POLITICAL RANT: How Much Truth Can You Handle? What’s Going on in The World?

Rather than entitle the thing “roundup,” which I kinda hate, Im picking the most clickbait title from all the roundup stuff.

Did it work? Would you have just passed on by, but just had to click in?

…Mostly more videos this week, but toning it down. Only 7 of them, like 2 weeks ago—not the ridiculous 15 of them, like last week. For those who hate the videos, thanks for your patience. It’ll all work out. I have to first get to the monetization level, and the bar is surprisingly high which is probably a good thing.

I’m on track and accelerating.

For those who’re okay with the vids but prefer audio-only, I’m podcasting them.

  1. Anchor (the host and upload platform)
  2. Spotify (the owner of Anchor)
  3. Google Podcasts
  4. Amazon Podcasts
  5. Apple Podcasts (submitted, not up yet, but a PITA anyway…forcing you into an app where the others have both apps and web-based)


This last week was dominated by getting increasingly anxious and antsy about creating more tricked-out videos. It makes it more challenging and fun. So, a few of the videos are mostly about that in itself…not as some successful expert, but about a dude learning as he goes, in pretty short order, and you can too. If interested. My biggest deficiency is the thumbnails, i.e. the image that’s supposed to get you to click and watch.

I just hate the way so many do these. Some contrived image—often cartoon like—along with a silly mug with some hyped and stupid facial expression: usually with soyboy-boy-like, girlish exuberance on display. Blech.

Such is the state of the world, whether you can handle that truth, or not.

…I have half a mind to push back by doing something radical with the thumbnails. Picture this: solid black background, large white clickbait text. Exclamation point. Done. If it works, rename it to “Black & White Videos.” Or something…

Alright, then. Videos.

Newbies: Do You Want To Become A Master Video Creator?

Well I’m by no means a master. For many years, I basically did just a single video file upload with no editing. Sure, I could put several segments together in editing software like iMovie. I could do some Titles and Transitions.

Was I just afraid? I don’t know, but when I began producing more videos lately (the way I usually always had—quick & dirty) I quickly became anxious to spice them up and anything I thought I wanted to do, I just searched and found that someone had demonstrated it in a YouTube video.

The purpose of this video is to show and demonstrate what I’ve been able to do in just a few weeks in terms of a bunch of different elements, including working with two camera angles.

And I even learned something about my own equipment; specifically, the GoPro Hero 9 Black. I had a feature enabled that keeps the horizon level. So, even though it’s cocked at a 20-30 degree angle, the horizon stays horizontal. Cool as eff.

#youtube #beginners #videocreator #imovie #videoediting

10 Tips to Becoming a Successful YouTube Channel in Just 10 Weeks!

Don’t get the wrong idea. I’m a beginner too.

…Even though my YouTube Channel is 16 years old.

But I was never serious about it. Under 200 total videos in that 16 years, under 20,000 total watch hours and 1/2 million views.

Just under 10 weeks ago I decided to get serious and this is a rundown of the many things I’ve learned in such a short time that has me well on the way to monetization.

See my previous video where I put a bunch of editing tricks into practice.

#youtuber #youtubecreator #youtuberbeginner #footage #cameras #videoediting #videoapp #camerastabilizer #topics #headlines #titles #settings #adlib

Richard Nikoley—Paleo Epistemology and Sociology

[I love it when I can look at something I did 10 years ago and say ‘yep, even more true today.’]

Richard Nikoley presenting at the second annual Ancestral Health Symposium (AHS12).


Primitive peoples evolved to account for the values and actions of a relatively small tribe of family and close acquaintances comprising of 30-60 members whereby, every individual had a critical role and opportunity to influence the behavior and actions of the group or tribe as a whole.

This is far removed from the unhealthy social trends in modern society where individuals are fooled into believing that they have real power at the voting booth and other activism when in reality, their influence is insignificant and pales in comparison to the social power a primitive hunter-gatherer would have wielded.

#ancestralhealth #paleo #sociology #epistemology #paleoepistemology #knowledge #quality of knowledge

POLITICAL RANT: How Much Truth Can You Handle? What’s Going on in The World?

This is the third in a series of videos about what a YouTuber newbie learns quickly. So, not as a successful YouTube Magnate, but as a guy just a bit ahead of anyone who’s just started or will be starting shortly.

“Newbies: Do You Want To Become A Master Video Creator?”

“10 Tips to Becoming a Successful YouTube Channel in Just 10 Weeks!”

My channel is 16 years old but I never did much but upload unedited single-file videos over the years, less than 200 of them. That got about 18,000 watch hours from 1/2 million views of 1.6 million impressions. My focus was my blog, FreeTheAnimal.com, 19 years in the maintaining, with over 5,000 posts published.

A bit less than 3 months ago, I decided to take on YouTube in earnest and have published about 70 videos in as many days.

These videos are about the extreme amounts I’ve learned in the process. This is more from what I’ve had an ability to do for quite a while, but making videos refines it. I make mention of a presentation I gave at Ancestral Health Symposium in 2013, “Paleo Epistemology and Sociology.”

#youtuber #youtubecreator #youtubetips #youtubelife #youtubesuccess

Why Apple and Google Will Soon Start Screening Your Calls and Messages

Well, in some sense all smartphones screen your calls, but it’s dependent upon the settings you choose. For instance, you can have them screen against a known-spammer database. You can screen for favorites or contacts only.

This sort of thing can be valuable to their customers and it’s completely at their discretion.

The last few years—beginning with Brexit and the election of Donald Trump, then continuing with Covid and all that’s associated—has seen an enormous trend and increase in Big-Tech censorship of “controversial” content posted by its users.

Much of this censorship, cancelling, and deplatforming was and is at the behest of other platform users, employees, special-interest institutions, and even the governments of of the word. Censorship of ideas—no matter how misguided or wrong—has always been a hallmark of despotic, totalitarian regimes. Now, it’s done by publicly-traded companies while governments get around laws prohibiting them from acting directly to censor, so they instead put pressure on the Big-Tech companies to do so.

There’s 2 parts to this video. The first is about Apple and Google making the Telegram app available for your personal interaction with the Telegram service and other users and creators on the platform.

But they maintain a “back door” or sorts. If they don’t like some of the channels you like and are subscribed to, they can simply forbid you from seeing them by blocking them right in the app…just like your mommy wouldn’t let you have access to Playboy Magazine…

[I have a new Telegram Channel that’s not censored, so far.]

The second is about the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals’ rejection of a lower court’s injunction of a recent Texas law forbidding Big-Tech social media giants from censoring Texans based on political viewpoints.

Very interesting and astute arguments, giving some cause for hope.

#richardnikoley #freetheanimal #techcensorship #apple #google #censorship #politics #politicalviewpoints #politicalideology #5thcircuit #texascensorshiplaw #telegram #telegramcensorship

Live In A Tropical Paradise For 10 Times Less Than America? Yes. Easy. Geoarbitrage.

Yes, the thumbnail picture is my own, taken on Thailand’s southernmost island, Koh Lipe, on a snorkeling and SCUBA diving trip.

When you’re a frugal expat taking advantage of geoarbitrage, any work schedules you may have usually aren’t tight. You can travel.

This video shows you some of the ways I can live on about $500 per month, and quite nicely. You can have all the comforts of home if you like, and even those will typically come at a bargain, but if you enjoy the frugal lifestyle with lots of whimsical free time and extra cash to enjoy it, a geoarbitrage lifestyle just might be for you.

#geoarbitrage #geographicarbitrage #tropicalparadise #digitalnomad #workfromhome #workinternationally #frugal #livingabroad #kohlipe

12 Questions Of Life: 12 Answers in Rapid Succession, All with a Cool Intro.

There’s a cool tool called VidIQ and one feature is that it can give you 50 video ideas every day (free version is 3 per day). They’re AI generated from its scouring of search and view data, I assume.

Anyway, I find them to be pretty damn good.

So anyway, I went out and ran through a list of a dozen of them, short answers.

The 1-min intro of the paraglider flying ridge lift was serendipitous so I give you a narrated minute of that. Here’s my own playlist of my own hang-gliding videos.

One question had to do with money and I mentioned the “geoarbitrage” video I did yesterday.


00:00 Preface: Narrated Paragliding of Promthep Cape
00:59 Introduction Over a Coconut Smoothie
01:52 The Rulz!
02:25 How To BUY TIME and NOT Handle Tasks You Hate Doing?
03:01 What life advice can just duck off?
03:51 What kind of value do you want to add to life?
04:43 Why Should I Bother to Reason with Other People?
05:39 If not concerned with what others would think, what would you be doing with your life?
06:57 Why Can’t I Make Enough Money? What is Holding Me Back?
09:12 Is the best time in your life in past, present, or future?
10:13 What should you do if you’re friend-zoned?
11:45 What Unhealthy Habits Do You Need To Break Now?
12:00 What is Time Restricted Eating & How to Get Started.
12:53 What Is Your “Nobody Will Ever Believe This Story”?
13:19 Are YOU Under Strong Delusion? That you should believe a LIE?
16:04 The Wrap Up

#qanda #questionsoflife #coconutsmoothie #paragliding #hanggliding #geoarbitrage #frugal #frugalliving #frugalexpat #friendzone #badadvice #goodadvice #selfish #selfishlove #timerestrictedeating #intermittentfasting #fasting

…There’s my videos I produced over the last week. The plan is to slow it down this week and get to the backlog of post drafts.

Blog posts this week:

…I’ve been doing some financial forecasting these last few days, building a pretty complex spreadsheet. While Stripe.com is a fantastic payment processing platform—the one I use to run the membership subscriptions around here—it’s not much on forecasting the future. So, I had to download all the data and apply maths and crunching.

I’m a bit out of practice building big and complicated spreadsheets, but the cool thing about them is that little has changed since I dove into Lotus 1-2-3 way back in 1988—34 damn years ago…Jeezus—to convert 7th Fleet staff’s gawd-awful fuel-tracking contraption into a spreadsheet-based forecasting tool that required only ship type (to draw from a table of average burn rates), transit schedules, and fuel cost per barrel…along with some secret-sauce parameters and bang! Cost suddenly became a consideration in 7th Fleet movement scheduling, navigation, and requisite transit speeds…such that we saved about $13 million the first quarter just by accomplishing the same things but working them a little bit different.

Nobody was the wiser.

…Does any of what I’ve done and am doing…in terms of writing blog posts and making videos…help to make you a little bit wiser? Are you more circumspect about avoiding some of the mistakes I’ve made, being open and transparent about them? And the successes? Does anything suggest to you an enhanced approach when doing similar things?

In short, does all or any of this provide you with value?

If not, I’ll still be around for you to take a peek whenever you like.

If so, then it’s a good time to support this endeavor financially if you’re not doing so already.


The price for membership is $65.00 per Year.


$5.42 per month, billed annually.


The price for membership is $10.00 per Month.


$10 billed monthly.


…A little tidbit about the membership numbers from the data crunching. Looking at retention, those members who subscribe on the $6 per month option are at almost exactly 50% retention. That is, about half stick around and either keep paying the monthly charge, or they convert it to the annual with a couple of clicks.

Those on the 33% discounted annual option?

Retention is 97% over the 18 months this has been a paid-membership blog!

And that’s it for this Sunday. I’ll have another substantial post up tomorrow. And the next day. And…

Since Covid killed my Cabo San Lucas vacation-rental business in 2021, this is my day job. I can't do it without you. Memberships are $10 monthly, $20 quarterly, or $65 annually. Two premium coffees per month. Every membership helps finance this work I do, and if you like what I do, please chip in. No grandiose pitches.

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