The Palm Beach Letter Gives Out Crap Advice On Bitcoin Gold

So I think you can get a subscription for about 50 bucks per year. It may be $250, but they’ll give it to you any time you want for $50, so long as you buy before midnight tonight. Any midnight, tonight.

I’m a subscriber, as well as to a few other operators who do the exact same thing: Agora, Altucher, Casey, etc. The 50 bucks gets you a little bit of good info (a couple of the crypto recos are at 300% and 350% gains in 7 weeks…non losers…so I’m not claiming fraud here; I’m claiming annoyance), and the rest of it is you being pounded with upsell marketing to the tune of many emails every single day, recycled pitches, A/B splitting tests, etc. It’s a cesspool of ennui.

Just got this email a few ago.


Dear Richard,

On October 10, we told you LightningASIC CEO Jack Liao planned a bitcoin hard fork in an effort to decentralize bitcoin mining.

(LightningASIC is a cryptocurrency mining company.)

That fork created a new coin: Bitcoin Gold (BTG).

All holders of bitcoin (BTC) on the “snapshot” date of October 23 received an equal amount of BTG. Its blockchain is now live, and you can retrieve your BTG.

However, not all wallets and exchanges currently support Bitcoin Gold. We will update you if and when our recommended services start supporting BTG.

Currently, the Ledger hardware wallet supports BTG. Today, we’ll go over how to access your BTG through the Ledger hardware wallet. Once you have your BTG, convert it to BTC.

(Please note: Ledger is a physical wallet used to store your cryptocurrencies. You can’t use this method unless you already purchased a Ledger wallet and stored your bitcoin in it before the snapshot date.)

Action to Take: Retrieve your Bitcoin Gold (BTG) and convert it to bitcoin (BTC).

Instructions to Retrieve Bitcoin Gold (BTG) Using Ledger

Step 1 – Open Ledger Manager

  • Go to the Google Chrome app page.
  • Select “Ledger Manager.” See the picture below.


Step 2 – Add BTG Software

  • In Ledger Manager, scroll down the list to find Bitcoin Gold. See the picture below.
  • Close the Ledger Manager when you’re done.


Step 3 – Open Ledger Bitcoin Wallet App

  • From the Google Chrome app page, open the Ledger Wallet Bitcoin app. See picture below.


Step 4 – Select BTG Split Tool

  • Select Bitcoin Gold from your Ledger device. You will see a screen like the picture below.
  • Click “BTG Split Tool,” in the red box below.


Step 5 – Open Your BTG Wallet

  • Select the “Legacy” or “Segwit” chain, depending on where you store your BTC.
  • If you’re not sure which one to choose, open your BTC wallet to see which chain has the balance.
  • If you hold your BTC on the Legacy chain, then you’ll claim your BTG on the Legacy chain. If your BTC balance is on the Segwit chain, you’ll claim your BTG on the Segwit chain.


  • Please note it may take a few minutes for your wallet to synchronize and for you to see your BTG. Once it shows up, you can transact as you normally would.

Step 6 – Sell Your BTG for BTC

  • Send your BTG to your Bittrex account.
  • From there, sell your BTG for BTC.

Let the Game Come to You!

Big T


I have problems with this, easily delineated.

  1. Where’s the discussion about what Bitcoin Gold is, other than it’s a hard fork of the blockchain and free money? (Aside: A Patron has a friend who cashed out half of a free stack of Bitcoin Cash from the summer hard fork. $100K of free money)
  2. What’s with the just-so, just-do? Is that what Palm Beach Group wants, automatons who always just follow their every command?
  3. How about selling some of the stake, perhaps half, and letting the rest ride? After all, it’s playing with house money.
  4. How about for those who don’t have a Trezor hardware wallet? There will be other ways to claim your free Bitcoin Gold going forward. Why not mention that instead of making it sound like a big discovery they discovered?

I just hate everything about that sort of operation. Show people what you did, explain why—even if for not necessarily rational reasons—or give them a set of options you think are reasonable.

There’s an alternative.

Just so you know. Know know-it-all bullshit. Just do what I say, my guru status must be upheld. That’s just not the way I roll, nor will I ever roll.

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