American Expat in Thailand 2: Pleasure and Reward

Yea, ridiculous screen shot, but the marginally least bad of three. Jesus, YouTube. “That’s The Best We Can Do, Folks.”


Life should be pleasurable, but is “reward” the right way to think about that?


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  1. Groktimus on August 25, 2020 at 06:41

    Richard, I think you have valuable input but the internet is now unfortunately censored. I would suggest you buy a domain at Unstoppable Domains ($40 forever) and create a completely uncensored website on the blockchain that cannot be taken down. There is also Mighty Networks to create your own private social network but that might be vulnerable to the dimwits attacking it too. I think your best work lies as a truth and freedom fighter. Your living situation thankfully keeps you out of the evil U. S. reach.

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