Today — October 5, 2022

A little catchier than The Last Week Or So or maybe not. That might be chuckle inducing.

Don’t you get it though? It’s a weekly Today. Makes perfect sense. Because I say so.

Don’t ask me.

Rather than go to great lengths to explain what it is, here’s the 3-min video ‘trailer’ of sorts.

So here’s the initial sections. Suggestions for other stuff is welcome. Ultimately, some sort of template like those daily newsletters. Or whatever. This is just a first stab at it…

The Awful

I thought about using something fancy like “Bad Day at the Office” and correspondingly, “Promotion and a Raise” for the section that follows.

Why not just call them what they are? A favorite of mine in answer to the questions “how’s it going” or “how’s your day,” etc., is to answer “awful,” or “miserable.” I did it just yesterday on a support call with a stupid bank. Why the fuck would I be calling a support line if shit wasn’t stinking, presently? Plus, it’s not my fault. It’s yours. Because you’re an idiot BigTech or BigCorp thingy and you’ve forgotten that customers exist to be served and not to justify your shaky existence. It doesn’t matter what you fucking think. Do your job.

And when it rains, it pours. Just a few hours later as I was turning onto the street I live on from the main drag, some dude following too close rear-ends me. Didn’t put a scratch on my beefy steel-framed monster. His Vespa-like scooter sustained plastic damage judging by the pieces strewn on the road. I looked back whilst still sitting on the bike, determined I had n damage, and just drove off.

The guy chases me down honking until I feel obliged to stop. Then I have to end up explaining to the 30-something German that it’s his fault for following too close as to be unable to react to contingencies in time.

It’s really simple stuff. But he’s 30-something and German. So.

And speaking of raining and pouring, I literally got caught in the rain for the 3km drive back home about 22.00 last night. And this, after my phone app assured my I was good to go to head out and have a couple of soda waters at a girl bar I like. Got home soaked, with my back covered in mud because there’s no rear fender. That would very much diminish the cool-look factor.

…In world politics, the most objectively awful thing is damn NATO actually considering entry of Ukraine at the behest of that washed-up comedian running the place.

Glenn Greenwald is prescient, as usual in recent years.

No One Talks About Ending Ukraine War For Fear Of Being Labelled A ‘Traitor’

The other day I wrote an 8,000-word post about Putin’s speech. You wouldn’t be aware it’s 8,000 words or 500, unless you at least took a bit of a look.

Has Putin-Lead Russia Eclipsed America and The West as the Moral Conscience of the World?

I used that very same title as the subject line of the email I sent out to my list of about 6,000 newsletter subscribers. The software thingy that does all this estimates “open rate” (the number of recipients who actually opened the email) by using pixel load. Email clients don’t download an entire email until you click to open it, especially images. So through that magic, it can get a good idea and of course, what’s important is the relative difference.

Anyway. What do you suppose the open rate was? About 12% and average is about 30%. How many email blasts since turning this into a membership site in April of 2021? 247.

Wanna guess which newsletter blast has the lowest open rate by far? Estimate the open rate had the email subject line been…uh…oh, I dunno…some latest news involving LIZZO?

So. How awful is all that?

The Great

Well, is this popcorn worthy?

Trump reveals $475 million lawsuit against CNN

That’s a half a billion.

Former US president Donald Trump is suing his media arch-nemesis, news channel CNN, for defamation, demanding $475 million for allegedly weaponizing its reputation as a “reliable source” to destroy his own. The real estate mogul turned Republican politician filed the suit on Monday in the US District Court for the Southern District of Florida. 

Beyond simply highlighting any negative information about [Trump] and ignoring all positive information about him, CNN has sought to use its massive influence —purportedly as a ‘trusted’ news source — to defame [Trump] in the minds of its viewers and readers for the purpose of defeating him politically,” the suit argues.

It adds that CNN used “scandalous” labels to destroy the former president’s image for its audience, denouncing him as a “racist,” “Russian lackey,” “insurrectionist,” and of course “Hitler.” The latter, at least, rises to the level of “actual malice,” Trump claimed, referring to the standard required for a public figure to claim defamation in the US.

RT News

Could be worth a follow.

Other great news:

  1. I’m getting new, bad-ass knobby tires for my cafe racer. Shut up. No proper, red-blooded man does not get excited about new tires on any vehicle.
  2. Diet and IF and Exercise is all really coalescing nicely…thanks to being 2 days shy of 2 months no alcohol. 2-month report and new observations to follow.
  3. Going to Pattaya tomorrow for the annual visa renewal, which begins the third year of having at least that life’s paperwork in order.
  4. My ex-landlady told me I’m cool. She’s young and cute as hell; but alas, married and happy with 2 kids, including a fresh one (that info should go in the Awful section). So just a scant month since I moved, she finally sold the place and I messaged congrats. Somehow we got talking food, she asks if I cook, so I sent her a link to my recipe and cooking playlist on YouTube.

The Lukewarm and Mediocre

Who cares?

The Blog Posts

Next week’s Today should have about double this, but here’s the deal today.

POLITICAL RANT: How Much Truth Can You Handle? What’s Going on in The World?

Rather than entitle the thing “roundup,” which I kinda hate, Im picking the most clickbait title from all the roundup stuff.

Did it work? Would you have just passed on by, but just had to click in?

…Mostly more videos this week, but toning it down. Only 7 of them, like 2 weeks ago—not the ridiculous 15 of them, like last week. For those who hate the videos, thanks for your patience. It’ll all work out. I have to first get to the monetization level, and the bar is surprisingly high which is probably a good thing.

I’m on track and accelerating.

For those who’re okay with the vids but prefer audio-only, I’m podcasting them. [More…]

Italy’s Giorgia Meloni Crushes The Global Elite Left: “They Pretend We Are Stupid”

(Could have gone in the Great section)

At 45, Giorgia Meloni would still be pretty hot if she was 35.

I woke up to some great news…perfectly in the tradition of Brexit, Donald Trump, and Hungary’s Viktor Orbán…as prominent challenges to the Global Elite Left.

…And we’ve born witness to nothing but doubling-down—approaching, embracing, and advancing heightened levels of crazy and inch-mile more and more effin’ cray cray! since the summer of 2016’s democratic Brexit referendum—that took 3 1/2 years to implement…because “threat to democracy”—such that shite like mutilating the genitals of children in the name of an euphemism…“transition”…or just infaniciding them to get their lives destroyed instanter is up for “public debate,” where any detractors are misinformers, disinformers, or those simply not following THE SCIENCE!!!

…And so it comes to pass that I have some stuff to knee-jerk react about (when not being deliberately eloquent in my typical writing fashion). Plus, a short video with heart-palpable footage. [More…]

Has Putin-Lead Russia Eclipsed America and The West as the Moral Conscience of the World?

Unquestionably, Yes.

…Because, Vladimir Putin has been saying the same exact things for a long time. And it’s not faux-virtue signalling, either. It’s unmistakable moral fortitude based upon the deep cultural, literary, artistic, and religious roots and traditions of mother Russia going back 1,162 years as a country with a name, but inhabited for thousands of years prior.

In the large context and scope of its history, that 69 year experiment in hard-line communism called the USSR was a mere aberration and I’ve encountered few souls in my life whom I think truly grasp that. Well, we have life spans on par with the longevity of that socialist experiment, so I suppose that’s how we tend to think—absent a more thorough study and deeper consideration. Or, look at it this way: of the hundreds of millions of Russians who’ve lived and died prior to 1917, not a single one was a socio-commie in the formal, modern sense of the word.

Believing that the Soviet experiment irrevocably and irredeemably condemns Russia and Russians forevermore is plain shallow-ass thinking, dismissing the possibility of redemption through lessons learned. It’s regurgitating what you’ve been told, really. Stop that shit.

I can help. For just one, who better to tell you of the pitfalls of un communisme si dur that it shut off all private economic activity—with the result of being hamstrung in international development and trade for decades to come, even after its collapse?

So, if my assertion of Russia’s demonstrably superior moral stance moving forward comes as a shock or WTF??? moment to you, consider that perhaps it’s because you simply haven’t paid any attention—having only been fed by the spoons of mainstream media, Fox News, and the forever-war-mongering wing of the Republican party.

I’ll reveal what’s really going on—what underlies all of it—as my final nail in the West’s hegemonic coffin toward the end of this post, with a key clue coming from a most seemingly unlikely source… [More…]

Mask Mandates: Huge Data In. Laughing My A*s Off.

Dumb sheep about covers it.

The weird thing—actually, criminal…but nobody will ever be prosecuted, much less executed for their crimes against billions which would be justice (we don’t do justice, anymore)—is that the jab companies destroyed their own control groups who were participating in the clinical trials.

The justification given is that this shot was so damn effective and important (we now know that was a bald-faced lie and it’s neither…and in some cases debilitating or deadly) that it would be unethical to not instanter give the real thing to the placebo control group.

So, tracks covered, it was time to just get on with the hyper-politicization, the hyper-marketing, the hyper-cheering, the hyper-politicization, the hyper-coercion, the hyper-lies, the hyper punishments, the hyper-shaming, the hyper-virtue-signalling, the… hyper-hype.

So, without an actual control group, what do you do?

You create one by enlisting 300K participants and then carefully select 18,500 out of those to be most representative of the general population. [More…]

The Videos

4 Camera Angles For Fun

I only began doing more than just single, unedited file uploads a couple of months ago.

It began with the simple stuff like transitions, titles, and etc.

Then I had to try multiple camera angles and that was kinda fun.

Doing more than a couple of camera angles and learning how to thread them together in video editing software is a kick. Probably not something you have need of doing often, but I found it challenging and fun.

4 SEPARATE CAMERA ANGLES! Plus my computer screen to cut in.

Knee Jerk Reactions to Questions You’ve Been Wanting To Ask For Years!

Yesterday I did this fun video:

12 Questions Of Life: 12 Answers in Rapid Succession, All with a Cool Intro.

And I think this morning, “why not make this a regular thing, three questions at a time, keep the vids short?”

So here we are. Three of them this time, and I have a ton left to go in successive videos.

BTW, do check out yesterday’s blog post, killer.

Italy’s Giorgia Meloni Crushes The Global Elite Left: “They Pretend We Are Stupid”

Welp, what a deal that is.

The Global Elite Left’s pain, anguish, fear & loathing, trepidation, and gnashing of teeth continues unabated…in the finest tradition of #Brexit, #Trump, and #Orban.

I love it when Leftists get kicked in the teeth…figuratively speaking, of course.

3 Questions Of Life: 3 Rapid Answers You’ll Love…From a Tropical Beach Setting.

Did you know that this channel is really an adjunct of a far larger and more important blog with over 5,000 articles? Find out what it’s all about by starting on this recent post.

“POLITICAL RANT: How Much Truth Can You Handle? What’s Going on in The World?”


  1. Two dangerous errors of the social media age. Are you making them?
  2. Is trust having an existential crisis in the workplace, just as it has in society?
  3. What foundations in your life have you decided cannot change?

This One Tip Will Help You Record FLAWLESS PIP SCREEN SHOWS on Vimeo & Chrome

Well this was serendipitous and crazy.

How cool is that?

Poor Man Hacks: CREMA ON TOP OF INSTANT COFFEE? You’ll Love It.


…I discovered this little cheap trick one morning. The evening before I had an unsettled stomach and baking soda is my favorite cure for that…a tsp stirred in water. Acts like Alka-Seltzer.

Anyway, I just grabbed my coffee cup that was sitting on the counter, downed the baking soda slurry, and left it without washing it out. Next morning, not noticing the small amount of residue in the bottom, I spooned in my instant coffee powder, added hot water et voilà!

3 Questions Of Life: 3 Rapid Answers You’ll Love…From a Tropical Beach Setting.


  1. The Path of Least Resistance and The Creative Process?
  2. Simplified Planning; 100 Days to 2023?
  3. Foreign to Familiar; Do Good?


A companion blog post is to be published later today at [Well, it would if I could finish the draft…]

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A Little Missive To #Apple For #Censoring Content On My #Telegram #App

#Apple blocks #Telegram content that does not conform to #fascist corporate-state partnership narratives in both the #MacOS and #iOS app versions that come from their respective app stores.

In this instance, Sputnik International, because it may not always agree with all the #warmongers in most #western #governments, most #bigtech, most #democrats, and most #leftists.

This is meant to pause and read. The audio might cause undue attention if played in inappropriate places and unlike #apple, I’m considerate of the legitimate sensitivities of others.

Grilled Burgers & Veggies in My Tiny Thai Micro-Kitchen? Mais Oui!

A simple and short cooking video, the first in a while.

A simple but delicious and satisfying meal: grilled burger and stir-fried mixed vegetables (mélangés dans du beurre français non salé bien sûr). The twist is that this Tiny Thai kitchen, while functional, is barely big enough to move around in. But on the plus side, it’s open to the outside enough that I can use a gas grill INSIDE.

Brief Note On #Fasting From An Experienced Aficionado.


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I’ll add this section to next week’s Today, unless I change my mind.

So, the end.

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