Quick Newsflash: Matt Stone & Co. aka Archangel Ink Is Publishing a Gut Biome Book

Well, I ended up revealing the secret I was saving up for drama, and I did so in comments, so here’s the deal.

I was so very impressed with Todd Dosenberry‘s handling of the Buck Books Promotion and so liked the sane, a-la-carte value proposition, that it didn’t take long to find out that Matt Stone is a driving force behind it. Matt and I have a history, and this is just one of those posts.

I got in contact, we lafed about history, and he and Rob—after some reservations that took long enough to check out the draft and the market—have agreed to front one hell of a lot of sweat in terms of paying people, in order to get this book out there. We’re looking at end of Feb timeframe. Plus, Todd has some list building to do via his continuing promotions. Archangel Ink. Check them out.

Here’s another tidbit. Matt and I actually had an exchange last April 1, when people pointed me to his newsletter release on that day, thinking I’d get pissed or something. Actually, I busted a gut and told him so. He invited me to get back at him this next April, and I assure you: I’ve had it outlined for months.

Anyway, these guys are very legit and I’ve even bounced their offerings off people who generally hate everything. And even they say, impressive.

Isn’t life stranger than fiction?

Oh…yes; for a time, Mark Sisson and I were planning to deal together. As you may know, Mark also participates the the Buck Book deals. Anyway, Mark and I are perfectly cool about this, just in case you were wondering.

…In the meantime, I now have both Beatrice and Tim asking me, “aren’t you supposed to be working on a book?”

One last thing: Buck Flogging.

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