15 Ways To Improve Life Today — (In Exactly 187.5 Minutes)

Doing the maths, that’s just a smidgen over 3 hours.

The Godfather is 2 hours and 55 minutes…and while my 3 hours of footage in 15 videos shot, edited, produced, and published over the last week won’t give you any ideas or tips on how to actualize your best life as a mafia Don, it may give you more than a few actionable and practical ideas. Inspiration? Well, I’m an expat living a dream in Thailand…Enough said? Pitfalls to avoid?

That’s a certainty, and I pass all of then on—in the the writs and the vids—in part because I’m the worst at succumbing to nearly all of them. Learn from my mistakes, would’ja?

This is pretty big work in terms of thought, effort, hours, and perseverance. Sunday, September 5th’s Roundup had 7 vids produced over the week. Last Sunday, the 12th, had 11 of them. That’s 33 videos in 3 weeks—awfully close to 2 per day (now 1 vid per 0.64 days).

Will you love all of them? No. Not even I can claim that. It’s like your own offspring. Admit it; you have your favorite(s). Will you hate all of them? No. Try to hate #5, for example, once you get past the clickbait innuendo (I Live Between Two Lovely Young Thai Ladies. Here’s What Happened Today). I’m sorry to say that such headlining of posts is the terrain in this game. I suppose it always has been everywhere products and services are sold. Sex & money. They sell.

Here’s the introduction to this week’s 15-video deluge release, where I discuss that very aspect of the selling out required to be effective at this sort of thing. It’s probably less so for writing than for blogging. Ironically, the title of the video, and of this post, falls right into that hyperbole category. The headline analyzer I use scored it an 84 out of 100. My 1st stab at it scored in the 60s… The 2nd cut scored 75. Then, successively, 82, 83, and I settled at 84 as close enough.

I’m learning as I go. Watch.

Before I get to the list, I’ve got 4 insightful analytic charts for you, or, for those who may be curious or interested. Or, even for those considering doing this sort of thing in their own unique style. What you may be up against. Click on them for the full size versions, about 1500px wide.

Total views, watch hours, and other stuff, lifetime (since 2006)
Age demographics, lifetime
Gender demographics, lifetime
Subscribed vs. Not Subscribed viewers, lifetime

Brief but viciously interesting discussion and analysis: first off, I’ve been making an error of ignorance, saying that in the last 2 1/2 months I’ve more than doubled the watch hours accumulated in 16 years—since the 1:36 min vid #1 in 2006. I learned yesterday that the total watch hours displayed for your monetization parameters is over the last 12 months from the current day (which explains why it can drop and hour or two, sometimes).

So, looking at chart #1, it’s really 18,400 watch hours from a half million views of 1.6 million impressions. Neither here nor there for what I’m doing now, but not as awful as I thought. It’s encouraging. I never even tried, before. Chart #2 is a perfect LOL for me and adds credence to apt and old saying, “the older I get, the smarter my parents become.” Funny how that works. Chart #3 is what video #10, below, is all about. Lifetime, it’s a 9:1 ratio of male to female viewers, but currently, 98:2, LOL. Inexplicable, looking at the titles of my videos. I can’t figure it out. Complete mystery (I’m channeling Jeff Childers, here). Can someone clue me in? ;) Comparatively, however, I just checked gender demographics at FTA and it’s still, years later, about 6:4 male to female. Good.

Chart #4 is frustrating to me—frankly and honestly—so let me gently take those who know who they are, to task. If you watch the vids regularly and are not subscribed, hit the damn button, already! Jeez. It costs you zero but helps me a lot—and I’m the one busting ass to put these out. Now, that said, you want a relatively high number of not subscribed (but not friggin’ 98:2), because that means the view traffic is coming from wherever, and not necessarily your own promotional endeavors. You can switch off any pestering notifications YT may put out when I publish a new video, but still have the benefit of having it on your list of subscriptions for easy access when you pull up YouTube. Enough said, hopefully. Don’t make me say it again. Subscribe; instanter.

Here’s the 15 videos,  chronological order over the week

1. Resort Tour, Pool, Fajitas, and a Surprise at Vivi’s in Rawai, Phuket, Thailand

Today I ride down for some food and a swim at Vivi’s. Great food, good prices. Best Fajitas for the price in town.



2. Barefoot Grounding Passion Leads to Social, Educational, and Political Rant

It starts off just talking about barefoot walking and being grounded. Turns into a full-blown rant over intransigence and seeking unearned status and authority.

#barefoot #grounding #social #politics #education #phd #walking #hiking #rant #Thailand #Expat #Phuket #Rawai #NaiHarn

3. The Secret For a Man: How To Get That Initial Positive Visceral Reaction From a Woman

This was something I was informed of, but didn’t think much about because I didn’t have the problem.

Then, within a short time, I developed it and noticed a tremendous difference. Chicks were not approaching me or behaving towards me as I’ve enjoyed all my life. Because of the very short timeframe, i was able to form a hypothesis as to the cause and took action immediately.

And to confirm that this secret was precisely the root of the problem, once I fixed the problem, all went back to normal.

There is an accompanying blog post to this with a lot more, including a transcript that I delve into.

#attractive #attraction #arms #armsworkout

4. Visceral Chemistry Comes First When Women Size Up Men For Romance. What Comes Next?

This is part 2 of a 2-part series on the elements of attraction first, then the evaluation stage. We’re talking chemistry, then laboratory.

Part 1 was about the immediate—almost subconscious—surprising visceral attraction. Get that one single thing right and you can enjoy a lot of other sin.

The Secret For a Man: How To Get That Initial Positive Visceral Reaction From a Woman (vid #3, above)

So say you pass that essential first pass, men? What then, and how do you deal with it?

Comment below and it may usher forth a part 3. There is a companion post at FreeTheAnimal.com and the link will go up here when it’s published.

#dating #tinder #golddigger

5. I Live Between Two Lovely Young Thai Ladies. Here’s What Happened Today.

Tune in to this two and a half minute video to learn what happened when I invited one of them to do something she wasn’t used to doing…

(Even more innuendo clickbait, LOL)

6. Does Holding Grudges Against Others Hurt You More Than It Hurts Them?

Today I contrast the natural behavior of myself and my family with what I’ve seen and experienced all my life.

Lots of people seem to like to hold grudges against others, often for inconsequential things in the wide scope of all things.

It’s a mystery to me. To me, harboring such disdain, hate even, is self-destructive and is not a healthy form of self-defense or self-protection. Could it be a spiteful form narcissism and unbridled self-importance?

#grudge #selfhelp #narcissism

7. What’s The Right Chic Relationships For You? Well, What’s Your Age, Life Experience, and Context?

A short episode under 6 minutes, yet packed with a lot of things to think about in terms of establishing your parameters of relationships with women before you even get into one.

It’s all about the context of your life. Young and just starting out, or mature in age and experience, having seen it all.

Drop comments about aspects you’d like me to expand upon, as I don’t think I’m done with this topic.

#experience #relationship #dating #casual

8. The Story of The 20 Yr-old Tinder Match Turns Into a Political Rant. Why?

This is a greatly expanded take on my previous video, “What’s The Right Chic Relationships For You (#7, above)? Well, What’s Your Age, Life Experience, and Context?”

Wide-ranging experience that’s essential for every man, at any age, single or shackled.

#tinder #youngwoman #oldhag #sexualliberation #independence #friendswithbenefits #sexy #sexygirl #anarchy

9. What Benefit To You By Going To Bed Early, Then Rising Early?

Here’s what happened to me… I went to bed at 9pm, then got up at 2.30am. I edited and published a few videos, caught up on email, wrote a bit on my drafts at FreeTheAnimal.com, and so forth. At 6am I was ready to hit the road for coffee and the morning 7 km walk, #barefoot. I shot 3 videos during the walk (#s 10, 11, and 12, to follow).

#money #wealth #poverty #spending #paycheck #savings #frugal #genderdemographics #demographics #feminism #woke #leftist #democrat #activist #workaholic #archeological #homosapiens #bigbrains #expensivetissuehypothesis #kleiberslaw

10. Can The Male-To-Female Ratio Of YouTube Viewers Predict Your Likes?

Curiously, my blog at FreeTheAnimal.com enjoys a 58:42 ratio of male:female readers according to Google analytics—close enough to even—while my YouTube Channel used to be 92:8 and has recently declined in gender demographics to 98:2.

What gives? In this video, I pick away at some elements.

#genderdemographics #demographics #feminism #woke #leftist #democrat #activist

11. Can Living Well Below Your Means Today Make You Rich In Years To Come?

The more money you make, the more you’ll spend. This is universal. But, how much spending is enough?

Does it bring forth more happiness? Explore that topic with me.

#minimal #freedom #money #wealth #poverty #spending #paycheck #savings #frugal

12. The “Sapient Paradox.” What Is It? What Does It Mean For You?

Here’s A Crazy Idea.

What if our big homo Sapiens brains were worthless for 190,000 of the 200,000 years we’ve been around, prior to Civilization in the archeological record that begins 10-12,000 years ago. Not only worthless, but at a cost, because big brains require a lot of energy.

Or, did they provide advantages that don’t show up in the archeological record?

This is an intro to a post, the link to which will be here once posted.

#archeological #homosapiens #bigbrains #expensivetissuehypothesis #kleiberslaw

13. Barefoot Walking: More Nerves in Feet than in Genitals? Is it Arousing?

I’ve been barefoot walking since 2008, but when my dogs got too old for the 3-mile walks in 2016, I stopped being avid about it. Plus, living here in Thailand offers lots of opportunity to just BE barefoot and when protected, it’s generally flip-flops or sandals. I haven’t worn regular shoes in nearly 3 years.

It is true, incidentally, that feet have more nerve endings than genitals…


…You’ll have to watch the video to hear how I characterize that.

And with any luck, some of you will give it a try and struggle through initially, until you adapt. Ultimately, you want to feel good/better and barefooting when possible is one of those lifeways that contributes to that.

#barefoot #grounding #earthing

14. Demanding Displays of Respect: Is it Harmful to Our Self Esteem?

When you truly respect someone or something as a reflection of values you hold, this is normal, rational, healthy, and uplifting.

But what if respect is demanded toward people, things, ideas, institutions, etc., that you don’t particularly value; or worse, run counter to your own values?

Is taking a neutral stance often seen as disrespectful?

#patriotic #pious #worship #fealty #respect #disrespect #desecration

15. Seize Life; The Best Life. Where Can You Find It?

While this one is a bit of a ramble, the theme of it is encapsulated in the title. I’m at times overcome with how good I have it here in this particular niche of Thailand. It gives me a perspective on struggle. Life is a struggle for all and the financial aspect of it is a struggle for most.

What better, then, to find a place you love, where the struggles take on a different character because you may find that you’re struggling FOR something and not just to keep getting along, ever breathing. Just breathing.

#america #bestlife

So it’s all in the can, as they say, and the vernacular is naturally growing on me. I’ve said this before, but in spite of the hours and hours of work this level of production takes—far less time than writing at an average rate of a blog post every 1.4 days, over a span of 19 years—I have not grown weary, yet, and in some measure find it more rewarding that the blog writing.

For one, writing long-form is a solitary, quiet, and lonely endeavor by necessity…often mentally grueling and exhausting. That was certainly one allure to drinking too much, too often. My friends know my moniker for whiskey: writing juice.

When I began this endeavor, most videos were shot whilst sitting at my desk; or, I’d do them from the pool. Then I advanced to finding various, better, and visceral backdrops or sets for the shooting. And now I’ve been doing them in the midst of walking barefoot…and what a fabulous way to pass the time. Exercise can be boring if your mind isn’t actively engaged, but doing a video takes care of that automatically and pretty soon, you’ve got three vid shoots wrapped up for a total of a hour out of 90 minutes and you wonder where the time and distance went.

Well I guess that’s about it. Time to hit publish, shuttle it off to the various promotional outlets, and send an email to the 6,000.

…And then the 99 baht breakfast.

$2.68 US, at current exchange

…Then it will be a shift to long-form writing about a number of the videos already published that call for that—for paid, supporting members. To clear the time, I’ll slow down on new videos—though I already know what the next one will be: a video recap of the last three weeks creating and publishing 33 videos and, importantly, what I ate. I’ll put the food pics right in the video…

And so, is this enough, yet…ça suffit? I’ve soundly and definitively proven—in 19 years of writing, and now months of unequalled, solitary video production—that I do good work with high energy and a contagious passion and enthusiasm for it. There’s enough there-there that virtually anyone with a brain in possession of an ounce of genuine curiosity—going beyond the latest crowd-following cat-vid or Kpop extravaganza—will find lots to love, or even hate. Either way, there’ll always be more where that came from.

But it simply requires your financial support as an active and steady consumer…and it’s an easy, good deal.

So get right to it. Instanter!


The price for membership is $65.00 per Year.


$5.42 per month, billed annually.


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$10 billed monthly.


Since Covid killed my Cabo San Lucas vacation-rental business in 2021, this is my day job. I can't do it without you. Memberships are $10 monthly, $20 quarterly, or $65 annually. Two premium coffees per month. Every membership helps finance this work I do, and if you like what I do, please chip in. No grandiose pitches.


  1. Bend. on September 19, 2022 at 20:04

    Richard I have been watching and reading a lot of the videos and posts, but not all, so perhaps I missed you covering it already but two things I would give feedback on is I think a mic would help a lot, there seems to be tons of clip on ones that (I assume) connect via bluetooth to the phone or even wired ones, that seems to greatly improve sound quality. Also, I think video thumbnails would likely help speed up the growth, it seems the best performing ones are basically your face and or a picture or written text about what the video is, best example albeit exaggerated is MrBeast who has the biggest YT channel IIRC https://www.youtube.com/user/MrBeast6000

    • Richard Nikoley on September 19, 2022 at 22:00

      Some wild shit, man. I thought PewDiePie was the biggest, and he is in terms of number of subscribers for a private individual Tuber, but MrBeast makes the most money, like $56 million in ’21.

      I did do some custom thumbnails back in Sep or Oct of ’20.

      In terms of mic, difficult. I’m looking into it. I did a vid today and my phone seems to do better audio with internal mic that GoPro. Easy, I can use it to record audio, sync the tracks, then split the audio from the phone out so it’s independant. I learned quite a few tricks today. I’ll publish it tomorrow night.

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