My Interview at Sigma Nutrition Radio – Ketosis: A Call For for Context & Sanity


Danny Lennon has a really great podcast—solid, science, no bullshit—and that’s why I was eager to get on and get this message out. Given all the nonsense out there about Keto, eat more fat, eat less protein, calories don’t count, and all manner of other ketotarded and fucktarded bullshit, there’s no better place than Danny’s deal.

Bullshit and hype just doesn’t fly or float on that podcast.

  • Discussions around ketosis
  • Calorie-deficit induced ketogenic diet vs. nutritional ketosis at calorie balance
  • Anti-lipolytic nature of ketones
  • Inaccurate claims about ketosis and ketogenic diets
  • Hierarchy of factors influencing body composition

So, head over to Sigma Nutrition Radio, check out this podcast, subscribe, and become a regular listener.

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Richard Nikoley

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