One-on-One With Richard Nikoley

The first and most important thing to understand about me and how I might help you breakthrough, overcome, advance, or acquire new knowledge and insight is that I am a consummate generalist.

Secondly, I’m an autodidactic polymath, which is a fancy way of saying that I have taught myself a fair to modest level of proficiency in a whole lot of stuff…most of it pretty worthwhile and useful.

More importantly, I continue to do so every day.

My curiosity is insatiable.

Third, I’m a dot-connecting synthesizer. I somehow see relationships or common denominators amongst disparate things and toss them in the blender for a smoothie that might not seem palatable at first.

One Member, Ben from Australia—but who lives in Europe—recently sat down with me here in Thailand whilst on a family holidays vacation. He testified thusly:

“Richard is the king of synthesizing ideas, drawing across many different domains of knowledge to spin together a cohesive view on a topic. Whatever it is […] Richard’s point of view is the first I seek to help orient my thinking.”

(More testimonials here.)

Specialists are fine and often appropriate. If you are having open-heart surgery then you want a heart-surgeon, not a general surgeon.

I’m a competent and skilled pilot of hang-gliders, sailplanes, and light powered aircraft. General aviation seat-of-the-pants piloting. And while sitting at the controls of a military or large commercial-passenger aircraft for the basics of takeoff, flying around, and landing in good conditions would be doable, the complexities of the equipment and the procedures dictate specialization—not only in that branch of aircraft, but in the specific type and often, even variations of the type.

I call this offering One-on-One because that’s what it is.

It’s a mutually-guided discussion: a shoot-the-shit session, bullshit session, nitty-gritty session, focus session, or whatever you want it to be.

It’s your money.

I don’t call it consulting, coaching, counseling, therapy, or anything else pretentious and/or presumptuous like that.

(For all I know, you know more than I do about whatever you want to chat about and I’m just the sounding board…removed enough to ask the “stupid questions” you need to be asked.)

Why am I doing this now? Why not before, in the 20 years this blog has been around?

I don’t know.

Age in life? Stage in life at 62? Taking on a family with children and homestead responsibilities? Taking this website from mostly a passtime outlet to a more structured and professional going concern? Those, and more?

I think I also didn’t want to obligate myself too much. I could walk anytime. Well, that’s not an option, anymore, given all the subscriptions…especially annual and lifetime I’ve already been paid for. So, I’m obligated plenty and a few hours chatting with people I will help further is a natural adjunct at this point.

Those who have been around here for years are best positioned to determine whether I might help in whatever they aim to get.

Here are some things I know a lot about that might help you lots and save you money.

  • Blogging, writing, engaging an audience through honest and transparent dealing, with integrity
  • Being a manager of a bunch of employees in an organization
  • Being an employer of a bunch of people
  • Starting a company from nothing and growing to $1 mil + annual revenue
  • Creating a customized, one-off system for your particular business or the one you aim to start and seek to have an efficient system flow
  • Dealing with regulatory bullshit
  • Dealing with investigations by regulatory assholes, including state attorneys general
  • Managing $500/hr lawyer pond scum
  • General home construction and remodeling at lowest cost
  • Dumping booze forever

Here are some things I know a fuck of a lot about that might help you at super-duper levels, saving you a fortune.

  • International living (lived in Japan 5yrs, France 2yrs, Mexico 3mths, Thailand 3yrs…currently living in Thailand, 4th year)
  • Geoarbitrage planning and execution (taking huge advantage of a disparity in cost of living)
  • Reorganizing, paying down, or outright settling unsecured debts, lawsuits, and judgments for pennies on the dollar (not including taxes or student loans); personal and/or small business and commercial (I started and ran a company for 20 years with 30 employees that settled $2-3 million of credit-card debt for clients monthly at an average of 35 cents on the dollar)
  • Romantic relationships with the opposite sex from a different race/culture, including tremendous age disparity (my significant other is a 30yr old Thai woman with two daughters 13 and 11; we’ve been together most of the time for three years; I’m 32 years her age senior)
  • Dumping booze forever

There may be more things. You can contact me to inquire.

Philosophy of Procedure and Work

I do revolving doors. People come in, they mill about, they go out.

I like to work to put myself out of business.

I eschew the sort of professional service-provider gig—perhaps most prominent in the mental-health arena—where you’re never fine. Another session is always required.

We want to identify the problem, issue, need, or desire and then figure out how to actually solve it for you in the least amount of time and hoops possible.

I don’t want to just give you fish so you come back and pay for more when you’re hungry again. You need to know how to fish on your own, so you don’t need me anymore and especially, don’t need to be paying anything.

So, we look for wide-application principles so that when the issue, problem, or desire changes, you simply apply the same principle a bit differently.

Want to discuss how you could be a better Christian (insert any religion or tradition)?

Easy for this non-believer…perhaps even better than your minister, priest, pastor, guru, holy one, etc—coming from inside the realm. I’m the objective outsider-bystander.

We just have to determine the set of core values you just love and from there, determine actions to take and how best to take them, how often, and to what degree in the pursuit of gaining and/or keeping those values.

That’s just one example.

At root, it’s about what you already love and cherish, and don’t have, or have too little of, or don’t do enough to maintain.

This is not about shoulds and oughts—engaged in toil and drudgery to pursue someone or some institution’s values that aren’t particularly your own, or at least not to the degree and commitment they would have from you.

There are plenty of people who will take your money to tell you what you ought to and should do. They want you to make them happy.

I want to know what you want, what you desire.

Then help you to figure out how to get moving in that direction immediately and get it.

My Time is Priced at $300 per hour

That’s the non-member price, of course.

Member Price* depends upon subscription level.

Click here, click any of the links above (the member-level links apply the discount codes automatically), or click the image below. I’ll verify your membership and contact you within a day or two to schedule and determine what platform is best.

If you want to snag a membership first so the discount applies, click right here.

* Member pricing is for individuals. For corporate or commercial projects involving offline work and/or travel, etc., contact me personally to explore and negotiate the details of what you want from me and what it will cost.

I can and will help.

Since Covid killed my Cabo San Lucas vacation-rental business in 2021, this is my day job. I can't do it without you. Memberships are $10 monthly, $20 quarterly, or $65 annually. Two premium coffees per month. Every membership helps finance this work I do, and if you like what I do, please chip in. No grandiose pitches.

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