The Real Anthony Fauci The Movie (It’s Free)

— Its purposes are neither to confirm nor deny your biases


I’ll put the URL out there in the clear because attacks on the domain have already started. You may have to try multiple times. I seem to be able to get in with no issue and I watched the movie without issue. Then again, I’m in Thailand. Since physical servers are distributed worldwide, denial of service and secure socket layer assaults are more effective if directed at a cluster of physical servers, such as in the USA and Western Europe—where all the prime Covidiots are; and there is great interest and profit in keeping them that way.

The Real Anthony Fauci Movie website was taken down this morning after a coordinated attack on our SSL certificate.

This was no accident and it’s likely concerted efforts to take us down… To make sure this movie goes away, will continue to happen.

There are powerful forces moving against us every day. And we are being silenced for a reason.

Fortunately we have a crack tech team alert and with redundancies in place to keep this free viewing period open as long as possible.

We are back up in most areas now, but be aware there may be more temporary outages requiring us to do some technical gymnastics just to keep this going.

It’s imperative that you share while you still can. Please join us in getting this information into as many hands as possible.

From an email put out by the producers

So, here, it’s clickable, but also so you can simply remember the URL.

T h e R e a l A n t h o n y F a u c i M o v i e . com

The movie is free with a registration, i.e., an email so that they can send you stuff. Fair trade, advantage viewer. The free period goes through the end of the month BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE!!!

It wasn’t until the last few minutes of the 2-hr film that it’s revealed there’s a Part II. That’s already in the can and will be released tomorrow, the 25th of October.

Well, after seeing Part I, I can hardly wait.

The Real Anthony Fauci The Movie

I know that I probably don’t really need to write this part up. You’re gonna watch it or you’re not gonna watch it. I would encourage the former.

Here’s why.

There have already been produced a number of Covid Documentaries. I’ve watch most of them, perhaps all. I don’t know if there’s any money in it for the producers, or simply an urge to put it out there on screen, labor-of-love like. At any rate, once you’ve seen some number of them, it should be perfectly natural that a sort of Covid Fatigue sets in. Same for me with all the great print stuff out there.

I’ve unsubscribed from almost all of the heroic and glorious purveyors of truth in print, bless their hearts, but I’m not a single-issue guy and I don’t run my own operation like that either. My Covid posts are interspersed between food posts, Thailand expat posts, travel posts, Asian bar-girl posts, politics, social woes, business…you can pretty much name it.

That’s why you should subscribe, stay subscribed, pay, and keep paying. Seriously.

Plus—and I’m getting to what really knocks my socks off about this film—I was 100% right about every thing Covid from day fucking one and wrong about no thing. I’m talking…from my first post here in March 2020 and every one of the many since.

But here’s what’s funny and revelatory to me about this film. It’s not really about Covid, per se.

It’s about The Real Anthony Fauci and what the real consequences are to having him around, occupying the position he’s occupied for decades…

It makes me feel as though…that…well…we all should feel like…STUPID FUCKING FOOLS.

It’s not as though there weren’t signs. Hell, there were BILLBOARDS! All over the place.

…A term is coined during the course of the film: Fauciism.

It’s apt, given the clear evidence and by evidence, I mean the playbook…revealed and documented time after time in his decisions, his policies, his video-recorded statements, and the shit he put down on paper.

It’s like watching a cold, hard, objective documentary about Adolf Hitler that attempts to explain why and how the Germans could have been such STUPID FUCKING FOOLS.

I mean, in retrospect, it was all pretty much right there and the German people could clearly see what was going on around them, how it was incongruent with the propaganda…and still, they stepped right up for the propaganda.

One would “think”—I certainly made this error—that the combined “forces for good” embodied and enshrined in the Internet, social media, and publishing platforms and outlets in everyone’s pocket (the smartphone) would ensure that something like the mass public delusion, deference, and lock-step, enthusiastic obedience that allowed Nazi Germany to rise, flourish, and ultimately destroy millions of lives all over the world could never happen again.

Non, cheri.

…I wrote this in my very first Covid post once I quickly realized the error of my ways in regarding the Internet, et al, as some sort of a the-truth-will-set-you-free technological marvel—WE’RE SAVED! It was March 16, 2020 after a month or so of observing something decidedly new and different about this “pandemic.”

And first clue of bullshit: notice how essential and imperative it was to tag the phenomenon as a PANDEMIC!!! very early on and then drone on and on and on and on about THE PANDEMIC!!! The word has been reduced to a propagandistic bromide, such that as the bullshit is piled higher and deeper, all those downwind, head down in their phones, sniff out that sweet-smelling aroma, being drawn ever near like herds of zombies, each proclaiming to the other beside them how seriously good the fragrance is.


“I’ve been in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand since right before public knowledge. At the time, it was just prior to Chinese New Year and there were tens of thousands of Chinese tourists here. Yet, I’ve never been concerned about it and to my mind, the only truly new strain of ‘virus’ is a confluence of three general things:

  1. “A fully developed Internet and its chief manifestation, social media [and smartphones]
  2. “The global, politicized leftist/socialist media
  3. “Trump Derangement Syndrome”

So I and others were 180 degrees wrong about the Internet and its manifestations in social media and smartphones.

Not only have they not lived up to Pollyanna, pie-in-the-sky, naive, and quaint notions of being bulwarks for the unfettered distribution of all information—you decide-like—along with the cutesy promise that the truth is tested over and over and ultimately rises to the top…the exact opposite has happened in a way that must make the old-style publishers and broadcasters of official propagandistic bullshit narrative blush with envy.

I’ll finish with one thing about the film I was startled with. It’s very heavy on the history of HIV / AIDS and Fauci’s pivotal role in all of that. It also illustrated to me how we all fall prey to official narratives and The Current Thing as taken generally and publicly.

Have you ever questioned the official “scientific consensus” that the HIV virus is the direct, proximate, and only essential cause of full blown AIDS? In other words, while there may be other contributory factors that slow or accelerate the progression, it’s the HIV virus that’s the root cause.

It’s patently false, a priori. That’s because the hypothesis is falsified and was falsified early on.

Allow me to explain. Suppose you have a bunch of people with full-blown AIDS. They all show every single symptom. Their immune systems are bust and that means they catch anything external that comes along, and every internal issue is allowed to fester, grow, and develop into a serious health problem. Until you die.

Suppose further that every single AIDS patient tests positive for the HIV virus…EXCEPT ONE! You test over and over and over and each result comes back negative.

That is sufficient proof that the HIV virus does not cause AIDS. The most you can say it that it’s usually or almost always present. There are plenty of other super-strong associations and correlations that do not equal causation in the annals of medical history.

Would it surprise you to know that there were OVER 5,000 such fully documented cases—folks with full-blown AIDS, negative for HIV? Moreover, when MD clinicians from around the world gathered together to discuss this most gobsmacking, back-to-the-drawing-board reality, who do you suppose stepped in to quash fix it?

Why, it was Dr. Anthony Fauci himself; and so emergent and crucial was it, that he swooped in on Air Force Two to perform his public service and duty to all who’d been ravished by AIDS.

Yea! Dr. Fauci! Our Hero!

I’ll toss this last thing in for the sake of diversity. Seven weeks ago, I moved into a 260 sq. ft. studio apartment with the cutest, most adorable kitchen ever. The rent is $90 per month and the electric bill brings total cost to $120. Oh, water costs about 2 bucks 50, and good & fast WiFi is included.

I’ve been cooking my butt off, I usually snap a photo, so I collaged them all and tossed them in a pretty damn cool 1 minute, 53 second video set to pretty piano music. Yes, there are a few restaurant-food pics that snuck their way in…no fraud intended.

I hope it made you hungry. Notice also that no dietary catechism can claim ownership. I’d say that if anything, it’s all largely food and not junk and as well, it’s on the lowish to moderate carbohydrate curve, highish protein, and fat in-the-food and not added…and I think that’s a generally good policy overall.

I show this to illustrate the eclectic nature of my project here and why it attracts only a certain type. Call it a rare breed. To get an idea of who that is and if you identify, check out the testimonials, something I added just 2 weeks ago tomorrow, and WOWZERS did that turn out to be a great move.

In the 2 previous weeks, my actual paid-member income—based upon projections of the recurring subscriptions—came within 2% of expected.

Then I stopped trying to kill the videos, honed in on writing content, and added the testimonials and BANG! My actual income was 700% over projections these last 2 weeks. Yep, 7X what I was expecting and had budgeted for.

So successful and continuing is it, that I am DOUBLING the price of paid member subscriptions on 1 January, 2023 (which is also the 20th anniversary year of this blog, started in November, 2003).

But from now until then, You Can Lock In the Current Prices for as long as you maintain the subscription. This is especially advantageous for anyone who would be open to considering a pay-once-and-only-once Lifetime subscription at $250.

‘That’s A LOT Richard!’

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