Eat Food. Not Too Much. Mostly Food.

— All Things Work Together For Good… (Romans 8:28)

Only at FreeTheAnimal do you get such a bizarre juxtaposition of title, sub-title, and banner image. A total WTF.

It’s Sunday morning my time and I’ve been a busy beaver. Lots to report but for today, I’m popping up 2 relatively short videos of the 3 vids I cut on Patong Beach in Phuket, Thailand yesterday. The third is about Russia-Ukraine-Nord Stream that accompanies a huge and substantial post that’s been in draft for days: Empires Come And Go But Pax Is Lasting (For As Long As It Lasts). Stay tuned for that after this diversional post.

Why am I in Patong Beach, Phuket and where do I go from here?

Yesterday was such a beautiful sunny day on the heels of Friday’s monsoon deluge that resulted in flooding right here on the streets. Big yawn for the Thais, though. The water? Off a duck’s back. Do enough monsoon seasons here and you’ll get caught many times riding your motorcycle in such a blustery downpour.

What do you do? You slow down, forget about getting soaked (it can’t be helped), squint, and soldier on. What happens?

You get passed by cute, 20-sumthin’, 40ish-kilo Thai chicks for whom this is commonplace every year and it never gets in the way of anything.

That’s what happens.

In answer to the question, I’m changing things up. Summary of the video for those who dislike my videos. Plus, this will all come out piecemeal in writing soon enough.

  • I’m soon to become a perpetual SE Asia traveler; doing my standard blogging (writing), just in the backdrop of being in new and exotic places most of the time.
  • My home base in Rawai will be maintained. $90 per month, total cost. Less than most people’s monthly parking space.
  • Travel will be on the cheap, taking maximum advantage of geoarbitrage. My upcoming Social-Security partial-principal-payback begins in February—in an amount that is more than double my monthly living expenses!
  • There’s the potential for surprise in the form of an amazingly sexy 20-something partner and this travel being via automobile for Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam. I’ll know more about that possibility in the days to come, as she’s arriving here in 4 hours’ time.

If you think that’s worthy and worth continuing indefinitely, you can help by being a paid subscriber.

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The sub-title pertains to this part of the post that’s not covered in the video, a bone to the video haters.

All Things Work Together For Good

I’ve always been fond of it because it really amounts to a universal positive outlook on life that transcends any particular ideology or belief. Yes, it comes from the Christian New Testament of The Bible and from that perspective, God’s looking out for you and even if what happens doesn’t meet with your hopes and aspirations, there’s always salvation—a new beginning—and heaven—a forevermore.

It works for any other religious or spiritual observance as well.

In an important sense, all such religious manifestations are, in essence, an outgrowth of this sort of positivity in outlook that no matter what, everything’s gonna be alright. You’ve got that insurance. You’re covered.

And while it may not always turn out to be literally true, it usually is true and that’s close enough.

…Which brings us to the more materialist or evolutionary perspective, closest to my spiritual heart.

Embodied in that slogan is the implicit recognition that neither the universe nor the planet are malevolent. While they’re not benevolent per se, either, aren’t they close enough?

Broadly stated, the “purpose” of the purposeless universe and planet is to create and maintain conditions suitable for life on all levels to flourish. While in a strictly materialist sense, it’s all pointless; it’s at the same time, the point. Perhaps that’s why it’s so easy for humans to live in contradiction and cognitive dissonance.

Such predicament is seemingly built into the universe itself!

And while the shit can surely hit the fan and you and millions of others bite the dust before your natural time, it’s far from the norm and no matter the insurmountable barriers or unrecoverable setbacks life throws our way…the most common, the most bankable outcomes are that not only will we come out of it alright…but in most cases, better than before because—another slogan—what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

So, this reveal…

Yep, that’s the girl. Yui.

Arriving January 16, 2020 in Chiang Mai, Thailand at the age of 58, man was I ready to sow some seeds far and wide. My affinity for Asian chicks began in Pusan, Korea, 1982 as a US Navy Midshipman on “summer cruise.” It persisted throughout my 5 years living in Japan and my travels throughout SE Asia, including 50+ visits to the Philippines and 7 to Thailand.

And man was I determined to do it all over again. Sow lots of seeds, far and wide…

…Until I met Yui on January 17, my second day here…

And it has been an on-again-off-again roller coaster, the current stage being that she’ll be here in a few hours after many months of not seeing each other and several months of little to no contact.

I’ll be updating that saga for the paying, supporting members of the blog over the course of time.

In a nutshell, a lot has to do with me having to recognize that the anger and frustration that often comes is tantamount to what parents experience, if you catch my drift.

‘Patience is a virtue and all things work together for good, Richard.’ I keep on telling myself.

And then there’s Chili and Wasabi, the two daughters. Then 11 and 9, now 13 and 11. During 6 months living under the same roof while building the house and after, enjoying it, those two sweethearts never said a single cross word to me. Not one. Ever.

In accounting for what could possibly be more important for a near-62-yr, young-ass chasing, former overdrinking, old and disgusting fuck like me to focus and hone in on going forward…well, those two girls and the family and village of support surrounding them deserves my utmost attention and support, don’t you think?

In spite of the difficulties and long periods of little to no communication with Yui, I have always sent money directly to Yui’s mom every Wednesday of every week with the admonition: more meat, fish, and fowl in the girls’ diet (and yours), please.

Eat Food. Not Too Much. Mostly Food.

OK, that’s enough of that for now. To reverse from heartstring tugging and into a ranty diet video, I’ve got you covered.

It’s shorter but I guarantee it’s worth it and you’ll be laughing your ass off at the end over tortilla chips that cost the price of Wagyu beef. I shit you not.

Let’s leave it at that, for now. Except that, at 50 bucks per pound for these nixtamalized, fairy-dusted, organic corn tortilla chips—deep fried in even-more-magical organic, grass-fed beef tallow—they’re 10x more expensive than Nacho Cheese Doritos. Now, let’s have a taste test…

…Paid-member post coming up next, hitting your inboxes by Sunday evening, Monday AM at the latest, along with a pretty damn ranty short video (also from Patong Beach…different setting) about the insane…literally fucking insane…US Foreign Policy right now.

But most surprisingly of all? This foreign policy of pure evil…and I mean pure, unadulterated evil…has been in the background for over a decade, since Nord Stream 1 came online in 2011. And led by whom?

Why, Republicans, of course. Primarily.

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  1. Stephen Smith on October 30, 2022 at 22:06

    Do you consume most of your calories during the daylight and fast at night? I find it hard to sleep on an empty stomach..Seems like the time restricted feeding is getting popular now

    • Richard Nikoley on October 30, 2022 at 23:03

      Great question Stephen and in fact, this is what I consider to be the most important reason to embrace IF / TRF as an ETRF, early time restricted feeding.

      I think ideal is an 18+ where eating stops around 2pm-3pm.

      Yes, going to bed famished is unusual and perhaps tougher to get used to for some than for others but worth it and highly rewarding.

      Note that once you finally do get to sleep and then awaken in the AM, are you truly hungry? If so, as hungry as when you went to bed? For me, not at all hungry in the AM for the first couple of hours at least. Hunger gone. Which means, last night was mental bullshit, brain throwing a temper tantrum.

      Once you realize this,then you can easily tell yourself to fuck off and just go to sleep.

      There appears to be a distinct health advantage to the eTRF. There’s a post on that from early 2020, so maybe search the blog and see what you find.

      • Stephen Smith on November 1, 2022 at 23:16

        It’s much easier for me to deal with hunger during the day probably because I stay occupied. I guess eating before bed as I watch tv is relaxing and comforting. Socially, it seems impossible to cut off food before 6pm or so. But I can be flexible and not follow any absolute meal timing rules. I have noticed lately that I never feel truly well rested and rejuvenated after a nights sleep. It’s probably from those big late meals.

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