Holiday Week Entertaining Musings: Trump & Candace, Don’t Look Up, and Catch-22 Vis-a-Vis MASH

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  • The Donald Trump and Candace Owens Interview
  • Don’t Look Up
  • Catch-22 Distinguished From MASH
  • Random Things

The Donald Trump and Candace Owens Interview

It was seemingly a pretty anticipated gig. I like Candace quite a bit, though I’m not someone who could be considered a follower. I catch clips of her now and then, I like what I see, and I think she plays a good role for mostly black folk who need to wake the fuck up and leave the Democrat Plantations.

The interview of Trump? A big yawn for me, regretfully. You may take it in differently, better or worse, good for you, no problem.

I’m only going to deal with the vaccine part that begins at about 12:10 into the interview.

But to preface that, Donald J. Trump—non-politician as he ran against all odds in 2015—gave America a shot in the arm when he won and in 2016, took office.

We were understandably giddy. He had crushed the left. He was going to drain the swamp and whilst expectations were often substantially higher than what’s possible, he did a holy fuck of a lot in 4 years. Most simply put, as a non-ideological pragmatist businessman, all he saw was Good Deals!

Nice prescription at the right time.

And he made tons of deals that better served America for the very simple reason that good deals in a business sense—from which he was operating—call for budgets and deadlines. Business is just really that simple and the bigger problem is always the human elements of all the various shit. Anyone on a job site, especially a union site, is well familiar with all the grievances that must be accounted for in the push-pull of getting shit done within budget and on time.

This modus operandi is totally foreign to political governance, where he’s cutting out all the “middlemen.” And he was taking no cuts-of-the-action in terms of favors, tips, or cash, and he even took no salary. Especially, he was specifically cutting out the Secret Police of FBI, CIA, and NSA beyond their specific charge. What’s important about that? They’re the ones who do the bidding and make things happen for the entrenched political class, like Republican Mitch McConnell, for example.

My personal sadness is that I predicted his 2015 win early, he did it, kept us from cunt-Hillary! and did as fine of a job doing deals as I could have hoped for over 4 years. He did it under 24/7/365 assault from the left and their quasi-State Media and “intelligence” services.

But they eventually found a way to get him, because he’s a germaphobe moron when it comes to medical science…and he eats fine, expensive steaks well done—a telltale of closeted, cobwebs idiocy.

The rest is history. In Dr. Scott Atlas’ interview with Tucker Carlson, he makes it quite clear that Trump was getting political—with Covid vs. the Election—and there’s nothing more important for an incumbent politician than winning reelection.

In short, Trump won in 2015 because he was NOT a politician and he lost in 2019 because he had BECOME a politician—a novice at that liar’s game.

…So, to the Covid and vaccine section of the Candace video….

100% lying, grandstanding, pathetic bullshit from Trump. I can never support him in good conscience again. He’s actually so lying and stupid as to relate his “great vaccines,” to avoiding a Spanish Flu outcome.

Hey, Republicans, Google ‘spanish flu infection fatality rate,’ then do some simple math. The IFR of Spanish Flu was >2.5%, meaning more than 250 people out of 10,000 who got it, with visible symptoms, died.

How many with Covid?

The IFR of Covid is 0.15%. That’s 15 deaths out of 10,000 infections and remember, those infections are not all symptomatic as it was for Spanish Flu.

And Trump is bald-face saying his vaccines made that difference when it’s a factor of 17-times difference. Moreover, about 1/3 more people have died of or with Covid since the vaccines came out.

This is political, in-your-face lying.

No need to belabor it. He’s a politician lying in your damn face, now, just like nearly all of them do. He’s already been POTUS, so his maverick capital is already spent. He’s a politician and former president now, and while I’m confident that if he was to prevail in election 2023 that he’d do as good or better of an on-the ground-job for what’s important—American lives and livelihoods—it would be too great of a cost to my integrity to support him in that. It was easy to dismiss whatever misdeeds when he was young and a non-politician businessman entering the fray, but now he’s a politician and I can’t tolerate a fucking lying politician. It’s fucking simple to me.

A final note, on vaccine harm and death per government data. He either is ignorant, which makes him incompetent and unqualified; he’s looking the other way and keeping details at arms length, which makes him an unqualified weasel; or, he has full knowledge but is chalking it up to making a pragmatic omelet for the greater good, which makes him an evil fuck.

My favorite telltale in this, since its in full public view and shocking as fuck, is the growing death toll in young athletes dropping dead on the playing field of cardiac arrest shortly after getting their VACCINATIONS!!! and now, BOOSTERS!!!

Big Millionaire Steve Kirsch has been on this trail and others for a while. The data is unable to be ignored, yet is being ignored globally. Basically, sudden cardiac death amongst young athletes is a real thing and happens a handful of times globally every year, which is nothing to really be concerned about, as tragic as it is for a family (and fans, I suppose). In this year, it’s an exponential increase into the hundreds that’s more than the previous 20 years or so combined. Nothing to see here, Donald Trump? It’s very safe, Donald Trump? They’re YUUGE and wonderful, Donald Trump?

Go away, fucker. You got played and lost, and are now lying about it like any typical politician scum. And that would not have likely been the case with Ron DeSantis, who actually reads studies and personally understands the science and medical literature.

Go squirt more anti-bacterials on your hands, idiot.

Don’t Look Up

You might be surprised to learn that a new Netflix film, Don’t Look Up, staring climate-alarmist DiCaprio and other a-listers is my favorite film of the year.

Hands down.

Crazy sold performances honest to their roles is a for sure in this film, and is the reason I can appreciate great actors in spite of their ideologies. Like, for instance, Alec Baldwin. Crazy and silly football-bat ideas, great actor. I truly believe that in spite of his SNL skits where he played Trump…if he were to play, say, Trump in his ascendancy in 2015 in a dramatic setting, he would put on a truly honest and serious performance. That’s being a pro. Would love to see Meryl Streep as Hillary in that. But, is she honest enough to play it right? Toss up for me. I liked her performance of Margaret Thatcher a lot, but I think she up-played any elements of dementia The Iron Lady might have experienced.

(No, no mention of Baldwin’s current troubles. I wasn’t there and thus, I know fuck all, just like everyone else who wasn’t there.)

When I got notice of the film I of course immediately suspected it was intended to be a tie-in with global warming climate change. Surprisingly, there is not even a hint and even more fantastically in a good way, all it really does very effectively is showcase how very fucking dumb and stupid are…essentially…everyone with their faces in phones, social media, and cable news/sensation outlets of all sorts.

It’s fucking brilliant and if, really, they sought some analogical-connection between a comet obliterating all life on earth in 6 months and glacial-pace global warming—or climate change or simple accounting for our own industrial effect and evolving over time—that’s a stupid calculation.

Leave it to Hollywood and its cadre of Usual Suspect Morons.

What it’s really brilliant for is how it dramatically illustrates the basic depravity and stupidity of almost all breathers and eaters on the planet. What it shows can work as easily one way, or the other. That is, all the worthless idiots can just as easily ignore a true and real threat as they can blow a minor threat out of all proportion.

The lesson of the film is not about any subject matter or any facts whatsoever. It’s that literally nothing matters except for the politicized and popularity-index narrative.

I told some others that it’s a million laughs in the first hour, a million oh shits in the last.

There’s your proper frame for giving it a watch.

Catch-22 Distinguished From MASH

The book and then the 1970 film is a sort of icon. People say “Catch-22” without a clue of what it means. My own recollection of any awareness goes back to about 1970 or 71 and I was on a Pop Warner football team. At 10 years old I was near mid 90s in weight, a bit more hefty than most, so played center.

Anyway, during some practices, I noted that one of the coaches was carrying around Catch-22, the book. I never read it. Books do not tend to make me crazy curious, for some reason. I would later have a crazy, immersion book-reading stage of two years at the age of about 30. So, there’s that. And then I set it aside other than the now & then title I’ll take in.

I prefer to form my thoughts independently and only with the contributions of shit that’s front and center right now. To put it a different way, perhaps I could go spend months reading Aristotle (again) and detect some logical flaw in how I connect dots and synthesize stuff to write a post from my own head of ideas.

Or, I could just write the post(s) and get taken to task for bullshit I was wrong about from others. It saves me time and, I end up with something material to show for my corrections over time. Beyond that, so many texts I’ve tried to read over years…and I’m falling asleep within a few pages. …It reminds me of going to a fortune teller where you pay her to tell you everything you already know (remember those ads on TV, before they shut them down?).

I would wish for a book that truly informed me of something I was completely clueless about, and that, it was something important for me to know. You’re welcome to chalk it up to hubris and intransigence on my part, but I truly have no time for being told what I already know or can easily figure out, and even worse, having what I already know or highly suspect confirmed for me and it’s important because it’s off a printing press and approved by an editor and publisher. I’m my own writer, editor, and publisher. Even more moreover, I can often get a 5-minute degree on Google if it’s something I need to know. People pooh-pooh stuff like that. Why? Because you’re guiding your own education and that’s out of bounds.

Capiche? Comprendre?

…A couple of days ago, a friend hit me up about the 1970 film, Catch-22. He gave me a short description and while I knew of it, I’d never seen it.

Then yesterday, Christmas Day, I went to Nai Harn beach in Phuket for several hours.

I’d had a small breakfast at Natcha’s, a German restaurant I frequent that bakes its own German-style bread. Had a fresh toasted roll with their Euro butter and in-house passion-fruit jam, scrambled eggs, and two rashers of bacon. Nathcha is the name of the Thai girl of the long-time German expat Armine—which makes two Armine’s I’m friends with here.

I got hungry again, around 15.00, and recalled a restaurant I’d seen out of the corner of my eye for a year living here. I figured I’d stop by on the way home and check the menu.

So I did. Vivi Restaurante. The menu sported so many things that looked fantastic, and the prices were eye-popping nice. In many cases, half what you might expect. I ordered something as a sort of lunch dish, unaware of whether I’d eat again later (yes, home stove 3-egg omelet, plain, nothing else, at 23.00)

As I was waiting for my food, I brought the place up on Google and started reading the reviews. Impressive. So, after my meal, I wrote my own. 5 Stars.

I’ve caught this place out of the corner of my eye a few times over the last year living in Rawai. Decided to stop in, finally. Very pleased. Excellent enticing menu, remarkable prices. Wanting to save a steak for a dinner visit, I opted for the chicken fajitas. Better than most TexMex chains in US, and real sour cream. A steal at 190B. This place is now in my top handful of go-to places.

For those paying $12, 15, 18 for fajitas at USA outlets, 190 baht is $5.70. And the tortillas? They must make them in-house, though I didn’t ask.

So, after that, I went home and settled into those films. As soon as I began watching Catch-22, I realized I had seen the Hulu remake as a series a couple of years back, starring George Clooney—another looney toon with football-bat ideas who nonetheless can turn in good, honest acting performances.

So, as I watched the 1970 film with its cast of mostly now-greats from 50 years agoMy God! I kept recalling more and more of the remake, which I find a lot brighter and more funny. Actually, I found the 1970 film to be a bit petulant, full of itself, annoying, and at too many times, ridiculous. Ridiculous is when it’s really slapstick, but passed off as thoughtful. On that score, it might be funny to say that in terms of performance, I liked the main star, Alan Arkin (John Yossarian) the least and one of the more minor roles—Jon Voight (Milo Minderbinder)—the best as it fits in better with the Keystone Cops nature of the film.

…I’ve seen many films and episodes and skits mocking the military in general. It’s generally misplaced. It’s an easy target. Leftists always leave the Nomenklatura completely alone—while somehow attempting to create the illusion that the military activities exist in some vacuum and that how they operate is a subject for ridicule.

It’s almost never like that. Military men and women are by-and-large conscientious, disciplined, and quite competent in their roles, rates, ranks, and responsibilities within their chain-of-command hierarchies.

What do the leftist soy-boy males and cunt-ass females who put out shit like this know about military operations and command and control?

Fuck all. That’s because they’ve never had a job in the military (I find the Stupid Republican GOD AND COUNTRY!!! “serve” bullshit to be an indignant and condescending insult…we got paid, and my pay was fucking awesome at over $60K at 28 years old in 1989, half of which was non-taxable COLA). I seriously lightly rebuke or correct people who see my couple of story-remembrance tattoos and kind-heartedly come up to thank me for my service.

“Thank you, but I was offered a job at about 20 years old, seemed like a good deal, took it for 8 years, was well paid, traveled the world and lived in Japan and France in my own rentals for 7 years total with enough pay to live really well. What’s not to love? I loved the job, I moved on. If anything, it was I who was served. So thank you for your service to me.”

I suppose I digress too much, so let’s get to my take, having spent 8 years at a job as a US Navy officer.

I doubt it’s coincidental that in 1970, two extremely popular war films came out, Catch-22 and MASH. The former was in a WWII setting, the latter, a Korean War setting—yet both films box-office at the height on the Vietnam “conflict.”

Hippies are so fucking clever, right? And look at them now (cold stare).

It has been many years since I saw MASH the film and I don’t recall much, but I loved MASH the TV series and have seen every one of the 256 episodes—over 11 seasons from 1973 to 1983—at least once, and a good number of them more than that. The final episode aired February 28, 1983, and that was just over a year before I graduated Oregon State. We all pitched in and rented a TV to watch it. In those days, seeing many or all episodes was hit and miss, especially if you didn’t own a TV, and VCR wasn’t a thing yet. Years later during the 1990s my standard before-bedtime was late-night reruns of MASH.

So, while I have a dislike of films that mock, like Catch-22—while at the same time, an adoration of a long-running series like MASH—it’s because in the latter, it really can’t be about stupid assholes; whereas, a 2-hr film can be. Consequently, MASH the series was only partly about the Korean war, the US Army, the insane bullshit constantly raining down from the geopolitical cold war, using soldiers as pawns.

It was a show about surgeons performing surgery on bullet-and-shrapnel induced hamburger, and having to sort out the character and nature of the hamburger. It was a show about the Yin and Yang, the push and pull, of being in a ridiculous, impossible situation…not as a pawn, per se, but as a life-saving rook, bishop, knight, or even a queen.

All in the service of the King(s).

But they did it, dramatically. No matter what the quotidien silly or ridiculous blow-off-steam antics, when the siren sounded for incoming choppers with wounded, it got sober and serious real quick and I just love that sort of thing.

Random Things

I’m actually finishing this post up a day late. Seafood Gumbo called, down at Happy Jack on the beach.

Then I stopped into some haunts and at Roxanne Bar, a German friend offered me a toke on his joint (I’m not a frequent user…last time was about March this year…offered by another German guy who actually has a growing license here in Thailand). I took a big draw and then a small follow-up, and I hit the vibe pretty perfectly. Dosage is tricky with weed.

I don’t particularly care for the feeling anymore. In my 20s, I loved it. Story short, it precluded me from wrapping up this post and publishing it yesterday.

…Here’s a funny, prescient, and skilled:

…And lastly, a few memes I liked recently.

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