What Caused My 40% Testosterone Increase? #2 — The Sexual Mind

Here’s the public-access introduction to this series.

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  • The Method To My Madness
  • Abiding Female Gaslighting Lowers Your Testosterone
  • How I Learned Early On in Thailand How It’s Done
  • Sexy Brain
  • What’s The Science?

I’m starting slowly, much as I have been in my other series, Permanent Crisis Is The New Normal — Prosper Anyway. One approach to any series of posts is to barrage the readers with favorite and cherry-picked studies, books, interviews, and so forth—by those you’ve chosen to be your guides, gurus, and authorities.

Similarly, readers arrive with whatever their own baggage consists of in the same vein, and so you begin at some sort of distance of the minds. To solve this in my own eclectic way, I don’t read many books at all—the last book I read was in about 2017. I used to read them a lot. Shit, from about 1985-1992, I read hundreds and hundreds—many of the great classics, lots of philosophy going back to the Greeks, and modern treatments of the same, loosely characterized. Then I stopped.

My thing, attitude, or proclivity has always been about how and what people think and how that’s evolved. It’s never about how to think or what to think, about anything. My research on that was finished in 1992 at the age of 31 and I believed and felt myself wholly competent to always and forevermore think for myself with zero shortcuts.

But I am a voracious consumer of what people are THINKING TODAY, principally by means of published articles, blog posts, and videos. Where that all lacks the polished perfection of the deliberated process of publishing a book, it’s nonetheless about today. All books are outdated on publishing day. Accordingly, if you are going to write a book, think a lot about standing tests of time.

I’m going off on a tangent here, but the printing press was invented long ago, and while it did revolutionize the world, it was a snail changing the paths of other snails. Over a long time. I truly appreciate the reverence for that; and who wouldn’t want one of those libraries of floor-to-ceiling leather-bound books on fine oakwood shelves—where the space doubles as a cigar-smoking and scotch-drinking refuge with wingback leather chairs in crimson? Still, if you had one of those grand libraries, you wouldn’t really need to read any of the books. You’ve clearly already attained the manly art of thinking.

Who cares what those blokes thought in the context, pressures, and social norms of their times?

That said—and to be conciliatory towards the many lovers of books I know—I wonder how much more of a true thinking and reflective person one could be, for one’s self, by dispensing with non-fiction, current-affairs books and just read really good novel literature: Tolstoy, Cervantes, Flaubert, Eliot, Joyce, Dickens, Dostoevsky (OMG), Tolkien, Melville, Fitzgerald, Austin, Steinbeck, Nabokov, Woolf, Caroll, Orwell, Lee, Rand. Yes, I consider Ayn Rand to be a superstar in terms of archetypal characterization. A read of We The Living, The Fountainhead, and Atlas Shrugged is worth a PhD in how truly fucked up most people are, juxtaposed with valliant heros.

The Method To My Madness

It’s likely without exception that any dive you do into male testosterone research online marks you for spending lots of bucks for stuff—which makes complete sense if you’re not sexually anticipating the next release of Grand Theft Auto from your cum-&-coke-stained sofa in mom’s basement. Go off the reservation and every website you open and all the junk mail—thanks to soy-free cookies—will bear ads about the health of your dick.

Wouldn’t it be great if, for the price of a $100 monthly auto-ship, your cock is hard via thought-control, your woman is pleasured and satisfied on your whimsical schedule, you never cry at a movie, and you always leave the toilet seat up?

For better or worse, I like to begin a series of posts in some attempt to align minds better than would otherwise be, should we just shoot competing links to each other. To state it differently, I’d like for readers to have some clue as to how I am thinking for myself, and you can join me. There is no imperative that you think the same as me, or that we arrive at the same conclusions because of it.

Fair enough?

Abiding Female Gaslighting Lowers Your Testosterone

When I did the introductory post, I did it that way (braggadocio about my 28yo G, and I’m 60) in order to uncover the worst possible pushback so that I could analyze it. To my disappointment, I only got some benign positive comments, six new annual and recurring subscriptions for $300 net, a few nice emails, and only one email worth its weight in gold. From Alina.

What are you doing “dating” a girl less than half your age? Seriously?
You lost all credibility. You come across as a pathetic perv. BTW she is with you for the money/you are an American. There is no way otherwise that a 28 year old would “date” someone 60 years old.
What the hell?
I am disgusted. You do not even have anything in common with her. She and her friends laugh at you behind your back.

A solipsistic gaslighting that could not be more formulaic. I flippantly responded.

Extreme projection from someone nobody desires to fuck.

What you think of me is none of my business.

That got only more formula.

I forgot to mention that I have unsubscribed too.
I do not need emails from unbalanced pervs.
Isn’t Thailand where all the pervs go?
Why can’t you have a respectful life with a partner closer to your age or even a 40 year old. Still 20 years difference but more reasonable. Seriously every time a guy has a girlfriend a fraction of his age it indicates an insecure guy and nobody thinks well of such guy but people around you will not tell you this to your face.
When I was 28 I knew a rich guy who was 52 and was crazy about me. Wanted to marry me and so on. I said no because the age difference was too creepy to me. I was in my peak while in this guy I already could see signs of aging. Loser skin, some wrinkles. I wanted a guy with skin like mine. So does your ”girlfriend”. For god’s sake wake up.

Then I began thinking that I can use this in this series of posts. Someone lashing out like that, to someone she doesn’t know—assuming my entire previous life of 60 years experience—is afflicted with something she’s not saying. What is it? Moreover, she doesn’t know Yui, a Thai village girl—who in Nabokov-Lolita-esque fantasy, pursued a shopkeeper at 14 years old. He was 31. She was married at 16, had her first girl that year, and the 2nd a year later. When she divorced him for infidelity a few years back, she hooked up with a very rich Brazilian who had businesses in Thailand. That lasted three years and three trips to Brazil, which she hates. She went from 17 years senior, to 22 years senior, to now, 32 years senior.

“Richar, I don’t care if you 60 or 80, if you cock still work because I 28 and I still need it.”

I don’t claim any level of omniscience about what makes up a chick like this. What I know is that I stumbled into it day #2 in Thailand and haven’t looked back. For whatever her silly-girl proclivities arise that annoy the fuck out of me, at times, it’s more than made up for by what an astoundingly good mom she is.

…The cool thing about running my own gig from soup to nuts here is that I have a database. The implied implication is that she was a stalwart follower, but now—me having lost all credibility—I’ll just have to go on with life, without her valuable respect and following. In the comments database of 110,000 comments, she commented once, 6 years ago.

Thank you Richard,
Are there any types of people for whom the diet might not be effective in terms of losing weight? Just curious.
3 years ago I had a rapid weight gain (25 lbs. in 2 to 3 months). I was eating healthy at the time: no junk food, homemade meals, grass fed meat etc. I was 45 when it happened. There was nothing different at the time that would explain the weight. I have gained few lbs. since as well. I have never had weight issues in my life.
I hope the potato diet will work for me.
I am looking forward to your response.

So, now, I refer you back to my very first response to the very first email from this 53 year-old woman with a body fat and weight gain problem.

Extreme projection from someone nobody desires to fuck.

Look, I wish her well and it’s a shame she can’t just hone in, correct what ails, and craft a 53 yo woman that attracts some decent dudes out there. We all want the love.

But that’s a whole other subject, because for so many Western women now, they have no problems. The problem is with men and what they desire—and the partner they’re in league with is the state and its social system. There is little upside to a situation like that for any man who wants testosterone wafting out of his pores, [figuratively].

How I Learned Early On in Thailand How It’s Done

I began my stage here nearly 2 years ago, and I was in Chiang Mai up north for the first 4 months. I frequented a girl bar nearly every night. By girl bar, I mean a place where young sexy Thai girls serve you drinks, smile, and are viciously attuned to any sign of genuine desire for her, in you. While you can take them home, it’s only if she says OK, and their calculation—when not inebriated themselves—is that there’s some spark of what they call “good man god heart” in you that they, in-turn, have detected.

I was tuned into this system from 1984-1992 in both the Philippines and here—though in Pattaya and Bangkok, mostly. Little has changed, except for the fucking phones added to the mix. But 22 year ago, here’s one Aussie expat who got it pretty right.

Yea, he paid her “bar fine” 22 years ago in this very same place, the rest is history—including the boy and girl they made together. She’s now in her mid 40s; he, mid 60s or early 70s. The bilingual boy entered college in STEM at the age of 17.

There are thousands upon thousands of stories like this in Thailand. Philippines, as well. I’ve never myself been checked into the Malaysia or Indonesia scene, but I hear good things from the expats who live there and visit here. For me, I was always cool with the bar-girl juxtaposition of Christian (Philippines) and Buddhist (Thailand). I adore them both, but the Buddhists engender more wonder in me, since I grew up in Christian America. Chick wonder increases testosterone.

So, in harkening back to the 53 yo woman, do you think he’s disgusting?

How about his testosterone levels? How about his libido?

Sexy Brain

Everyone has one. That’s the given. The question is how it gets what it really wants in the social sphere and how well we individually manage the drive.

Non-human animals pretty much do it perfectly and don’t even “think” about it.

Humans fuck it up all the time. That’s because we developed self-aware consciousness and most of us aren’t keen on just fucking in an open pasture in plain view. We’re a sexual monkey wrench in biological evolution.

There’s an inherent conflict between what we’re supposed to do, as animals, and what sorts of sexual experiences we want to have—much of which is driven by our human-invented desire for private intimacy combined with our susceptibility to shame. If nobody’s watching, we can do what we want.

Asian women are particular masters of this, an aspect of my own obsession for 4 decades. In public, they can be as cold as iced fish off a boat. Get them alone—door closed, locked, and drapes drawn—and they turn into uninhibited creatures. They are “whores” for private intimacy leading to abject debauchery. I know well that most people are. I’m saying that the Asian chicks do it so shockingly, creating delicious and abiding attraction and adoration by acts of contrast.

What’s The Science?

It’s well known that humans fuck up their hormones, and it’s not limited to testosterone. It’s as though we’re on an endless infinity-loop roller-coaster of this thing called civilization; wherein, abandoning the confines of mathematical evolution comes at the cost of creating biological, physiological, sexual, and psychological problems that need to be addressed.

That’s fine and looking back, we’ve done a pretty decent job going it alone. Amazing, actually.

“Thanks, Mother Nature. We’ve got this thing.”

On the large, well done. But we think both individually and in a collective social context—since we’re social mammal-animals. That means that for centuries, even millenia, we eat and behave in culturally developed ways that have parted from evolutionary limits that challenge our mathematical evolutionary template. That’s good too. You can’t know how far you can push nature until you’ve pushed too far, and that has given rise to legions called “the medical profession.”

The medical profession only annoys me because almost nobody within it seems to understand its very job. Its job is not fixing naturally broken as there is no such thing. Its job is fixing or ameliorating what we’ve broken ourselves by pushing nature beyond boundaries. Sounds like a subtle, nuanced difference, but it’s a wide gulf.

Seriously and fundamentally, I love it all in the pure sense in which I’ve characterized it, above; but it is become so damn corrupted and corruptible that at times, it’s difficult to not desire a reckoning with dirty bath water that includes the baby.

Resisting that baby-bathwater metaphorical urge on every level of society is the stuff that makes up most of my days now—as someone who simply thinks a fuck of a lot every day and has little use for what anyone else thinks in terms of any imperative.

…There’s a lot of good science about testosterone in males and I’m going to do a good job in covering it in subsequent installments.

The reason for this series is that in the advertising media I’ve been hearing and seeing for at least 2 decades, it’s always all about some intake—by mouth, needle, or topical—of something, for a price.

My view is that none of this stuff even treats symptoms. OTC meds for sniffles do that, and quite well, once you figure out the perfect mix and periodicity for you.

But what is the symptom? Generally speaking, it’s a limp dick, no desire to fuck, or both—and the limp dick could surely be a result of no desire or even, a loathsome disdain….

Of course, there are hard-dick drugs where if the erection lasts more than 4 hours, you’re supposed to call your doctor (…a late, dear, hilariously comedic aunt of mine used to beg to be the one called). Those do effectively get at the root of the physiological issue.

Male arousal releases nitric oxide into the bloodstream, and the dick loves it. It gets all relaxed (sounds ironic, I know), and that allows the pumping heart to fill that thing up to max pressure. Time for fun. In ED, it doesn’t work, and so ED drugs do a go-around and relax those blood vessels by inhibiting an enzyme called PDE5. What you need to know. There’s a bad-layman take on it.

There are real medical/clinical issues for ED, just as there are real medical/clinical issues for women who have problems with arousal and climax.

I can address all of those, over time in this series, but the brunt of what I wish to convey is neither.

What I want to advance, over the same time, is the notion that we’re doing it to ourselves—by being locked into regimes of behaviors and norms that fit our psyches, but don’t fool our mind-genitalia connection.

Memberships are $10 monthly, $20 quarterly, or $65 annually. The cost of two premium coffees per month. Every membership helps finance the travel to write, photo, and film from interesting places and share the experiences with you.


  1. Justin Wisor on December 6, 2021 at 21:38

    The degree to which American culture refuses to openly address the degree to which sexuality is a huge part of our existence is staggering. But instead of just being honest about it, we look for narratives obsessing with biological causes as if there’s nothing more to us than that (because that’s easy and absolves people from owning who they really are). Richard, what is your thought on Sex at Dawn by Chris Ryan? I imagine you somewhat agree with the premise, but I’d be curious to see an in depth analysis.

    • Richard Nikoley on December 15, 2021 at 13:50

      Hey Justin,

      Have not read it, but am familiar with it and the hypothesis.

      Can’t offer any in-depth analysis, but at a glance, if you compare the success of societies and civilization, one thing that sets humans apart is our tendency to mate with one and stick together…at least it used to be the predominant view. An obvious problem is that people are reluctant to make big investments if the benefits and return does not necessarily accrue to them by means of various societal norms, laws, traditions, etc.

      I think that if one chooses such a lifestyle, fine. Just be up-front about it, and seek out partners with similar values and desires.

    • Richard Nikoley on December 15, 2021 at 15:02

      I might add that my way for 2 years has been to be with one woman, but she’s young and hot.

      Best of both worlds?

    • Justin Wisor on December 15, 2021 at 20:49

      My main gripe isn’t polygamy vs monogamy, but just that I don’t think we’re honest enough about the degree to which sex is natural and part of our existence as humans, at least in America. It still feels somewhat taboo to openly show sexual attraction apart from certain sanctioned environments like nightclubs. That doesn’t mean it should dominate our lives, but it for sure has a lot to do with it. And sure we can talk about evolution, blah blah, but I think that is too reductionist. There’s something missing there. And nerdy types love to go on and on about evolution being the only thing that drives human existence. I think it’s a way for them to not fully own their sexuality and view women through a lens rather than who they are that lessens the pain of rejection. Something like that, idk.

      • Richard Nikoley on December 16, 2021 at 08:47

        Yea, I get what you’re saying and in many ways, these things get covered by the invention of bedroom doors, toys, play, make-believe, and even porn.

        I tend to like how civilization (Eastern, too) has tamed the dragon in this regard. Public and behind closed doors. Two spheres of behavior.

        Relate it to homosexuality. I have never cared a wit about which genitals people prefer to engage with, or exclude, whatever. “Closeted” was perhaps a poor characterization since we already had “behind closed doors.” Now we have perversion. I no more care to hear a couple gay guys at a party laugh and exclaim, “then we sucked each other’s dicks…” than I care to hear a male and female couple talk about their sexual acts explicitly in public.

  2. Alan Andersen on December 8, 2021 at 02:22

    Just a hypothesis: When testosterone levels fall, it might be a protective reaction to something else going on, like high blood pressure caused by obesity caused by poor food and exercise. And then our solution of injecting outside testosterone is just masking the symptoms and possibly making the high blood pressure worse. Instead of just injecting testosterone because the T levels fall, maybe we should ask why the T level fell in the first place.

    • Richard Nikoley on December 8, 2021 at 07:39

      I don’t discount the likelihood that my own improvement is very multifactorial. Chasing young chicks is a downstream of my whole like re engineering since Jan 2020.

      I can only imagine what it would be if I didn’t have to put up with so much Covidiocy.

  3. paul paul on February 18, 2022 at 17:29

    Hey Richard,
    I’ve been wanting to comment for a while (since you posted part 1 in November) but didn’t get a chance to put my thoughts together and I’m not a native speaker. I’m that guy Roger Dodgėr from your FB friends if you remember
    Here’s what I’ve learned, mostly from personal experiences. Hopefully it will help someone else reading this.
    Much of this is already known by everyone but some of the information is less known or not given enough importance.
    Several things need to fall into place simultaneously, and even if you get everything right except for one “ingredient” you won’t get the desired results.
    I won’t go much into things like nutrition and supplementation.
    The environmental stimuli are very powerful modulators of hormones. Now, simply being around a young fertile female is enough to cause a 40% increase in testosterone. That doesn’t mean it was the only factor, obviously.
    Beauty, attractiveness, charisma are tightly connected to fertility and reproductive capacity. That’s why everyone both male and female should cultivate sexual health, because it translates into every aspect of life – vitality, enthusiasm, resilience, ability to experience emotions.
    But reproduction is seasonal across all living organisms, from plants, to insects, reptiles, birds, mammals including humans.
    Birth rates rise and fall through the year and it correlates with latitude. For example northern regions have the birth peak in June-July and southern regions have more births in October-November. Testosterone levels also fluctuates throughout the year.
    So, the Sun and the Earth’s tilted axis are causing the seasons. Throughout the year different parts of Earth receive the most direct sunrays, and we get different amounts of daylight hours.
    For this we have to look into the concept of photoperiodism. It has been widely studied, there’s an immense amount of research available and much of it is sponsored by the animal industry. Luckily these are not as corrupt as the fake pharma studies because they are genuinely focused on results and profit.
    Photoperiodism is the ability of animals and plants to measure the day length in order to ascertain the time of year.
    It is important because this dictates an adaptive distribution of energetically expensive activities across the year in order to optimize either reproductive fitness or survival.
    It basically allows the organism to accurately predict future events and then to start making physiological adaptations in anticipation of annual conditions.
    Day length is the most accurate and noise-free signal to monitor and accurately predict time of the year. In mammals melatonin is the hormonal signal transducing this information.
    So, simply moving to a warm and sunny climate signals the organism that it’s summer, there’s an abundance of food and resources can be allocated for reproduction.
    Studies in male goats for example show that artificially subjecting them to long photoperiods (16 h of light/day) is more effective than testosterone supplementation in inducing reproductive behavior.
    Likewise, male ducks subjected to orange, red and infrared spectrum of light have a 16-fold (not a typo) enlargement of testis.
    There is a lot more to talk about, but the bottom line is:
    – try to get as many hours of sunlight as possible (not in the sense of burning your skin, sunbathing is great but also allowing as much natural ambient light as possible throughout the day)
    – if the day is shorter than 13 hours, use 2700K incandescent bulbs from sunset until shortly before bedtime to emulate a 14-16 hours photoperiod
    – LED or CFL bulbs don’t work, they lack the most important part of the spectrum and have large spikes of blue
    – incandescent bulbs are the best source of light after sunlight; they lack the damaging UV and blue spectrum and are rich in the healing and life supporting orange/red/infrared wavelengths; the spectrum of an incandescent bulb closely resembles sunlight at sunrise and sunset when the UV index is lowest
    – 1000 or 1500 watt of incandescent bulbs are very effective when used as bright light therapy for ~30 minutes every morning; it has to be done at close distance exposing as much skin as possible;
    – throughout the day, if your work environment lacks adequate sunlight, a 200w incadescent bulb is enough, if used for example on a floor standing directional lamp that can be brought closer to your body or your work desk; it is the amount of lumens that matter most, and bringing a lower wattage bulb even closer will have a similar result
    – light penetrates the brain as well
    – light is a food and it powerfully stimulates metabolism; you have to be very well fed, with a diet rich in all macro and micronutrients
    – in studies on animals light has zero effect if they are kept on a restrictive diet
    It really works. With bright incandescent therapy the effects are felt from the first day, and very noticeably after a week or so. There needs to be several successive days of photoperiod manipulation in order to trick the brain that it’s summer. All combined with adequate nutrition and ambient temperature. There is also quite a lot of research on bright light therapy for depressive disorders but those lamps are a bit different, cool white with a focus on the blue spectrum to stimulate wakefulness.
    In my opinion this is the most upstream intervention one can make. It tends to make everything else fall into place properly. Messing with supplements, pharmaceuticals, adjusting dosages, monitoring symptoms is way more energy consuming and should be done afterwards if phototherapy and photoperiod manipulation doesn’t fix it.

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