My Totally Unconventional Alcohol Abstention Method That Defies Experts

A pretty short introduction to this one because I don’t want any spoilers.

In other words, it’s all in the video and this is an interesting one. At least I think so.

That said, it is a teentsy bit taxing to watch. I shot it yesterday at the Ya Nui beach, right up against the surf, with more than a light breeze.

Ya Nui Beach

I usually upload to YouTube directly from the memory card in my camera. But I checked first and no way. Unwatchable…or more accurately, unlistenable. So I had to import it to iMovie and do the best I coud to clean up and temper the background noise. That did an amazing job compared to what it was, but still not pristine and effortless listening. Apologies.

Perhaps that effort translates to really getting the important message, which will be the underlying theme of how this whole story is ultimately told in a forthcoming book not so far away. Already begun.

My Story of Effortlessly Achieving Freedom From Alcohol by Ignoring the Conventional Wisdom and the Experts

…Or something like that.

In fact, that mock title is description enough for this video. So…

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