Mask Mandates: Huge Data In. Laughing My A*s Off.

Dumb sheep about covers it.

The weird thing—actually, criminal…but nobody will ever be prosecuted, much less executed for their crimes against billions which would be justice (we don’t do justice, anymore)—is that the jab companies destroyed their own control groups who were participating in the clinical trials.

The justification given is that this shot was so damn effective and important (we now know that was a bald-faced lie and it’s neither…and in some cases debilitating or deadly) that it would be unethical to not instanter give the real thing to the placebo control group.

So, tracks covered, it was time to just get on with the hyper-politicization, the hyper-marketing, the hyper-cheering, the hyper-politicization, the hyper-coercion, the hyper-lies, the hyper punishments, the hyper-shaming, the hyper-virtue-signalling, the… hyper-hype.

So, without an actual control group, what do you do?

You create one by enlisting 300K participants and then carefully select 18,500 out of those to be most representative of the general population.

That’s what you do, since our Governmental and BigCorp Fascist Bedfellow Institutions are morally bankrupt and generally evil to the their core with no possibility of any redemption.


By creating a vastly diverse control group and having them answer questions monthly—compiling the data and then having it analyzed by a multinational independent group of professionals—we can get clues, in spite of inherent limitations in observational studies, because of the enormity of the dataset.

What The Data Covers

  • Geographic Distribution of the Unvaccinated Communities
  • Age Group and Gender
  • Top Reasons for Not Receiving COVID-19 Vaccines
  • Physical and Mental Health Status of the Unvaccinated Cohort
    • COVID-19 infection before survey
    • COVID-19 infection during five month period
    • Severe illness situation of the infected respondents
  • Self-administration of Vitamins and Medicines
  • Mask-wearing Situation of Infected Respondents
  • Discrimination Faced by Unvaccinated Control Group
  • Job Losses for Participants of Working Age [You won’t believe the holy-shit figures from Down Under]
  • Mental Health Status of the Unvaccinated Cohort

While my focus with this post is mask-centric—for vitriolic scorn-heaping and shame-foisting opportunities—I’ll also summarize the other data points for your convenience.

And oh, did you catch my massive 8,000-word post on Vladimir Putin’s Historic Speech? Doc Michael Eades just told me the it was a real “stem-winder,” which I had to look up.

US, mid-late 19th century, originally referring to then-recent stem-wind watches (invented in 1840s, commercialized initially 1850s by Patek Philippe & Co.). These were expensive, top-notch watches, hence generalized (1892) to “top-notch”, particularly applied to speeches, or to the orator in question. Non-speech senses later fell out of use. Nuance of “rousing” speech possibly by analogy with watch being wound up (“tighten by winding, excite, rouse”).

Tim Steele (of resistant starch and potato hack fame) and I have our first complete disagreement in comments…like 180 degrees different. Oh, well. It’s cordial, of course.

…So I saved this part for after the paywall: The reason I picked masks to pick on is in the title is only because it’s knee-slapping hilarious and provides much vindication to all of us who always thought masks were ineffective and stupid—where not actually harmful—and that everyone who wore them religiously—without being compelled or placed under duress— is eh…uh…uhm…AN ABJECT MORON[sorry not sorry]

So let me quickly summarize this for you, keeping in mind that this is the control group; the unvaccinated; the obstinate; the troublemakers; the unwashed; the rebels; the audacious…

If that describes you, then congratulations and welcome to the club.

It’s a small club.

So first, here’s the two links to dig into anything yourself, or deeper than my summaries.

  1. Did the COVID Unvaccinated Fare Better or Worse Than the Vaccinated? The Results Are In (The Epoch Times)
  2. The Control Group Cooperative

Well I see a problem right off the bat.

This project has been setup by mums and dads, uncles and aunts and grandparents who have come together to make a positive contribution to society, just as many individuals believe they are doing when accepting the SARS-CoV-2 jabs.

We are voluntarily supported by scientists, doctors and other professionals from all over the world who have helped this project to achieve the growth and success it has to date.

A Cooperative organisation (Control Group Coop) was created to own this project and to ensure it is managed and funded by its participants, and to protect its independence. A cooperative has only stakeholders, not shareholders which ensures we cannot simply be acquired without the permission and/or agreement of our members.

Watch the video to meet Diny and Rachael, two mums who helped found this organisation and are working tirelessly alongside a dedicated local team and online volunteers to ensure its long-term success and sustainability.

Where are all the MDs and PhDs beholden to their employers, pharmaceutical companies, contract, grants, and whatnot to ensure biases “proper results” are confirmed obtained and to write any ensuing papers in such a way as to fudge and bury inconvenient truths?


Foundation and Limitations

According to Our World in Data, to date, 67.9 percent of the world population has received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine. While only 22.5 percent of people in low-income countries have received a dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, the vaccination rates of developed countries are generally high—typically around 80 percent. For instance, the COVID-19 vaccination rates of the G7 countries are: 79.19 percent in the United States, 86.96 percent in Canada, 80.92 percent in France, 77.66 percent in Germany, 85.82 percent in Italy, 83.60 percent in Japan, and 79.97 percent in the UK. […]

These data have then been analyzed by a team of researchers, who are entirely independent of the CGC and have received no funding for interpreting the findings of the CGC survey. Their recent report on their findings has been published on the International Journal of Vaccine Theory, Practice, and Research, which is a peer-reviewed scholarly open access journal. […]

To be fair, it is very hard to evaluate the accuracy of the survey results from such a large scale global survey. It is also very challenging to evaluate whether the volunteers in this study are heavily biased or not. But, there is no clinical trial that could be designed at such a global scale, and the world needs the health data regarding this population. Therefore, even though the results from this study cannot be as well-designed as a regular clinical trial, the merit of this study cannot be simply denied for providing such valuable data from unique angles.

Geographic Distribution of the Unvaccinated Communities

So clearly, the emphasis is on The richer countries with early access to the vaccines and significant buy-in of about 80% as already mentioned.

Age Group and Gender

Pretty even age distribution. Somewhat skewed towards hypochondriacs women. It’s 57 to 43 percent. Roughly 3 females for 2 males.

Top Reasons for Not Receiving COVID-19 Vaccines

Let’s put the kibosh on the notion that the unvaccinated don’t care about their health, are ignorant, or stupid.

From the results, we can see that the participants were not refusing medical treatment, nor were they not caring of their own health, as sometimes portrayed by the media and/or authorities. To these unvaccinated people, they just did not think that there is only one way (the vaccine way) to help them medically, and they have been reasonably conservative in taking new vaccine products.  No scientist in the world can claim that we understand every aspect of the new vaccine products.

Furthermore, since vaccine development in the past took 10 to 15 years on average to complete, many people are skeptical of the COVID-19 vaccines, which were invented so quickly by several major pharmaceutical companies (Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson) after receiving hefty funding from the U.S., German, and other governments.

Physical and Mental Health Status of the Unvaccinated Cohort

1) COVID-19 infection before survey

So, roughly 15% on average had the best immunity possible against infection and deemed that it would be stupid and idiotic to undertake the risk of an experimental drug injection…as any smart person would surmise.

2) COVID-19 infection during five month period

At first glance it looks ominous, but then you look at vertical axis and see that it peaks at only 8.5% of respondents, and this was in the face of the highly transmissible Omicron variant. So, yawn.

375 people out of 18,500 reported severe symptoms…2%. Any actual deaths?

However, in the above graph, there are no data on the number of deaths, as the deceased wouldn’t be able to self-report their cases. Since it’s simply impossible to know the number of deaths with the survey design, some may criticize the findings as not authoritative, because these cases were not confirmed by doctors. Nevertheless, judging from the small portion of patients with severe illness among the infected cohorts in this group, it is fair to estimate that disease progression upon Omicron infection does not correlate with the vaccination status.


Self-administration of Vitamins and Medicines

Whole lot of people who don’t care about their health, are ignorant, and/or stupid…

Mask-wearing Situation of Infected Respondents

The one you’ve all been waiting for.

If this chart doesn’t convince someone that wearing masks is not only ill-advised, but plain fucking stupid, then nothing will convince them. The never masks wins by a large margin. The rarely masks comes in a distant 2nd. All the others mostly suck by comparison.

Discrimination Faced by Unvaccinated Control Group

Yea, go figure. When you lock people up or out and treat them like animals, it’s unpleasant. We’re social animals and our lizard brains don’t know what the fuck masks are all about.

So half the people had the doldrums and I’d count myself amongst them, at times.

All the girl bars were closed mostly for months, so when they would say that only essential services could remain open, my immediate question would be essential to WHOM?

A 5th had it really bad.

Job Losses for Participants of Working Age

Holy shit Aussies and Kiwis. WTF is wrong with your countries?

Mental Health Status of the Unvaccinated Cohort

Also, although the majority of the unvaccinated respondents didn’t suffer from infection/severe illness, would the stress from vaccine mandates/requirements hurt them psychologically?

Their mental health status was self-assessed. Only 12 percent of the participants believed “life is great” during the 5-month period, while around 20 percent of respondents in all age groups were suffering from sustained discouragement and feeling that there’s no hope. Therefore, based on the statistics, a significant proportion of the participants were suffering from emotional distress.

This is also a very noteworthy issue, although the study did not show that mental stress was only caused by discrimination. Anyone who has been subjected to restrictions from all aspects of life, discrimination, and/or even hostility from others for a long period of time can suffer a great deal of mental stress.

In summary, this study provides the unique data about the unvaccinated “control group” under the global gigantic experiment to mass vaccinate the population with newly developed vaccines with new technologies.

It also provides an important reference for public health practitioners to evaluate the policy decision making process in terms of the impacts of certain policies to different communities. For instance, in public health emergencies, there are often dilemmas in terms of public health ethics considerations. But we still need to ask: Are we sticking to “do no harm” ethical standards?

“Do no harm” ethical standards were shat upon from day one just about everywhere on the planet. 2 1/2 years later, counting from March of 2020, and these ethical standards are still being shat upon, with no signs of letting up in terms of the push to vaccinate.

…Well, at least Fauci is sittin’ pretty.

The end.

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