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How about I just show you a copy of one, instead? Now, this is the first of the revamped approach (details within). If you think it’s pretty good, it will evolve. That’s evolve…not devolve.

Got that?

If you love everything, check your exuberance and I’ll check about doing my job right. If you hate everything, you’re wrong and your silly little time is best spent elsewhere. If you love some hate some, then I’ve hit my sweet spot and I hope it’s yours, too. It will be the dual challenges to both bring you around eventually on the stuff you hate, and your challenge as I continually push your envelope on the spectrum over and over.

The bad news is that the browser version of this stupendous new thing, coming free to Newsletter subscribers each Wednesday and Sunday via email, is for paying members. That’s basically embedded videos, clickable larger images, etc. Also, a searchable archive pretty soon.

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FTA NEWS — Sunday, November 6, 2022 — WHAT’S COOKING?!

— Cool stuff at FTA; Social Media engagements; Revampments; Things that are actually news, with commentary; and maybe more…like..COOKING!

Cool Stuff At FreeTheAnimal.com

Good morning FTA peeps. Welcome to the Sunday morning addition where it’s morning for me and Saturday afternoon or early evening for most…those in USA.

…Word is, y’all northern hemisphere agrarians are going to gain an hour in your sleep tonight. Probably, some of you need it. Enjoy. Here in Thailand, they work their asses off in the fields—or in whatever other micro-thing they do like prepare food and sell it from one of millions of food carts—from sunup until sundown anyway and being at 7 degrees N Latitude, day and night is pretty close to 12/12 throughout the year.

The clocks are fine as they are.

…Really, the only FTA-related blog stuff to report is design changes. Have a look if you like. I’ve taken out the excerpts on all the tiles (except the newest posted up top) so it’s just the primary post image and title. I’ve also made all the tiles equal height within respective sections.

Much cleaner, don’t you think? And who reads those cryptic excerpts anyway?

…The other thing…THE BIG WORK…like 12 hours at it yesterday…is to thoroughly go a different way with my Multi-Post-Series section.

I’ve whittled down 10 series into 6 by consolidating the Prosper and Geoarbitrage into one; the Gut-Bug related series…into one; and Food Enrichment and Grains also into one.

There are two more planned in the near term.

  1. A travelogue to go with my upcoming travels all over Southeast Asia; as well, add posts from past travels I documented, such as a week in Kauai and two trips to Europe.
  2. How to take advantage of the recession and its hyperinflation to settle your credit-card debt for pennies on the dollar and actually improve your credit score.

Sounds impossible for #2? Well, I’m an expert—having started and run a company that did just that for thousands of clients over 20 years—so expert says shut up.

…I have 16 posts in draft. Proof:

Time to get that shit squared away, don’t you think? I already deleted about 5 of them where the fizzling out came after title, image, and a sentence, if that. These left are those where I at least have a few paragraphs or more scribbled.

…I did a video yesterday and am drafting a far-more-detailed post on it now. It’s about investing in these times of global bullshit and chaos.

Here, wet your appetite if you don’t hate and loathe my videos.

Social Media Engagements

…So I’m pretty much just poking around with Twitter, Locals, and Rumble. I like Telegram the best, though. That’s the place to engage with me DM-wise if you like. @RNikoley is the username and FreeTheAnnimalCom is the channel.


…Well, right here for one. This newsletter has been OK, I suppose, for alerting everyone to what I’ve posted on the blog. I began to get a clue when I saw both Free and Paid unsubscribing from it and looking into it, a significant number were doing so because everything in the NL is already on the blog. Why duplicate?

So, if you haven’t noticed already, this is now truly a stand-alone thing. I hope it’s refreshing for some. It’s additional content, not duplicated, and most of it will never be seen on the blog.

Not sure how often I’ll put it out. For sure not daily. Probably more than once per week. I’ll just let go so The Force can be with me. Or, Jesus Take The Wheel, whichever you prefer.

Feel free to hit reply and give me a piece of your mind let me know what you think, suggestions, ideas, etc.

…Speaking of piece of mind, I was drilling down in the NL stats a couple of days ago and noticed something in the automation werks wasn’t werking right. Had to do with tagging subscribers as to whether they’re just an NL subscriber only, or also a Free, Paid, or Cancelled subscriber to the blog.

I noticed that a few Paid had unsubscribed (telling me they just go to the blog, as already mentioned above). The Cancelled are those who’ve ceased payments going forward for Monthly or Annual, but their access is still running until next payment due. What was most interesting was the rather significant number of Free level who had unsubscribed from the NL (about 17%). Turns out, most were clicking the unsubscribe link for the NL intending to just leave everything period. In other words, they wouldn’t be accessing the Free Content at FTA.

Actually, that’s one of the automations I have set up but it wasn’t working. If you’re Free level, gotta stay subscribed to the NL. My rules.

Anyway, 95% of the Free peeps are just fine. This place is always a revolving door anyway. That’s how it has always been, that’s how I like it. Anyone’s welcome to come, go, come back, or stay away forever, as they like and choose.

“Have it your way.”Burger King

[You can thank me when you notice that ad jingle on replay in your head for a few days to come.]

…Then there’s the 5% of the Free with an extreme sense of entitlement and then the few other with hubris on top. I’m not going to dwell, but this covers it so that you can laugh with me.

  • The ones who sign up for Free Membership and as soon as the next newsletter comes out, they unsubscribe from it with the reason given, “I never signed up for this list.” Duh. Could be just stupid, not entitled. Don’t know.
  • The Free Members who unsubscribe from the NL with the reason given, “These emails are SPAM.” Fuck off.
  • The Free Members who submit a complaint to my ISP because of receiving the NL. Fuck off plus…you’re blocked.

Actually News and Commentary

…Well what a planet earth, eh?

I can only hope and guess that this all works together for good…eventually. I mean, if you’re generally smart; that is, you possess the raw neurons and grey matter for smartness, then being fucktarded must eventually weigh on you and various non-denominational manifestations of Coming to Jesus ensue, right?

Or doesn’t it work like that, anymore? Are no parents getting smarter as the younger get older, anymore?

Or, is it just that there’s such a global moras of abject stupidity that Covid exposed, many feel themselves just fine and in good company? I don’t know. You tell me.

…I love that Elon nabbed Twitter. I just do, and it transcends whatever becomes of the thing. I want to trust that since his electric cars and rocket ships are so cool, Twitter’s just gotta get cool too.

Does ya feelz it?

And booting 50% of the “work” force? Most of them remotely, impersonally—as they insisted it’s how things should be done now? How delicious is that? Shit, Twitter’s already cool again!

And what sort of company can lose 50% of its employees overnight and not miss a beat the next day? Don’t answer that.

…I love how the USA is being exposed for the warmongering hegemon it’s been for going on decades—at least since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1993, 29 years ago—and even die-hard God & Country types are beginning to see the tarnish.

This is why the never-ending push for censorship everywhere, combined with the fascist govcorp partnerships. The USA is close to, if not the chief global propagandist now, and propaganda requires censorship as a core function. You can’t run propaganda without it.

…I have two fuckin’ awesome posts at FTA on how the world is very profoundly changing, and especially America’s declining role in it and how its cachet isn’t buying what it used to. Take heed now because you’ll eventually come to accept it anyway as inevitable.

…And the narratives on Covid, the Mass Experimental-Drug Trial, and Excess [often sudden amongst young peeps] Death are flopping around like a net full of fish being hoist out of the water.

I Was Unequivocally Right About Every Single Thing (maks, lockdowns, jabs, etc.) The Whole Time.

…Some “journalist” in The Atlantic published a piece on Covid Fucktarded Amnesty. At least I think that was the title.

…Finally, LOL the EU.

My Micro-Kitchen Cooking

Some selections from the last week or so. All cooked by moi.

Yes, pork filet figures prominently. Thai pork is excellent and I get the huge thick filets just down the street for about 4 bucks a kilo, less than $2 per pound.

Here’s a very short video where I took a bunch of pics over a couple of months and set them to nice piano music. It even shows my micro-kitchen I love and keep spotless so it’s always at the ready. I’m preparing over 90% at home now and I never tire of it. Because I’m a cooking force and proud of it.

…One of my members, Jacqueline, has this to say, in part:

“I am that rare thing a paying female member. Why? I enjoy getting the honest male point of view with all the rawness and crudity that sometimes entails. Yes, sometimes it’s a bit rough to take in, sometimes I disagree or I’m shouting back ‘well, I don’t think that!’ or ‘it’s not all women’! But that’s the point – you do not have to agree with everything someone says – and it’s a great stimulus to be challenged by a different point of view. It’s a great thing to be offended sometimes and to realise that it does not matter, you can still like the guy and value his contribution.” [More…]

She’s not the only one but they are fewer than the dudes for sure. The ones who do stick around over years and years remind me of the older women in my life growing up, grandmothers and the like. Strong, determined, unflappable.

Who else is like that? Then maybe you really belong here. Subscribe to Paid Membership here and let all of your troubles just melt away [first]…then…uh…they evaporate! Yea. That’s it! They evaporate. Guaranteed, or I say ‘sorry, did you really believe that?!

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