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— Twitter Means Nothing; Or Right Now, It Means Everything

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  • What is Twitter, Anyway?
  • What Does The Left Think Elon Musk is Trying to Accomplish?
  • What is Elon Musk Really Accomplishing?
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  • Making Twitter Fun Again
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What is Twitter, Anyway?

It's just a social media platform with very limited features by design.

In fact, when it began, the character limit was 120, same as for SMS on phones. Since 2017 it's been 280 but still, that demands quite a bit of efficiency when attempting to get a complex idea off in one tweet.

It was dismissed by many as silly...and with various derisions such as "men don't TWEET!"

In spite of that, however, it gained lots of traction as a place to exchange serious ideas and many serious people have accounts on it because it's pretty damn efficient for that in ways what other platforms like Facebook and Instagram aren't.

Its brevity or, pithiness when at its best, is likely a good reason it has persisted and at least part of why a guy who builds cars and rocketships decided it was worth paying 44 Billion for.

Amongst the things Elon Musk thought about when deciding to buy the thing or not must have been whatever his take is on Twitter's role as a public town square; and if I think about that, isn't it common that in situations where a bunch of people are arguing or discussing ideas, that everyone just gets a few words?

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