Staying on Sexual, Adam “A.B.” Dada Demonstrates How A Guy Can Get Laid in 4 Hours Using Only One Word


Thank you ladies, for teaching me to use the word “fine” in casual conversation. Guaranteed sex in 4 hours or less. Such power.

I already knew where this was going (the side benefit of being almost 53). At any rate, Adam was asked, and he answered.


She: “Did you like that blowjob?”

Me: “Yeah! It was fine!”


She: “Did I cook a good steak?”

Me: “Yep, really fine, thanks!”

Oh man, such power.

Are you lafing, yet? Because I am.

One of his commenters, Rachel Wilsonis so mensch.

OMG. Did you get this from Andrew Wilson? We have been arguing for years about this. I’ll doll myself up to look like a million bucks and ask how he likes it. “You look fine.” Amazing new recipe? How does it taste Andy? “It’s fine.” All the time. Just like you said. Exactly. he has been doing this to me forever and it makes my blood boil!! I’m hopeless…..

Hopeless good sport, I’d say.

But don’t listen to me. When my wife tells me she loves me, my standard response is, “I know.” Usually, it makes her laf and feign violence against me, just as when I refer to her as “the wife unit.”

“You called me a ‘unit’ on your blog.”

That’s when I get serious, tone down the bravado, embrace her and look her in the eye and in a quiet, tender voice…tell her to watch Highlander again.

Perhaps I’m weird, but it’s the most clever troll I’ve noticed in a while.

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In the words of George Takei, don’t share or like unless you get it all immediately….Oh Myyy.

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