Battleground Melbourne

This newly released documentary covering the abject, communist-style despotism by Daniel Andrews, the Prime minister of the State of Victoria in Australia, brought tears to my eyes too many times.

It is a modern-day tale of what happens when that sort of person is bestowed with power. It never ends well. It won’t.

…I have a good mate, an aussie from Tasmania who’s been an expat here in Thailand more than 30 years. Funnily enough, that’s not our connection. He’s been a reader of this blog for many years prior and that we are both expats in Thailand is incidental.

In a video chat yesterday—after advising him on various painting techniques, including refinishing a metal file cabinet—he said that the worst thing is that everything you see in that awful video, the Victorians want more of, like 85%. It’s quintessential late 30s and early 40s Germany.

They’re destroying Melbourne—internationally voted world’s most livable city 7 times in a row—in a child’s-stomping temper tantrum in an effort to accomplish who knows what. It’s even reminiscent of shitting on your own doorstep.

It’s OK, though. They’re destroying millions of lives by means other than boxcars and gas chambers. Relax. It’s OK.

Two weeks to flatten the curve.

This is a good Sunday evening watch for you Americans.

Shed a tear or two for your brethren and soulmates.


When do the people of Israel, France, and Australia storm their capitals and engage in public hangings for well-earned catharsis?

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