Youngun “Party Town” Thailand: Sexless, Self-Righteous, Androgynous

— In a rational world, brats get sent to bed without any dinner

As I’ve been recounting in my recent Newsletter issues, I’ve been doing some no-reservations travel where one just sorta spontaneously heads off in one direction and goes with the flow along that path. I didn’t plan to go to Koh Phi Phi again, but that’s where I ended up for a night before continuing on to Koh Lanta, refreshingly devoid of the young set. Lanta is a place for older, mature-of-mind-and-attitude expats, to partake in its peace and tranquility—which it delivers handily.

Instead of hopping the ferry back home to Phuket, I opted to grab a 3-hr minivan transport to Ao Nang for a couple of nights—at the heart of geologically-astounding Krabi province and its Phang Nga bay. You have to see it to believe it.

Just a small taste of it

This is what no-reservations travel is all about…no-commitment trekking at your whim and leisure. You wanna stay an extra day or two? Can do. Had enough, and you wish to move on right now? Can do. Wanna switch your next destination to someplace else? Can do. Wanna go there by a different route or change the means of your transport? Can do.

I’ve been travelling like this for 38 years all over the place and have yet to end up hunkering down in a sidewalk alcove for shelter and sleep. I’d never want to do travel any other way, preferably.

…But you have to live a rather fearless life as prerequisite—or you’ll fret yourself silly—and the planet doesn’t produce many of those types, anymore.

Better safe than sorry!

Ao Nang, like Phi Phi, is a popular destination for the young set—backpackers, students, dreadlocks, elephant pants, vegans, etc.

Plus: NO SEX!!!

…It gets way, way worse from here out, so this is where I’ll need to cut it off. If you’d like to read it anyway, plus get unfettered access to everything devoid of hassle going forward, then join up.

I know that’s not true, of course, but outwardly, this religiously-righteous, perpetually triggered and offended, holier-than-thou set strives to project that impression and appearance.

Piety, brothers and sisters. That’s the schtick. In this way—through that outward appearance—they disguise and/or make up for what’s unequivocally a whole bunch of abject ignorance, pollyanna what-ought-to-be outlooks, the-sky-is-falling-chicken-little bullshit, and fucktardedness.

It’s Gretta Thunberg wagging her finger at the world in how-dare-you condemnation.

…And the only thing funnier than a stupidly idiotic, autistic brat behaving that way is that she was afforded a world stage—at the fucking United Nations General Assembly for fuck-fuck’s sake!—from which to act it out which, in retrospect, clues you in to just why the morass of Covidiocy played out as it did amongst the global population.

Fuck, if the idiots of global adult society—that my focussed misanthropy fails to adequately describe—will buy into the pronouncements of a retarded little girl in need of spankings and early bedtime without dinner, then they’ll buy into any fucking thing at all.

This is all connected and it’s also why you have the election results of 2020 and 2022 where I’m now inclined to believe that the election fraud wasn’t enough to have made any material difference in most outcomes.

It all adds up, consistently, to a global society that has lost its way, so bereft of sound, critical, and rational thoughts and ideas that it turns to the finger wagging of young imbeciles for moral authority and guidance.

Sound harsh?

It’s fuck-well intended to sound harsh…principally because I have more than a point, and if you’re being honest, you know I do.

So what does this have to do with the title of the post?

That everything is connected. That everything is consistent. That there are no surprises. That ultimately, we as societies end up acting out the consequences of our collective philosophies psychoses.

That’s what.

The Western world dearly wants socialism top to bottom now, with zero understanding of what it entails beyond the irrational desire that everyone gets to live at the expense of everyone else. Western Europe is much farther along in this impossible, destructive path than is the US, and in spite of many chickens coming home to roost in predictable lock-step, ignoring or ignorant of the collapse of meticulous socialism 3 decades ago, 1993. How many of these young spoiled morons—the likes of which, 90% voted for skateboarding, pie-in-the-sky O’Roark over Abbott, University of Texas at Austin—even get the reference to ‘1993 collapse?’

It’s just more of the same of what I observed in the young, dope-smoking party crowd on Phi Phi. I’d checked into a private room in a hostel here in Ao Nang. It’s just what presented itself at the serendipitous moment, the room is really nice, so I snagged it.

Some hours later, early evening, I’m sitting at their sidewalk cafe with an Americano and minivans are arriving packed with the usual suspects.

“…Staying in a private room in a hostel here in Ao Nang (Krabi). Funny watching the Euro younguns pile out of minivan after minival.

“I see almost no meaningful outward distinction between the males and females besides the obvious.”

That’s what I wrote to a Brit friend of mine I’d been having a discussion with. You get the idea, and I relate more of it in the video below.

There’s just this whole lack of what should be obvious: sexual anticipation and tension between young men and women, especially in circumstances typically designed to create so much opportunity that nearly everyone is bound to get laid by someone.

It’s the goddamn spice of life at that age, time tested and true, and it fuck-well should be.

When your ideas and practices are fundamentally fucked up—and fucking with the birds and the bees at such formative times of life is astoundingly fucked up—then it’s gonna out somewhere and eventual outcomes resulting from unhappy, unfulfilled lives will have adverse societal consequences in every predictable way.

We already know all this shit, yet ignore it.

It’s religion and for all its civilizational and societal adhesion traditional religion promotes at its best, religion is not without its adverse other side. Those with the ability to think critically about religion, even their own as it were, understand and know this, too.

You don’t need to toss out babies with bathwater to understand that some things that can be generally good have their downsides too, and those downsides are terrain that should be known, understood, and confronted.

Yet for adherents of the religion of socialism, it’s all just as magical as the promise of heavens.

One thing has not changed in thousands of years, and that is the human need of panaceas and opiates of masses.

…I observed a single display of sexual anticipation and tension that evening. Weird setting. Looked to be a 50s something husband and wife, 70s something grandmother, and son/grandson sitting sitting there along with his cute androgynous Thai boyfriend.

They had their hands in each-other’s crotch.

…And isn’t that just so apropos?

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  1. Ron Padot Jr on November 23, 2022 at 04:08

    So I followed an outdoors-loving, former Montana senator on Facebook. Enjoyed his frequent, consistent posts for several years. A couple days ago, I had the thought, “Hmm, haven’t seen anything from Joe in awhile.” Pop over to his page to find he passed while out hunting an month+ ago. Now, it’s only been a week here. But your week is equivalent to his month. Said all that to say this: I hope you are well. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Alan Andersen on November 26, 2022 at 03:05

    Interesting post re socialism being what everyone wants with no idea what it entails. I was the “crazy Uncle” at Thanksgiving dinner yesterday. Everyone but me seemed to hate Trump and love Biden yet at the same time were complaining about inflation, etc. Oh, and regarding Covid, now everyone is getting the flu this year. I asked why there is flu now since it appeared that the flu had been eradicated the past two years, so why is flu mysteriously coming back now after a two-year absence. The answer was because no one is wearing masks anymore.

    Also the forced pretense that men and women are exactly the same except for the obvious physical differences. I am age 70. Back in my day, it was viewed as insane to think that young men and women could live together in a coed dorm without it turning into a literal clusterfuck.

    Also election fraud. The term “election fraud” is redundant. It’s just “election.” The fraud is built in and it DOES make a difference because if it didn’t it would not be practiced. Yet because people tolerate it, it is just part of the system and those who practice the fraud the best win the election. Example: Trump supporters say that Trump really won the 2020 election, but if he had really won it, he would be in the White House today. If the other side wants to win elections, it simply must get better at it’s own fraudulent (i.e. election) procedures.

    • Richard Nikoley on November 26, 2022 at 10:24

      I don’t know if we live in the most indoctrinated time in history, Alan, or if it’s just that before mass global communication—and especially that every person has a potential global publishing platform in their pocket—people called their indoctrination their “faith,” and that was the end of it.

      Now, indoctrination parades around as enlightened, well informed, and adherent to science.

      With religion came acceptance that others have different ones and still, for the most part, everyone got along.

      Now, thanks to “science,” the indoctrinated follow the One True God with ignorant hubris.

      Yep, regarding election fraud, fraud is baked into the whole cake on all governmental levels. Government is force, so it’s inevitable.

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