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[Formerly titled “What Caused My 40% Testosterone Increase?” and originally published in November of 2021. I found the subject matter too limited and too easy for someone to take as a sales pitch for some collection of male-enhancement product(s). So, I’m revamping the whole thing and have published it under a new title with broader relevance. Updates and new posts to ensue. What follows after the list of posts is this introductory post in its original published form dealing only with male testosterone. ]

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The Original As Published

The bottom line is that while I can’t be certain, I have some reasonable ideas that I consider chicken-or-egg scenarios.

…In December of 2019 I completed the sale of my house in California and almost everything else. During the moving process I saw that I had a Free-Testosterone test kit I’d not used, so I sent it in. A month later, I landed in Chiang Mai, Thailand and have taken up hopeful permanent residence that’s nearing two years. In the above picture, the 28 year-old to the right is the chica I met day number 2 here. To the left is her 25 year-old sister. Yea, that self-assertive girl—who was only 2 weeks back from her third trip to Brazil and breakup with her vegan BF of three years—is still l’amour de ma vie. She eats animals and eggs with every meal with a sigh of relief—lots of bugs too, which I’ve developed a taste and texture for myself. Of Brazil, she says that while his family treated her very nice, it was “rice beans beans rice rice beans…”

…I got the test result back. I was a bit disappointed that while it was in the normal range for a 59 year-old at the time, it was in the lower 1/3rd of the range. I didn’t pursue anything. A few months back—after seeing various things on T—I got curious. I’d also heard that here in Thailand, testosterone injections are ridiculously cheap. You can actually get it OTC in any pharmacy, inject yourself DIY…quite unlike in THE LAND OF THE FREE!!!

Since he’s been public about his own use of T-injection therapy, I reached out to my longtime friend Sisson. We had a fantastic phone conversation where in classic Mark, he aimed to help me in my own process. Interestingly, Mark is one of the most respectful dudes to me that I have ever known—which engenders a sense of shame in me at times, I must confess. He didn’t tell me what to do. I came away with a sense of I could do it, or not; along with a sense of inquiry as to why do it, or why NOT do it. Classic Mark. Such a treasure.

My most basic approach to any question is, first: don’t fool myself.

I find the human experience an amusing one when it comes to cause and effect. We are so prone to assume what caused what, when the inverse might actually be more plausible and make more sense once long and deeply considered. I’ve been considering this particular thing deeply for months.

For a couple of decades now, I’ve been aware of a barrage of ad-info touting all sorts of ways to INCREASE MALE TESTOSTERONE!!! whether through various supplements, HRT: hormone replacement therapy…or just cutting to the chase with hard-dick drugs.

…Incidentally, Thai chicks who like farang don’t use “hard dick” as a colloquial English expression for a male penile erection. They say “big cock,” which I find unassumingly cunning….

All those various offers to increase testosterone signal something is amiss and that the T-solution is simply assumed to be the root problem that needs fixing. But what is the real problem? Is it low testosterone, really?

Or, is the root problem simply diminished libido?

It’s an easy association leading to an assumed cause, since epidemiologically, male T peaks at about 20 years old and begins a slow decline of roughly 1% per year. Is that decline surely physiological-biological-human-male with no other factors? Say, factors like getting a long-term job, settling down with one chick who’s never getting any younger ever, having kids, shepherding dogs and cats, becoming a family man, etc? I am not suggesting that getting responsibly manly like that is a bad thing. Quite to the contrary.

So, as a man ages, his testosterone decreases. That’s a given. For some, very many BUT NOT ALL!!! men, their libido decreases as well. They just don’t care to fuck-as-much. This seems a bit reasonable when you stop and consider that they used to have an empty plate and now it’s full. When your life-plate is empty, guys, where is your mind focus? Do I even need to ask that question? [pussy]

The assumption is that because it’s a pretty natural coinciding association, the lower T must be the cause.

I’m pretty damn sure it has nothing to do with it and men are hiding a deeper secret they do not wish to admit.

And so, here I go with that; a series, perhaps even a book. All content in that will be for paying members from here out.

When she sent me this of her and sis yesterday, I replied back with a question.

“Can I have two wives, please?”

Got another pic back…of her erect middle finger…

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  1. Andrew Snalune on November 27, 2021 at 10:48

    I think youre onto something here: what came first, the T or the pussy? Good case for it being the latter and the reduction in P caused by ones personal Overton Window of Pussy straying outside the overlap in the Venn diagram of desire vs attainability, the former distorted by easy access to porn and other simp formats. The anecdotal evidence is endless. The cycle of ‘things that make you more likely to get P’ to ‘P’ to ‘Increase in T’ and back to ‘Things that..’ and the typical downward spiral in the opposite direction.

    • Richard Nikoley on November 27, 2021 at 11:33

      Andrew, get this.

      I met one of your fellows in terms of country of origin a week or so ago at Roxanne Bar in Rawai. We bantered for like 2 hours.

      He’s been living here in Rawai on and off for over 20 years. International architect with business all over the world, including USA.

      Day before yesterday I go to Viking bar/resto on the beach road and there’s Dave, again.

      Now I’m invited to his big, wife’s birthday bash/anniversary at his house tomorrow. He showed me pictures of it. FUCK!

      As he’s leaving, he asks, what’s YOUR secret, Richard?

      “Easy; I collect smart people.”


  2. Jeffrey Maxwell on November 27, 2021 at 10:58

    Got to thinking after reading your articles, and tested. My joints have gone to shit. But total T is 835. Wish the rest of me had that same youthful vigor.

    • Richard Nikoley on November 27, 2021 at 11:22

      I think total is not much help in knowing anything. Free T is the part that’s active.

      …My joints are fine or fucked, depending upon which bed I’ve been sleeping in lately….

    • Richard Nikoley on November 29, 2021 at 15:00

      …I checked my last test and it has Total T as well. 884 ng/dL, and the ref range for males 21-49 is 240 – 871. For males over 50, 221 – 716, so in those terms atr 60yo, looks like I’m doing ok, and you as well.

  3. Natasha on November 27, 2021 at 13:11

    Dear Richard, I’m glad you had that earlier test done so that you could compare.

    My husband is on T injections. His health has been bad, and they have made him function better as a person. He literally started talking again. On T he handles stress better, communicates better and has reduced pains. I’m also on T injections, plus E (3 kinds) and P due to a full hysterectomy/castration at age 44. The T gave me my spark back, humor and mental flexibility. I wish I didn’t have to take so many pills and injections, but I see no other way. Life was terrible with no hormones.

    I am really glad to see your results, because that means that there is another way. If I think about it, my husband was in a job he hated, his family were terrible to him. My family wasn’t much better. He got sick. I wonder if he had changed his life if the T would have changed too? Unfortunately once a person is on T shots, it’s for life because the body will stop making.

    My husband has been sick for 8 years now. His family is dead or gone, my family is dead or gone. I’m working and looking after us, with no expectation that he recover and go back to his old work. But the T shots are just not enough. I’ve started following Dr Jennifer Daniel’s and her vitality cycles website and weekly videos. She is a MD from Harvard who also left (ran) from the US. She is a big promoter of nose to tail eating, which is also part of her African American heritage. She has resumed eating of various animals parts, after years of being vegan. I’m trying to add more nutritious cuts to our diet. My husband is big into comfort food, nutrition is secondary. I’m thinking to buy some pills of organs and stuff, from Heart and Soil, but it’s expensive for a Canadian to purchase. Much better to just cook and eat, but I’m not experienced in eating the bits and pieces. Will it make a difference? It would be nice if he could recover and have a life again.

    So this topic, is an important one, its not just showing off your girlfriend.

    I’m still reading your posts! Enjoy learning from you. My doggie is now 5 years old.

    • Dan on November 27, 2021 at 14:31

      “Unfortunately once a person is on T shots, it’s for life because the body will stop making.”

      Not quite true for males at least. HCG triggers the body to start making its own, or allows you to remain fertile on TRT. I made a baby on TRT creams and hope to make another in TRT injections + HCG.

      I was in the ER last yr due to suspected stroke, (bells palsy) – the ER doc is a good guy, ex military. We got to talking about a range of things and asked how my headspace was doing (bushfires fucked my farm and most of our region). I said I feel fine and credit my dodgy online purchases of the stuff for it, because southern “land of the free”, you have no other way of getting it cheaply. He took it onboard and hopefully read up on it as he has never seen so many blokes in ER due to headspace issues.

    • Richard Nikoley on November 29, 2021 at 15:16

      Thanks for that, Natasha.

      Certainly, there is a role for hormone replacement for a lot of various things and can do wonders. All I’m trying to do is encourage thoughtfulness about it. Not fooling oneself, and to consider lifestyle changes first and see what happens.

      Yea, diet too, and as to the nose-to-tail eating, I encourage those who don’t like or don’t wish to bother with all the individual bits, seek out good quality deli stuff like sausages, dogs, and cold cuts. You can probably find a place that can create a custom blend for you, like with liver, kidney, etc., but not so much you can taste it if you’re one who does not like liver.


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