Richard Nikoley 61 yo Appearance Update

The former was in the summer of 2019 when I was 59 years old, and the latter, just snapped a few minutes ago. I’m now 61.

What happened? Well, testosterone increase happened, written about here and here.

But that’s a pretty stark physical appearance change and it has happened rapidly in spite of bad habits like drinking whiskey and smoking cigarettes.

  • What REALLY Happened?
  • What Drives Me
  • Become Disinterested In Food And Embrace Hunger
  • Get A Scar On Your Face
  • Be a Ruffian
  • What Increases Testosterone?
  • Leave The Toilet Seat Up

What REALLY Happened?

This goes to just about everything and just about everything is how you eat…but also live, socialize, activate, experience the planet, and just the manner in which you live in general.

I’ve been blogging about diet since most of you have known me. I know that the prescriptions I’ve put forth over the years are varied, solid, and valid. For whatever proclivities, it was always based upon whole foods. Real food.

What I neglected was a notion of WHOLE PEOPLE.

You eat only whole foods. Far out. What is your WHOLE life like?

You eat WHOLE foods to fix an UN-WHOLE life?

This is the recognition I’ve come to over my two years living in Thailand, since leaving a whole life behind in the USA.

Food alone doesn’t fix it.

What Drives Me

Being sexually desired. Chick gets horny, wants me to do things to her. I do them. I like it.

That’s about it.

It’s pretty fucking simple. If you achieve that, then lots of other cool stuff happens as consequence. If you don’t achieve that, then everything is fake, play, make nice, and get along.

This demands that you limit yourself to chicks up for that sort of thing and that’s the difficult thing to discern. In the USA, it’s all over the map but the tough thing for dudes is that you typically don’t get what you really desire. You sort of have to date age appropriate. Advantage female.

Asia in general…there’s no such stigma about age in that way. While most people go about their mundane lives like everyone else—waning desire to even have sex, that endures for decades until death do us part—Asia is also a place where an old man like me can experience the utter delight of youthful sex and the young woman derives her pleasure from it because she’s just as weird, or plain unconventional.

…What do I care what’s going through the brain of a little Asian late teen or early 20-something who wakes me up at 3am horny, straddling and exfoliating my face with bush?

I’ve got young, sweet, and pristine pussy in my face. If I’m supposed to feel shame, please tell me how.

Become Disinterested In Food And Embrace Hunger

I began a series about testosterone because mine increased dramatically with no drug intervention. My problem is that I can’t lie or bullshit about it—and I have nothing to sell you. So that series has not really taken off. I’ll see what I can do.

The more I think about it, observe, and talk with others, the more uncertain I become.

TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) is cheap and easily obtainable in Thailand. You can even DIY, just go to a pharmacy for the meds and needles. I know guys doing TRT and there is no detectable difference to me. Not supermen.

The guys who are discernibly different? The ones not always chugging beer and stuffing their faces with food all the time. Duh.

Fucking duh.

So what’s my basic secret?

  1. Keep no food in the house
  2. Eat when I can’t not eat, anymore (really fucking hungry)
  3. Get as much sun and cool water immersion as I can
  4. Get out and about, looking at and chatting up young hot chicks as much as I can

Keeping food out of the house is the first step that leads to this sort of thing. I know it’s unheard of but just watch the weight fall off. It makes you a hunter in a figurative sense. You may find that you’re often too busy with something else to get off your ass and go hunting.

…I know a guy who’s been lean all his life, now in his late 60s. About that, he said that he was never a “foodie.” He added that he usually had better things to do; and finally, said that he’d probably spent too much time in bookstores when he ought to have been at the supermarket.

So much of the overweight, puffiness, and general inflammation problem is an attitude where the question is always asked, “what do I need to eat to lose weight?”

It all boils down to eating too much, too often and it doesn’t matter what the fuck it is.

Eat less, less often, no matter what the fuck it is. Try eating only when you can’t not eat, anymore.

Get A Scar On Your Face

I had to toss this in because it’s hilarious.

A few months ago I was out one night making some rounds and while going from one bar to another, had a motorcycle accident.

I know the whole Rawai, Phuket area so well that I know all the little side streets and shortcuts. I used one, and on a 90 degree turn, came upon a truck with another motorcycle passing it. Without a thought, I took the ditch rather than a collision with stuff moving the opposite way (physics 101).

People came out to help me and I was plenty dazed and confused. An ambulance came, which was a 2nd time in less than a year and those 2 were the first in 60 years of living. It was perhaps my best moment when I refused all services, let them dress the wound on my left eye and said I’d be heading to Laguna, the bar that was my original destination. Not to be detoured, I headed out.

When I got there, I got a lot more nursing from the young and hot bar staff. Unbeknownst, I also had a gash on the back of my head. That scar is covered in hair.

Be a Ruffian

Just don’t be stupid.

The whole world is awash in paralyzing panic over being alive.

How ironic is that?

Not to make too big a point over getting a scar on your face, but chicks love it. It’s like some kind of visceral attraction for them.

Women detest weak and prissy pussy boys. Well, they’ll be friends with them because they’re zero net threat, but bed down with them, wake up at 3am, and insist they fuck them?

No chance.

What Increases Testosterone?

It’s a really tough question and because of my own personal experience I tend to think it’s the egg and not the chicken.

I don’t want to mislead anyone. Here’s all the bullet-point elements for me so I can’t point to a specific cause:

  • I got a divorce and reduced debt to zero
  • I downsized to a backpack
  • I left the country
  • I started having daily sex with chicks less than half my age
  • I hooked up with one of them and supervised building a house
  • I took her and her 2 young daughters on trips and taught them to swim in the ocean
  • I ate lots of Thai food
  • I got lots of sun
  • I swam, snorkeled, and SCUBA dived in the ocean
  • I walked miles barefoot on sunny beaches
  • I drove motorcycles without a helmet
  • I drank whiskey
  • I almost never drank beer

The list could go on, but that was all driven by my own desires and one day I got checked, and the testosterone had seemed to catch up with me.

In large part, it’s my belief, the pursuit of testosterone is chicken before egg, cart leading horse, and pushing with a rope.

Just go and fucking do it as though you have high T, are energetic, and your dick is hard. See what happens. Lead, and testosterone will follow.

Leave The Toilet Seat Up

It was sometime in my doldrums of 2018 when someone sent me this. I found it inspirational without complete need of all technicalities.

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  1. John Shelley on February 17, 2022 at 21:13

    Crushing it, as usual

    • Richard Nikoley on February 17, 2022 at 22:19

      Thanks man, and a great fun chat this morning.

      • Justin Wisor on February 18, 2022 at 01:31

        One of my recent realizations was obsessing over food, no matter how healthy, was destroying me. My soul isn’t yearning for healthy food over other more worthwhile experiences, so maybe it isn’t as important. Sex and fun with women? That is definitely on the list.

      • Richard Nikoley on February 18, 2022 at 09:03

        I began realizing this when going on outings like hikes, afternoon at the beach, hours on a boat going to snorkeling or diving places, motorcycle ride, etc., and simply forgetting about food. Just water. Then I realized that’s how we often were as kids, especially in the summer. Too busy having fun to eat, so it was basically breakfast and dinner most days.

  2. Stephen Smith on February 18, 2022 at 04:41

    I love beer though..Limit my consumption to Saturday. Huge fan of the hops.

    • Richard Nikoley on February 18, 2022 at 08:30

      I’ll have one occasionally. It seems the longer I go without one, the better it tastes. Especially an ice cold lager on tap in a frozen mug.

  3. Peter Collins on February 20, 2022 at 09:53

    This resonates with me at aged 53, I’m feeling more manly and stronger as I give less fucks to stupidity and weak blokes. Rich, how often and what whisky for you these days? My vice is a good hard whisky, beer has been off menu for years and wine is falling off

    • Richard Nikoley on February 20, 2022 at 10:07

      Yep, part of growing older is giving no more fucks to tons of bullshit you used to think was important. It keeps getting better.

      I drink simple inexpensive blended whiskey (like Segrams 7 in US, Hong Thong here in Thailand) with ice and either water or soda water. I drink them strong so I taste the whiskey, but dehydration is never an issue. I’ll have a nice single malt scotch neat now and then.

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