Almost 48 Hours and Still Reeling: Dallas Buyers Club and Mathew McConaughey

To say I loved every second of that film would be a gross understatement. I wanted to put something out that night…on Twitter, Facebook, or even the blog. But I could not really put it together beyond “great film.”

I managed something last night, on Facebook (edited just a touch).

24 Hrs later and I’m still reeling over Dallas Buyers Club. Nominations for best pic and actor to be sure. I won’t be surprised if the production takes the former; a bit surprised if McConaughey doesn’t take the later.

There’s layers of relevance to the film, and watching an ignorant homophobic come to learn he got “their disease,” only to find he could get it heterosexually—and for largely the same compromised immunological reasons—is the least of it. To come to understand, to think, to change, then help—not only in morally supportive terms, but in terms of physical product—elevates this ignorant, whore & tramp chasing, drug addicted, alcohol abusing homophobic above every honest person in the theater audience. And THAT is the fucking brilliance of the film.

In the end, you can only wish you were as good as him.

Brilliant. I loved every second.

…Oh, sorry…a footnote. Don’t worry, folks. All that stuff about the FDA and GovCo standing in the way? Forget about it. It only applies to Statins, Food Pyramid—oh, yea, and drugs for HIV and AIDS patients with days to live back in the day…and maybe a few other things paleo Ignoramuses hold dear. Everything else, the State manages with impunity and all you have to do is Get Out the Vote.


Be Happy.

Alright, get back to the news channels, so you can figure out your 1/300 millionth say next time around. And smile at how lucky you are.

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  1. EF on November 20, 2013 at 07:05

    Best line of the movie:

    As he walks out of the incompetent, bureaucratic mess they call a hospital, he simply states, “I’d prefer to die with my boots on.” And there begins his journey of self reliance.

    The movie parallels the underlying theme of this website (albeit on a much larger life or death scale) – Take care of yourself because no one else will.

    A must see movie.

  2. John on November 21, 2013 at 07:26

    I saw this last night. Outstanding.

    I think this story is a good counterpoint to the tale told in Breaking Bad – its as if these stories are two forks of the same road.

    Walter White, given a death sentence, goes from man to monster using his skills to create a destructive illegal chemical enterprise, and harms everyone he comes in contact with.

    Ron Woodruf, given a death sentence, goes from asshole lowlife to inspiration using his skills to create a beneficial illegal chemical enterprise, improving the lives of those he comes in contact with.

  3. Perry on November 22, 2013 at 16:11

    I hear Mathew went “Low Carb Paleo” buffing up for the role…oh the stress hormones!

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