You’re Only 10% of Who You Think You Are: The Tim & Richard Book on The Gut Microbiome, Resistant Starch and More

Well, I used news of our fist public announcement of a book coming soon in Angelo’s Latest in Paleo Podcast as a hook to get you to listen. Hope you did. But if you didn’t…

The Title of the post is not necessarily—and probably not—the title of the book, though that’s the working motivation. Once you have this realization firmly in mind, it becomes about writing a book about the 90% that’s not so well understood—at least by the average Joe & Jane. When I realize how little I understood even a year ago (‘…yea, we gott a lotta bugs in out gut. they do god shit and bad shit. eat paleo and they’ll just do god shit…’) compared with now, combined further with the realization of how much there is to know (try writing a book chapter on non-gut flora…like skin, scalp, nasal, ear, vaginal and belly button when you really have no background, but a do have serious Google Skillz, and a penchant for getting full texts of any study you want…it’s doable but tough).

See how writing skills diminish well into a project like this? That last is a run-on and a half :)

OK, brief:

  1. Comments are closed. We’d rather write the book than talk about writing the book. Don’t ask elsewhere. This is 100% of the info currently available.
  2. The project began December 5, 2013, about 6 weeks ago.
  3. As of this morning, we’re at 13 chapters with 2 fully edited, and a total of exactly 90,158 words, which comes out to about 270 pages. I’m roughly guessing 350ish in total.
  4. Tim is a Rock Star. Want to write a book? Move to North Pole, Alaska, where it’s 30 below and dark for 21+ hours per day this time of year.
  5. So far, there is one sentence from the 50+ posts I’ve done on the topic, in a footnote. Not a cut & paste job.
  6. It’s “coming soon.” Updates to follow.

It’s fucking awesome.

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