Where Have All The Salty Expats Gone?

It’ll tell you: they are overrun by fat grazing hoards of herds of Karens and Kens.

When I encountered my first expats I didn’t even know the word. That was in 1984, Subic Bay, Philippines. Most of them, retired Navy guys. In Angeles City, you’ll find the retired Air Force. In terms of civilians, mostly Ausies—I guess because it’s relatively close.

But in all cases, I admired these dudes. Same for my first visit to Thailand—Pattaya, 1986. In that case, lots of the expats were current or ex offshore oil-rig workers. In other words, just like with the retired military: men, not cucked beta-boy Kens.

In 2015 I lived for a few months in Zacatitos, Mexico—an off-grid expat community on the tip of Baja. Wow, was I surprised. Where I expected competent, self-sufficient and self-directed people, what I got was 100% Karens dominating the Facebook Group with their constant meaningless, cutesy, non-sequitur, chicken-coup-squawking, and jabbering bullshit. The males? To an organism, beta-cucked Kens, all apologists for cunty girls-weekend bullshit.


I ended up dubbing the pace The Lost American Suburb of Los Zacatitos.

I’m a member of 2 expat Facebook Groups here in Thailand: CHIANG MAI EXPATS with 19,200 members and PATTAYA EXPATS CLUB, with 15,100. Same Karen-dominated bullshit, with cucked Kens virtue signalling constantly, seeking chick approval like 4 year olds making mud pies.

I come with an example. I’ll withhold the name, as there’s nothing personal. It’s a cucked Ken whose profile reads: “Globalist. Anti-trafficking in persons professional with specialization in East and South Asia.” Also, “Worked at U.S. Department of State” and “Former Regional Director Asia at Global Fund to End Slavery.” So, make no mistake. This guy drips with BESTOWED virtue—because he likely has no virtue to be recognized by average folks. It must be bestowed by the Karens and authorities, for a faux sense of self esteem and personal worth.

Here’s his suck-up, virtue-signalling screed:

EXPAT in Thailand: Thoughts on Contrasting COVID-19 Responses
Today marks the 82nd day since Thailand last say an internally-spread COVID-19 case. The only cases seen now are those among Thais being repatriated from abroad under very controlled conditions – tested immediately upon arrival and regardless of test results placed in a govt quarantine center for at least 14 days.

The Thai economy is taking a huge hit. Tourism is all but dead. Thai Airways hasn’t flown since March and just reported a near $1 billion loss for the first two quarters of the year. Thais are hurting economically but they are united in supporting the tough COVID-19 prevention measures; 95% of Thais surveyed last week supported keeping the country closed to tourism for now.The total number of cases reported so far (and starting in January) is a bit over 3,100 and deaths total 58.

Despite this relatively positive situation (on the health front), everyone is still required to wear masks outside and is checked when entering any commercial or govt facility of any size. Temperature checks are everywhere and after clearing the temperature check, one must sign in at the relevant store/office – either in writing (leaving name and phone number) or using a govt app that has a QR code reader.

My family and I feel very fortunate to be living in Thailand and grateful and humble to be beneficiaries of responsible government and societal responses to the COVID-19 crisis. Everyone adopts the prevention procedures without argument – there are no “scenes” in stores or on airplanes. The risk of public shame keeps everyone in line – no one thinks of their “personal rights”

So, I feel that we are very safe right now. It wasn’t that difficult for the Thai government to get to this point. They followed the WHO guidance, they were proactive and got on top of trends of transmission, they found tests that could be administered on-site with immediate results. They forcibly quarantined people who tested positive (something the US apparently considers crazy) . They employed track-and-tracing of positive test cases. They did not follow the US Govt (CDC)

I’m just so sickened, disturbed and embarrassed that the U.S. is in a predicament normally found among lowest developed nationals with dysfunctional public health systems. And with a complacent, selfish attitude among so many Americans who resist the necessary measures to fight the virus. Some Americans want to have it all . .or at least too much during what is a national crisis. They want their NFL, NBA, Baseball, their open bars, hair salons, open schools, with only a token gesture to COVID-19 precautions. Sorry, but that’s a sure recipe for some much bigger numbers of cases and deaths.

The number of new COVID-19 infections reported now in the US in ONE HOUR is almost as large as the number of COVID-19 infections reported throughout Thailand since January 2020!!!

I hear US journalists appealing to readers/viewers to learn lessons from other countries . . .but it’s not happening. Americans are considered exceptional; it would be beneath them to take advice from another country.
5.5 million cases and over 170,000 deaths as of today. who is taking responsibly for a nation-wide response, including a robust testing strategy that provides results within hours, not weeks????America is pitiful. I am humbly thankful to Thailand, a country and government that take this pandemic seriously.

Oh, my. What a pathetic pussy-wanker suck up. This is what passes for a male expat in an exotic land, now. Facebook, social media in general, and the bussibodyness of western chicks have ruined it for everyone. And my former refined and focussed misanthropy gets increasingly blurry by the day.

Expat existence is best kept and defined as an old boy’s club. Suits me just fine.

That is all.

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  1. James Rendek on August 31, 2020 at 17:57

    Damn, I read the suck-up part and had to scan back to make sure that it wasn’t your thoughts. For a second I thought you lost your mind.

  2. Cork Graham on September 27, 2020 at 15:31

    Been enjoying your pieces on Badenoch. Explains a lot after seeing what has become a new show on Disco. As an Alaskan who lives remote, I find it pretty mind low, but your writing from 2012, along With those from a Outside, explain everything.

    Tickled you’re in my old stomping ground. I was in Chiang Mai, Nakhon Phanom, and Ban Vinai just before I was captured by the Vietnamese in 1983.


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