George Floyd and Derek Chauvin: The Verdict

Never paid much attention and never wanted to get biased one way or the other.

We lose any possibility of genuine satisfaction for justice being done when “justice” itself is debased to a level that is politicized by our very State and Federal levels of government; moreover, when it becomes sensationalized by media from so-called news to click-bait outlets who’re selling more advertising the more intense the social antagonism. This is Democracy, Republicanism, Federalism, and Capitalism?

Do amoral Big Corp advertisers who fund all media have any conscience in this regard? Fuck no is the correct answer. Both the victim and defendant are expendable, stage props. Their stock price is a non-negotiable must. I’m not big on holding Big Corp to high morals because who decides, what is the cost, and who pay it? I would, however, prefer and insist that they mind their own business, to re-coin a forgotten slogan.

…And I’m a fan of free-market capitalism. But at the same time, not a fan of Corporatism, where Big Corp is merely a “private” arm of the State—i.e., fascist. Ironically, not a single person in this ridiculous #Antifa For Bed Wetters actually has the slightest clue of what fascism is. It’s State control by other or extra-legal or unconstitutional means: principally, denial of service, cancellation, and dictation or editing of private public messaging to craft or uphold narratives that serve the political antagonism, left or right.

I tweeted this the other day:

I later found out that he was actually handcuffed during that nine minutes. That’s simply G.I. Joe stuff in Fashion Garb, to me. What could he have done? Left to wriggle on the ground, or even get up and run in a funny way? It’s reminiscent of the old Python skit, ‘it’s only a flesh wound.’

And as I see pushback on this of every sort, it relies upon the fact that George Floyd was not a model citizen. Far from it, and that’s factual. Does that mean any G.I. Joe in Fashion gets to decide that even handcuffed, he can still decide he’s too much of a threat—and rather than get him critical medical attention because he might be dying of a drug overdose, gets to be prosecutor, judge, jury, and executioner to be done with it; or, ought he be limited to his valid role as arresting officer, where he takes responsibility for the further health and well being of the prisoner until that responsibility is handed off?

Everyone seems to have lost sight of that—I have never seen it even mentioned, though I’m sure it was at least a footnote somewhere. If you are bestowed with the authority to render a detainee with limited means to act in his own well being, then you become fully responsible—a steward—for his well being. In this case, the prosecution and its cheerleaders from the right wanted to have their cake and eat it too—or take two bites from the apple in lawyer parlance.

‘George Floyd died of a drug overdose, not at the knee of Derek Chauvin.’ So if he was that bad off to be near death from a drug overdose, claiming he can’t breathe, then how much of a threat was he to anyone, why the knee for 9 minutes, why no urgence for medical attention since as a restrained detainee, he is in your charge?

So, does it warrant the convictions Derek Chauvin received? No, it does not. It wasn’t murder. There was no premeditation and there was no intention in the heat of the moment to murder. But, I also don’t know the nuances of unintentional 2nd degree and 3rd degree murder under Minnesota law. Or, 2nd degree manslaughter for that matter. Whatever, but most people have at least a working sense of what negligent homicide is. That’s how I see it. I’d also add a charge of criminal dereliction of duty “to serve and protect”—the thing they polish badges, shoes, and hang hats on.

I have such disdain for the Political Right’s Goose Step March to Radetzky as concerns police forces in America…much of which I consider the fault of militarizing them by calling their tasks, measures, and goals WAR!!! Well what did you fucking expect? How do you reconcile “Protect and Serve” with “War Against take your pick?”

Now I turn attention to the other side of this miserable and immoral politicized and Media-Big-Corp sensationalized mess for profit and power.

I do not believe the vast majority of you out there on the “mostly peaceful” left had one lick of genuine concern for George Floyd or any true sense of an injustice; and if so, why really? You just wanted an excuse to debase yourself to the lowest common denominator of human-like organism so you could have a new flat screen TV, washing machine, refrigerator, various and sundry goods you were unwilling to honestly work to trade for. Most of you are basic fucking thieves, and your cheerleaders at all levels of government and corporation played you for fools because the vast majority of decent Americans—white, black, and shades—have no problem seeing you as the opportunistic, parasitic sub-humans that you surely are.

That serves race relations? Ha. You’re idiots. That, or you like the antagonism and it serves you. For sure, it serves the elite and I understand their political logic perfectly. But you, common folk? How does losing all moral ground and respect serve your interests beyond the immediate pleasure of a shiny new thing in your tenement?

Pathetic scum you are. I don’t need to dwell on this. Far too many benefited in myriad ways from the unfortunate death of George Floyd. I see your kind coming from miles away, which leads me to wonder: how many of you are kinda disappointed with this verdict, that it wasn’t a Not Guilty verdict on all counts, so you could take “opportunity” again to usher forth and act out the dark and pathetic evil in your hearts?

Here’s what genuine concern for George Floyd might have looked like, at the least:

  1. The police on scene, principally Derek Chauvin: ‘OK, we have him restained, he’s not going to hurt anyone. Get an ambulance here right fucking now!’ Then, render whatever medical assistance possible in the interim.
  2. The reactionaries, once it’s known that he’s dead: ‘Holy shit, a man is dead and he wasn’t given needed medical attention. What a waste. Well, there’s lots of video footage so there should be a prosecution or at least a full review. Keep a close eye on it. Keep a cool head.’
  3. Everybody: ‘A big guy with a lot of problems. Imagine what could have been had this incident been the last or close to the last before he 180’d as so many have done and become a towering—intimidating?—influence to those starting down the path he went down.’

I’m no bleeding fucking heart and I think we all, and the universe, is best off if everyone gets exactly what they deserve, redemption or not. On the other hand, I am a sucker for genuine, sincere, honest redemption.

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