Adult School Teachers Set Up Students To School Adult School Teachers

I’ve lived with a school teacher for about 20 years now. Still learning.

You know what she’s taught me the most? She wants anyone and everyone who comes in contact with her to do better than she did. It’s her raison d’etre.

Isn’t that a beautiful ethic for anyone who calls themself a teacher? If you call yourself a teacher, your Carte Blanche dispensation—for wherever you are—is to set up your students to be better than you. Perhaps you’re a ghetto teacher—or you teach the kids on Park Avenue. Each teacher is there for a reason. There’s no reason for any of your students to remain there long time and it’s your job to simply open their minds to opportunity and inform them of the starting skills.

They’ll take it from there if you’ve done well.

Beatrice was there, I’ve had pics in my email for a while. It became local news, too.

Here’s what Bea’s longtime mutual teacher co-worker friend, now boss by her choosing (he begged her), K.R. Smith Principal Aaron Brengard said in that video, Fifth Graders Test Their Nautical Skills With Homemade Cardboard Boats:

“We wanted to prepare our kids for this world.

“The ever changing world.

“Jobs that our kids are going to have aren’t even created yet.

“Having these skills—like these STEM skills—science, technology, engineering, and math—that having the collaboration they do….our real life…

“We don’t think we need to wait until they’re in the real world to make it the real world.”

Bea signed up with Aaron nearly three years ago as a boss (she’s constantly hand picked by all bosses—she pics her boss), as a freshman Principal, from previously talking over coffee and lunch in the break room.

He had a vision. He was fully invested in taking a big risk: change the culture.

Yes, he was young, dumb, and cocksure enough to take it on.

It’s always the requirement for change. When we get older, we get resigned. I feel it in myself. I know that I’ll eventually die with most of my aspirations unfulfilled. It’s very, very important that the young feel they can move mountains and it is up to teachers to facilitate their formation into an ideal of a belief that it’s possible and it’s up for grabs always.

There’s your “Land of the Free,” if you can tolerate it.

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