Steak Lunch, Pool Time, and a Valid Rebuke From The Girl

I tried something new.

Recording video from the phone and not my camera on the tripod while sitting at my desk, or the GoPro. Recorded on the phone, mashed and edited on the phone, uploaded to YouTube on the phone—all over the space of lunch and time in the pool. Getting it done happened in minutes right after the pool.

It’s not only convenient, but affords me the flexibility to make video anywhere, doing anything…such that viewers get a more interesting and engaging background and more variety throughout any particular production.

The gist of this one is that I headed out to a favorite place, Vivi Rawai, Resort and Restaurant. Partially, I wanted to test this out and largely, it worked. I did 6 clips and then tossed them all together and published.

I cover the intro, an interlude of dose makes the poison, the steak, and then the pool where the serious part happens. My Thai Lady—33 years my junior—rebuked me and I couldn’t ignore it. I explain. It was from her heart and she was right.

“You say you’re a man, but…”

I must apologize that the video goes wonky about 2/3rds of the way through where video and audio get way out of sync. Everything is still there, no idea what happened, but it’s the first run at this. It’s sad and frustrating that it went awry at the most important part, because that’s where my heart was for this one.


  1. Jacqueline Walker on July 27, 2022 at 19:18

    Hey Richard, loved that! Great honest video and you’ve got a great lady there, strong and knows her worth.

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