Tropical Ocean Swimming and Barefoot Walking

— Ruined By Social and Political Ranting

Still sitting in a hotel room, still in Surin—as told in my last—awaiting, yet again, for something to take place that ought to have happened days ago.

It’s a boring story involving banks—three of them—and holding your money in the float interminably…the evil fraud-fucks…and I know it’s evil fraud-fuckery because I live with a banking system that doesn’t do that. I wrote a TweetThread on it.

The way I look at Western banking systems now? Simply: there is no Hell hot or tortuous enough. I’ll elaborate in a subsequent post soon.

…The interesting and surreptitious lemons-to-lemonade bits have already been told. Weird trip. First, a 10-hr aircraft-malfunction delay. Last one of those was 1982 and the delay was only a couple of hours on the Boeing 707. They got whatever it was done well enough though, as once we departed Oakland, CA, it was a 3-leg trip to Yokota AFB near Tokyo.

Then it’s a 4 1/2 hour delay a few days later for a bus breakdown. Last time that happened was never.

Then all the banking stuff.

And other things. My quota of annoying, time-sink bullshit is maxed out and replete, thank you very much. I’m now due for some smooth sailing.

To top it all off, we secured the car, which was the intention of being in Surin. Due to a bunch of stuff I was not made aware of, it was under a sub-lease contract and I had to work magic…meaning money…to get it released and on it goes.

To sum it up, I’ve forced a bunch of unconsolidated shit to all come together because that’s a man’s job, and after dealing with yet another mechanical issue—minor, with the car—we should be on the road soon.

What a mess.

So just to wrap up a short post and keep those anxiously waiting for the rest of the story waiting yet a bit longer…until I get settled tomorrow—and get the internet back on at the house—I’ve been pretty physically active back in Rawai, increasingly so.

Lots of snorkeling and lots of swimming. The header image at the top lays out what has become my routine. In the video below I under report the numbers. I remeasured carefully and the two legs of swimming total about 1.8 km and the barefoot walk, about 2.8. It’s just a great workout and a great time.

I’ve spliced some clips of that into a video about conservative values.

Nobody’s going to be entirely happy with this one, but no apologies. I call them as I see them and that’s always the case. I may be wrong, at least according to some, but I think my continual and obsessive thinking and reflecting on all of it is affording me an entirely new perspective on all of it.

By it, guess.

The fortunate thing about the misfortune of the last nearly three years of Covid is that it has exposed much, and exposing everything is on the table. There’s a confluence lurking and we’ll get to see what happens.

Next post will be Part 2 of this saga for Members, and I don’t know how many parts it will require.

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