Get Away From Everyone Trying To Help You

This should probably be another in my paid-member series Permanent Crisis is the New Normal — Prosper Anyway. Since my heightened purpose these days is to absolutely make my fundraiser for the Thai family deliver, I’m putting everything out there publicly for a while. I’ve included a handy linked-image in the sidebar. I’ve written an update, a mini financial disclosure, at the bottom.

I frankly needed to get off my ass. It’s not the first time. Pressures in life tend to have that effect…like when I was down to $200 in 1993, spent $80 of it to buy a book about consulting businesses in debt workouts, and used that information to make $250K my first year in a bedroom with computer, fax, and phone…and eventually, a $3 million per year business with 30 employees.

The book was less than 100 pages. It’s surprising how little information you really need. What you really need is some form of a spark that gets the creative juices forming. And it was at the right place, right time, and right personal situation.

…I did something a few days ago that had an immediate profound effect on getting off my ass and toward an end. I’ll tell you about it, but first, from Mark’s Sunday with Sisson yesterday where he told of JRR Tolkien writing The Hobbit. Tolkien was immersed in tedium and drudgery and out of that came its due reward: boredom.

You need boredom. Being bored is good because it forces your mind places it wouldn’t otherwise go. It makes you wander, daydream, explore. You “get into trouble” in the best way possible.

If you’re astute, you might stop to think about all the measures you undertake so as to not be bored. And if you think further, we have an unequalled entertainment and amusement culture designed to escape any and all vestiges of boredom.


…I was out carousing around the other night, chatting with a young cute chic I’ve known for a while. We were both doing a no-alcohol day so plain drinks and there’s limits. How many bottles of soda water can you drink? Yea, you can shoot pool with blasting music. You can put your shades on and people watch. You can chat, and we did, but we were soon chatting about how boring it all becomes when you’re not getting drunk.

…I’ve had a bit of a 1-liner, tongue-in-cheek I’ve used for years: I’m only bored when I’m with other people. It’s not true, of course, but there’s an implicit message in it.

…During the day on Saturday I had had enough. Of just about everything. But I started with the easy stuff for many hours of devotion. I deleted 100s of emails I was going to read sometime. The real problem though is the 1000s I’ve already read over months that didn’t do anything whatsoever to advance anything I’m working on poorly because of all the distraction—means I use to avoid boredom.

I was subscribed to innumerable email newsletters, Substacks, you name it. And most of it is about Covid. Some about Russia and Ukraine, some are now both since the tide is shifting. Politics. Again, you name it. Then there are the dozens and dozens of YouTube subscriptions. What do you think those are all about?

I swept nearly all of them away. It reminded me of the captain, James Webber, of my first ship, USS Reeves. At a send-off gathering for one of my fellow officers going to a new job, the captain said that his favorite day at sea is the first day.

“That’s the day you get away from all the people who’re trying to help you.”

Back in the 1980s, going to sea was to be cut off from society and the world. It was indeed wondrous, at times. You had stationery, a pen, books, and the work to keep a ship going 24/7. And there was no alcohol. Pretty easy to get bored. Maybe something happens then.

…Then, what happened after after I swept it all away? I started to work on projects, one in particular.

I had been trying to create an account for a GoFundMe for days. Then, a couple of weeks ago, I had my brother in USA create one for me. No problem. Then I can’t log in with the credentials, from Thailand. I try VPN. Nothing. Then I set up an Amazon AWS WorkSpaces, which are virtual Windows machines on servers in Oregon. Still nothing.

I put in a request to THE TEAM!!! and even got an email reply.

Have you ever seen an email or heard a recording on hold that did not say they are experiencing a higher than normal whatever-the-fuck? I say they’re all bald-ass fucking liars. How about you? …And even if call and email volume is higher than normal, it’s because they suck fucking ass at their jobs, and paying customers require to be served. Not rocket science. Do a crap job and pissed-off customers call and email. Fucking duh, you green-hared, tatted, pierced, and woke social detritus.

It looks like they recently edited their canned reply as to how their service is going to be crap. Certainly, up to a couple of months ago it was ‘we’re going to be crap because Covid’ and now, ‘we’re going to be crap because Ukraine.’

Such boring yawn banality…

…So back to what happened that evening after I’d spent the day getting away from everyone trying to help me and realized that GoFundMe was 6 days of crickets…I texted a long time techie friend of mine in Orlando who I’d previously told of the predicament.

“Hey Jim. Top of morning to ya. Well, doesn’t look like GFM is getting back to me anytime soon on my support ticket. Is the offer on your end still open? If yes, give me a time.”

“Yes. Now,” he replies.

It’s already late in Phuket and I was tired. It had been a couple of hours since I sent the text. So I went to bed but didn’t fall off. For some reason, about midnight, I checked the time on my phone lock screen and noticed that text response from Jim and I got my ass out of bed.

A spark in time.

Within an hour I was remote-controlling his windows machine in Orlando from my Mac in Phuket and was logged into GFM. I could have left it there and gone back to bed.

I pressed on.

By 2a my time, I had the campaign written and posted. Then I had to write a blog post, then mirror it on Substack. And then, I had to put it all out in a newsletter. Then I waited and a few donations came in.

Went to bed at 5am, woke up usual-ish time. In this case, 7.30a.

And I got up, checked everything, all good, then wrote another blog post with a GFM update at the end.

What happened?

I didn’t wait to get bored. All I did was eliminate a bunch of go-nowhere stuff—some of it very good stuff—that I was using to prevent boredom that would otherwise pressure me into doing something productive that might have stages of tedium and drudgery associated. I was addicted and obsessed with minutiae and banality done in flashys ways that prevent “boredom.”

Does that sound familiar?

Let’s return to Sunday with Sisson a bit.

You need the spark, the “lucky break.” You need your blank page to present itself. For Tolkien, it happened grading essays. For you, it’s going to look different. This is the hardest input to manufacture because there are no rules or formulas. The only thing is what not to do, which is do nothing. You have to be doing something. It could be grading papers. it could be going for walks. It could be going for a drive. It could be going to your job or the gym or the beach. Or shopping, or the cafe, or… well, you get the point. Sitting in your room staring at the wall or your Facebook feed probably isn’t the answer, probably won’t produce the spark.

The only thing is what not to do

For me, what not to do was to spend my entire mornings every damn day reading the daily crop of email feeds on the latest thing about why Covid and the vaccines were truly the stupidest thing ever—just as I said in April of 2020—over 2 years ago—and then after that, when all the safe and effective experimental jabs came out.

One of the last things I saw before deleting and unsubscribing en mass was the results of some survey somewhere that put Covid as #12 in the top concerns of Americans…

I’m finished with all that. I’m moving on to write about stuff that can help you, while at the same time, admonishing you to get away from all the people trying to help you.

Most ironic or self-contradictory post award?

…It’s one reason I did the post about Top Gun: Maverick yesterday. That’s something to make a point to see, go out and enjoy. Make a big deal of it. It was the hardest film to make ever and there is no argument about that. It’s not fucking CGI. And that’s something. There’s something to be shown about real, filmed live, and it’s worth it.

Otherwise, I’m going to be doing my productive work and when it’s something else, it’s got to be good, like Mark says.

I do have two current favorites.

The first one is always the earliest in the day. Even when my inbox and feeds were full of the latest and greatest, I’d see it was a great morning in Phuket as the sun was rising and I’d drop everything and head out for a ride on my cafe racer—no helmet, no mask. Nai Harn beach is only a few minutes away.

The second is a recent indulgence where in early afternoon I’ll drive the long 3 minutes to Shark Bites with its 4-meter-deep pool (they do SCUBA training) and its 2 and 4-meter dive/jump platforms. While I’m a fish since before I could walk and participate in all of that, my you-have-to-be-doing-something joy comes from coaxing young Thai boys to jump off THE HIGH DIVE!!! It’s 4 meters, which doesn’t sound like much but it can spank you. I’ve been jumping from on high since I was 8 or so. Once you get a young boy to do it the first time, you can’t stop him from putting that fear aside forever.

What else? Well, I’ve been curtailing the watching of series streaming. It’s better to watch a very good film and then that’s that. It’s two hours of awe and wonder vs. endless hours of binging to overly-dramatic, drawn-out, and chick-emotional crap. I want my time back from the last season of ST: Discovery. Shit, half the time, I spent it yelling at the screen. Plus, I’m really fucking tired of homo stuff in every damn thing. Bless their cock-sucking hearts, but I like pussy.

…I also have a new place in a micro-hood I used to live in that I go to some afternoons for an hour or so to meet up with some friends. The food is good and cheap. If you want big, Nuw, the owner, has a pork steak with mashed taters, veggies, and gravy for 4 bucks. A salmon steak is just a bit more.

Other than that, I still do go out some evenings for a couple of hours to chat with sexually attractive 20-something Thai chicks (my TRT…Testosterone Replacement Therapy), some of whom can beat me in pool. And that’s another thing. When I go out now, I play pool with the chicks rather than sit there, get drunk, and say stupid shit to them (that’s boring).

…Well, there was a reason I named this blog what I named it.

…Unless you already have millions or billions and can just fund your own charity thingy, it’s an uphill road. This is my first try and I’m doing it only because I’ve run out of personal financial gas without putting myself in dire straights, such that I’m ineffective at anything.

But the good news is that in just two days since live, 12 of you have donated and it’s at $375. That’s not a lot of a $25,000 goal, but it’s enough that we’re halfway to securing the lease on the clothing shop in the university district for which I purchased a 30-day option a couple of weeks ago. The Thai owner is being honest, sound, and propper with that, because my girl tells me she’s getting other offers.

The option was 5,000 baht ($150). Use it or lose it. If used, it applies to the lease. If it expires, I get nothing back.

Since it’s a 1-year lease, she’s demanding 20,000 baht as security (lose it if you don’t fulfil the year). That’s 4x the option price, so just do math: $600.

The rent is 7,500 per month. That’s about $220. Weird, isn’t it, living in free countries where rent is factors of 10 and more?

So, for move in, it’s 22,500 ($655). That accounts for the 5,000 I already paid for the option. We’re aiming for June 1.

This is the most critical stage, since securing the space moves the outside market selling inside, and inclement weather is no longer an issue. Then we can use all the donations plus bootstrap from gross margin to make a real deal of it all.

…I knew I wasn’t going to raise $25K in a few days. I’m not that popular, I say bad words and worst of all, I don’t think like the kings. But I know how to scrape by. Plus, I’ll be trying, behind scenes, to get whales and even corporate donors.

You can help with your donation to my absolutely-must-work endeavor and especially, share and share. I’ll be writing updates on the GoFundMe regularly, providing shocking, never-before-seen financial transparency.

If I fly out to the province to check up on things in a rented private jet, I’ll disclose it. LOL

…My heartfelts to all who’ve donated and to all of you who’ll be doing so soon.


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