Mask Compliance And Dismissal And More

This is a video post. I’m still struggling with how to promote and publish them and my findings are that there’s no substitute for writing a blog post about each one. Not even close. It seems that my blog members are primarily about the written word and some will take in a video too. But if I just publish it to YouTube and don’t write about it, it’s dismal.

It’s really weird. You have these creators with millions of subscribers, yet some videos only get a few thousand views. So, it explains why I’ll do a video and without writing a post, I have like 30 views with over 1,000 subscribers. If I write a post, then views are usually over 100, sometimes over 200 and more.

So that’s what it is.

  • Intro about randomly talking to young women fearlessly
  • How my girl says ‘OK’ if I ask nicely with good reasons
  • An awful rant about a virus…and no, I don’t wish death on anyone…just tired of all the cowering bullshit…stop stuffing your face with shit, get healthy, stop worrying about it
  • Russians and Ukrainians at the community pool
  • Sheeple and masks, even if not required anymore

There’s a lot more than that, just the high points. I have four more completed videos, so this thing will be experimental for a while. The best thing you can do to help is simply engage. Click those buttons and such, like everyone always instructs you on how-to a million times.

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