A talk-to-interview with Moritz Bierling of Existential Ventures

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Moritz and I are friends and in the midst of a Facebook Messenger chat, we got on video to continue and after a few minutes, he hit record and this is the result.

I’m sorry for my long-winded introduction. I was recapping what we’d already been speaking of. Please overlook that and stick around for what he has to say. It’s a whirlwind of a one hour and 42 minute conversation that covers the gamut of computer networks, distributed systems, the cloud, networks, and crypto block chains; and now, holochains. We even talk about drugging kids: the prepubescent boys get psych meds and the post-pubescent girls get birth control.

Who is Moritz? Beyond being a 26-year old from Hamburg, Germany, a world traveling entrepreneur who dropped out of college twice, there’s this.

The Existential Ventures WTF.

Introduction to Holochain, A Post-Blockchain Crypto Technology

Moritz Bierling is the owner and principal of Existential Ventures, a consultancy helping visionary founders catalyze their projects through strategy, storytelling, and technology. Currently, he works primarily with Holo and Holochain, two sister projects that aim to deliver on the promises the blockchain technology promised but cannot keep. In his work with learning community Exosphere, he has organized a number of educational programs (e.g. the world’s first Ethereum training course), authored a Primer on the emerging discipline of Alternate Reality Design, and now advises the organization as Senior Strategist. His work has appeared in a number of blockchain-related and libertarian media outlets such as CoinTelegraph, The Freeman’s Perspective, Bitcoin.com and the School Sucks Project. Having dropped out of university twice by age 21, his path has taken him from the most abstract heights of philosophy to the pragmatic truths of an action-oriented life, the bridge between these two extremes being the focus of his current research and communication efforts. In his most recent work, he researched and presented on the use of memes in the formation of culture and the political struggle. Moritz lives in Kyiv, Ukraine.

  1. Quaker community
  2. Building homes
    1. Containers
  3. Building systems
    1. Didn’t want partners
    2. Didn’t want capital
  4. Internet
    1. Membranes
    2. Trolls
    3. Politics
    4. BBS
    5. Free Association
    6. Digital, memetic Tribes
    7. WISP
    8. Off-Grid Stack
  5. Magician / All
    1. Order
      1. Structure
        1. Follower
        2. Ruler
      2. Division
        1. Warrior
        2. Scientist
    2. Chaos
      1. Freedom
        1. Trickster
        2. Explorer
      2. Connection
        1. Artist
        2. Lover
  6. Aperspectival Consciousness
  7. Cosmology
    1. Earth is the center
    2. Sun is the center
  8. Indo-European relationship to the word
    1. Selection pressure from an unforgiving environment
  9. Environmental and social pressures
  10. ADHD & the pill
  11. Abdication of responsibility
    1. Taking risks
      1. Productive
      2. Reproductive
  12. Shared reference sets
    1. Encoding
      1. Databases
      2. Holochain

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