmy Moore, Robb Wolf is a super producer. Since originally assisting Loren Cordain in research on things Paleo, he went on to create one of the top gyms in the country, Norcal Strength and Conditioning, where he worked to improve the fitness, conditioning and health of thousands of people—hands on. He has a NYT bestselling book, The Paleo Solution: The Original Human Diet, and has helped a number of others publish their Paleo and cookbooks, writing introductions for many of them. He runs a popular iTunes podcast that’s up to 175 episodes. Outside of the paleo Community, Robb works with police and fire departments on the health and fitness of first responders.

4. Cooking Caveman (Jeff Nimoy) — An Emmy Award winning writer/producer in the world of animation, Jeff is a relatively recent addition to the Paleosphere. He’s built a rather substantial following on his Tumblr blog. He has a cookbook, published by my publisher, Hyperink, The Cooking Caveman: How to Lose Weight, Eat Healthy, Create Mouthwatering Paleo Recipes, and Piss Off All Your Friends! He’s also the creator and founder of SamePlate.com, a dating site that matches people by food and dietary preferences. Aother claim to fame is being the cousin of Leonard Nimoy.

  • Replying positively to a tweet by Robb Wolf to me about a post of mine (PD)

5. The Paleo Periodical (Karen Phelps) — A relatively new blogger within the last couple of years and someone who has enthusiastically promoted the Ancestral Health Society. Most recently, she has begun to do volunteer for for the Society in advance of AHS13, which unfortunately appears to have made her a target in payment for that volunteer work.

  • Comments on this blog 7 months ago supportive of me (PD)
  • A couple of posts on her own blog in August and September, 2012 (PD)
  • Defending Robb Wolf for giving a health presentation to sex workers at a brothel (PD)

6. Perfect Health Diet (Paul and Shou-Ching Jaminet) — Paul (PhD physicist) and Shou-Ching (PhD biochemist), beyond being the nicest, most helpful, most inclusive two smiling people you will likely ever meet, have come onto the Paleoish scene in the last few years with a bang. Beyond prolifically offering tons of helpful, meticulously researched dietary and health information on their blog, they self-published a book, Perfect Health Diet: Regain Health and Lose Weight by Eating the Way You Were Meant to Eat, that was so well received it got picked up and republished by a major publisher—now with 115 5-star reviews on Amazon and little else.

  • Posting a critique of Paleofantasy: What Evolution Really Tells Us about Sex, Diet, and How We Live on his blog with a notice he had not read the book, but rather a couple of her published articles on the topic as well as a number of book reviews (PD)
  • Posting a complimentary tweet to me (PDCS)
  • Basing the macro ratios of Perfect Health Diet on those of breast milk (CS)
  • Not involving his wife Shou-Ching more in their various health related activities (CS)

7. Mark Sisson — Ultimate Paleo/Primal BMOC, by orders of magnitude. Mark does it all: the most popular blog, forum, popular products, quality supplements, published Paleo/Primal books and cookbooks that have become NYT bestsellers, publishing books by other authors, holding conferences and seminars and the list gets too long. Perhaps overshadowing all of those phenomenal achievements though is perhaps the most extensive and impressive catalog of Success Stories to be found anywhere.

  • Becoming a member of WAPF (CS)
  • Writing an introduction to Paul and Shou-Ching Jaminet’s book Perfect Health Diet (CS)
  • Suggested I forward a copy of an email to Evelyn Kokur in May of 2012 that had already been copied to Melissa McEwen
  • For his occasional friendly and helpful association with me

Seven decent sources of good information and other resources, all helping people every single day in the many thousands, usually for free. Contrasted with efforts to undermine, tear down and destroy.

As mentioned, comments are closed, as that is not what this is about. This is about documenting, and in so doing, exposure via Google search over time. So, if you want to help, then link to these documentary issues on your blog or website, and it would be helpful to include the names “Melissa McEwen” and “Evelyn Joerg-Kocur aka Evelyn Kocur” in your posting. For those who don’t have a site, then signify your support for this effort and those Value Producers through Retweets, Facebook likes and postings, StumbleUpon submissions, and Google+ submissions. I had considered making the html source available in a text file for easy duplicate posting of the relevant part, but I’m unsure whether that would compromise Google indexing or not. I’m happy to hear from an expert on that score via email.

…As a final note for whomever may be wondering, no, I am not the slightest bit concerned over Kocur’s threats of legal action against myself or any of the others she’s implicated. Her ideas as to the legal merits, costs of litigation, time & effort involved, and potential monetary recovery are to put it as objectively as possible, misinformed. There’s no need to address that any further.

Afterthought: I’ve un-published my 3 vitriolic posts from last week surrounding the matter. This, as a gesture to signify that my resolve in this is a far more important project, and to make it harder to undermine, if that would even be possible.

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