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— Anything, not everything, but lots in-between | Pratamnak Hill, Jomtien-Pattaya, Thailand | April 23, 2023

The Formula (how old guys attract youthful female attention); The Southeast Asia vacation-trip planning; Paying fortune-tellers to tell you what you already know; The free speech and free press fantasy; Decidable and actionable AI tools…

Pattaya Beach, Thailand

First comes “The Formula,” a strategy for attracting younger women. The author provides a list of characteristics, behaviors, and attitudes that make older men more attractive to younger women. Adopting these formulas guarantees men a viable means of attracting the kinds of women that excite them the most, even if they’re several decades younger. The author provides personal anecdotes and examples, as well as a critical view of Western culture and its social norms.

After a short video introduction that relates to paying someone to tell you what you already know, the author describes his upcoming trip to three countries in Southeast Asia, and perhaps more. He recalls past trips, sharing a personal story about a friend who had a daughter with a woman he met in the Philippines and ultimately relocated there after retirement in England. The author also offers a negative assessment of Western social and cultural decay.

In the final section, the author delves into the topic of free speech and censorship, and argues that all states engage in some form of censorship. Using historical examples and contemporary issues such as the COVID-19 pandemic and the rise of AI, the author suggests that fascism, rather than any particular ideology, is the practical and pragmatic means by which the state maintains control over information flow. The section concludes with the author encouraging readers to test these ideas and knowledge in their personal and professional lives to gain a competitive advantage. Regardless of one’s ideological or political persuasion, the knowledge presented is said to be highly and widely applicable in terms of improving one’s standing in life.

The Formula (how old guys attract youthful female attention)

I received this well-meaning comment on my last Sunday Scribbles about my 21-hr, 1000 KM round trip in a day to Surin Province and back to drop off The Girl and Her Girls, putting a final end to our three years.

Richard, you are an animal, a beast unconstrained and “wild” (untamed). That is all good, of course, but difficult for us ordinary “cultured” (like yogurt) people. Harsh, difficult, but honest – as you see it. That’s why we subscribe. It can also be quite entertaining and creative. Keep ’em coming.

I am new to your blog. I became aware when Mike Eades gave you a shout-out. Decided it was worth the small fee to see what would develop.

The stories of Yui and her kids are impressive. No doubt other folks have different “descriptors” but you confront whatever directly. Holy STUFF!

“It’s because your mother doesn’t like me and I don’t like her.” Wow! That is true. I’m sure that is where it stands right now. But wow. I won’t go on about that.

I expect that you realize that most kids age 5 to puberty “worship” mom, dad, caretakers, teachers and people who are good to them. That is one reason it is so important to protect them from “nice predators.” As Dan Siegel explains in Brainstorm, as puberty begins, the adolescent brain begins reconstruction. Myelinating circuits that are used, trimming off those that are not, etc. It goes on until about age 25. Very difficult times for everyone. That is the time that “Kids” need the most support from parents and adults. You are choosing to withdraw at the time they will need you most. I know, it’s impossible with Yui. You have done everything you “can” (are willing to) do. That’s your difficult, very painful choice.

I hope that you will continue to follow and as necessary intervene in the lives of both of these young girls. If things go south for them in the future, you are likely to suffer as much as they.

DocC —

I replied, which you can read at the link. Indeed, there is this thing about teenagers and how, apparently, they’re kinda programmed by nature to turn from their parents in those teen and early-20s years.

Doesn’t that kind of ring true in your own experience and observation? It sure does for me. It’s not that I considered my parents “stupid” during that time. It’s that I sensed their limitations on many levels and that ultimately, I have to be on my own. Not being a problem child—beyond getting caught looking at a smut-rag off a mag-rack in a store, by my grandfather, who told my dad—was a decision I made. Life was good, in spite of the limitations, and I’d be on my own soon enough. No need to make waves. Show some respect and appreciation for getting me this far. My three younger brothers all followed suit.

Unfortunately, that does not hold for many and even more unfortunately, it’s my impression that it’s the girls who’re far more likely to adversely alter their lives when and if they turn from their parents and immediate family.

In the case of Chili and Wasabi (13 and 12), they really have a far better support structure in terms of family and village than did Yui, who did not have that at all. She was raised mostly by her grandfather (a womanizer himself), and seducing men in their 30s, when she was 14 (a little Lolita), revealed powers to her that were too alluring. She married someone more than twice her age at 16, had Chili soon after, and then Wasabi, only 14 months later.

At 30, she’s pretty solid on how to navigate the teenage lives of those girls, and, she’s doing an excellent, attentive job making all the right moves so far as I can see.

And no, I’m not a young boy or chick who CUTS ALL TIES!!! I’ve never been that way, nor have I ever had ended relationships with vindictive baggage, hate, etc. I still communicate cordially with my former wife Beatrice, and she still reads this blog and watches my videos. She always wishes me well, as I do for her.

To address one last thing, Yui has never in her life been with a man less than twice her age. So, I got the benefit of that. Her younger sister Nun, now at 27, has been with men of contemporary age, including the father of her boy, 7 yr-old Ninja. But those relationships never work out or last. She met a Singaporean man online who loves to come to Chiang Mai periodically for golf, and has Nun installed in an apartment up there. Nun (pronounced noon), knowing Yui’s experience with older dudes, decided to give it a try, and she’s pretty happy about it all (good heart, responsible, successful, supporting, etc.).

He’s 72. And, I’m told, “does his homework” (in the bedroom); whereas, there was disappointment for Nun in that regard with the young dudes.

So what’s “The Formula?”

First, know and confront the terrain. You think that women’s lib and feminism is about equal opportunity, pay, voting, abortions, bra-burning, all that shit? No, that’s not the root. Here’s the root.

So in the olden days, a man could pretty much count on getting married to a decent, chaste woman and start a family, because it wasn’t really up to the chick, exclusively. Family, church, community, arrangements, social pressures…etc. You’ve seen the films, read the books and yea, it’s simply true that the girl just had to just suck it up sometimes and live the fantasy in her head, instead.

But, the markets for the romance novel and romantic comedy about true, adoring, masculine love is still as big or bigger than it ever was (maybe because they’ve neutered masculinity, in the process of getting MY RIGHTS!!!???). So, perhaps the arrangements and pressures for young women on who and when to marry—while often not ideal in her mind at the time—was perhaps, on balance and average, the best they were ever gonna get?

The formula, guys:

  • Get/keep in shape; eat whole food, lift some heavy shit
  • Don’t drink (or drink much) or smoke weed…don’t act loud and stupid
  • Adopt and develop a beach, ocean swimming, and sun habit (snorkeling and SCUBA: 2TU)
  • Dress sharply (slacks-like shorts, collared, linen shirts)
  • Short hair (bald is a-OK and far superior to comb-over) and clean-shaven
  • Stand tanned and tall; carry yourself like a CEO

(I could add carrying a bit of an aura of superiority, condescension, looking down on others…but I don’t think it’s essential and can backfire; it’s too much a matter of style, and that must be something that comes off authoritatively and naturally, or you look like a little prick with an inferiority complex. … Has nothing to do with physical stature either…observe how shorties DeVito and Pesci project stature. Experiment; use it if it works.)


Bang 20 and 30-something petite, sexy, and feminine Thai (or Asian in general) chicks with long black hair and firm little “rocket titties” as much as you want…AT ANY AGE, MEN. You’re 70 and want a 25-yr-old who’s an insurance agent, architect, lawyer? Easy.

Bar girls optional.

It’s just as easy to get a chick who works anywhere. Clerk at the local 7 Eleven, Tesco-Lotus, Makro, or the bank? Office worker? Hotel staff?

For sure. Every day of the week if you put in the time.


Of course, but not as much as you might think; and, if you’re in The Formula range, the rejection is always polite and, you’ll often get the “I-would-if-I-could” signal. Part of being a feminine Asian lady, after all, is largely conforming to conservative, patriarchal, cultural norms. Fortunately, in Asia, there’s plenty of room for men and women relationships with a much older man. But in this case, you’re bucking two norms: age and being a foreigner.

Still, it’s doable. I have a friend in his 60s who’s married to a successful Thai architect in her 30s. I know several married to Thai physicians. Plenty married to professionals and business owners of one sort or another.

… And, it must be said, many of the guys who go the bar-girl route do so not because it’s all they can get. They’re well within The Formula (a much higher percentage of old dudes here, than in the West), but they don’t want a long-term relationship and don’t want to mislead, disappoint, or waste the time of a regular girl when that’s what she needs.

And, that’s kinda where my own head is, right now…

So, to get back to that chart, above, there’s a lot of butthurt on the part of guys who sit around and, ironically, complain and commiserate about chicks all the time (just like chicks complaining about men)—patting themselves on the back for being “red-pilled” and MGTOW—when what they ought to be doing is working on the body, behavior, discipline, and attitudes that put them in The Formula range and thus, competitive with the other guys women cherry-pick to bestow their attention and intentions upon.

In other words: man up and get off your lazy ass. Stop your whinin’.

After all, how terribly hard can it be to out-compete this:

I replied to Gonzalo’s (Coach Red Pill, for those who remember) tweet:

Yea, I didn’t intend to stay in Asia when I came here over 3 years ago just days before Covidiocy happened (I lived 5 yrs in Japan in the 80s, so I’m no stranger).

And though Asia was just as fucktarded as the rest of the world about Covid, at least they manage to hold onto their conservative, patriarchal cultures, and it shows no signs of changing any time soon. Even Thai ladyboys would laf at the notion that they’re actual women. That would take the whole fun out of it for them.

So I stay, and I watch, and I belly laugh at the moral and civil collapse of North America and Western Europe.

It is very well deserved, you know. So. Richly. Deserved. It’s like watching cosmic justice play out.

Compete with this:

My reply to that atrocity:

This is just how fucking depraved, insane, and irredeemable the WESTERN WORLD you live in is.

Get the fuck out, like I have.

I live in conservative-cultured, patriarchal ASIA!!! where men wouldn’t be caught dead cucking up like those bunch of beta simps you call “leaders.”

… “wearing heals to combat.”

Just think about how upside-down ridiculous that sounds.

Starting to get a clue?

Save yourself for your own sake.

Get. The. Fuck. Out.

Or, stick around and try to agitate and vote your way out of that mess. If you can figure out how to do it, let the rest of us know. Please include a profit & loss statement, as well as a balance sheet.

The Southeast Asia vacation-trip planning

— How about I just show you?

Sometime in early to mid-May.

I’ll bus it up to BKK, fly to Manila (only about 100 bucks), stay a few days there, old haunts and shit from my several visits in the mid and latter ’80s, then overland to Angeles City, home of the former Clark AFB…same thing: old haunts… Then the real old and familiar haunt: Subic Bay, Olongapo, and the Barrio Barretto. I’ve been there dozens of times and spent months, both working and on vacations.

… In 1989, on the first day of a 1-month vacation in Pattaya—just 2 kilometers from where I now sit—I met Keith, an Englishman on a round-the-world tour on the heels of a nasty divorce. Keith was a typesetter by trade, so a real wordsmith, philologist, and avid reader—took his craft seriously. Intelligent cunt, is he, and I’ve taken it on his exclusive and unreserved authority all these years that there are entirely proper usages for that word. … We haunted Pattaya, Koh Samet, and Phuket together for my entire month there. We happened to be in the same hotel, right above the bar—Sugar Shack (and by sugar, they didn’t mean the white stuff)—where we’d met.

Weeks later, he took a bus up from Venice Beach and visited me in Monterey, CA on the USA-leg of his world tour.

Greyhound bus “terminal,” Monterey, CA, June 1989

Then, six months later—having finished my immersion training in French—we met up again in Pattaya, for another month of debaucheries and marking territories.

Finally, a year later, I took leave from my job as the navigator of the French Navy ship Colbert, and headed back to Pattaya for yet another meetup; a mere two weeks, that time.

The point of this story is that somewhere along the line, I told Keith about the Philippines and how so similar to Thailand is the expat-bar and chick scene. I also told him about “The Barrio” (and every US Sailor past or present knows exactly where you mean).

Long story short, his daughter, born in that barrio, is now 17 or 18 years old—honor student in a private girls’ school where he stayed the committed course and put her through—he recently retired, left England for good with a solid and firm Fuck Off, moved to the PI, built a house, and now tends to his family. Yep, he supported his woman and the daughter he had with her though all these years and difficult times, and we’ve kept in touch all of these 34 years as well, from back when that was done by pen, paper, envelopes, and international postage.

I’m gonna fly over and visit me ol’ mate, whom I haven’t seen face-to-face but for video chats, since 1991. I probably ought to claim godfather status on that daughter, eh?

After perhaps a couple of weeks in the PI, I’ll fly out of either Clark (now an international airport) or Manila to Ho Chi Min (Saigon) and catch Vietnam for the first time. I was literally in the check-in line to board my flight from Chiang Mai to Ho Chi Min on March 15, 2020, when the Covidiocy dominoes began falling globally and my flight was cancelled. That turned out to be fortunate because of all the Covidiotic nations, Vietnam was amongst the worst, imposing total house arrest for weeks or months at a time (former commies, go fucking figure). Thailand wasn’t a fraction of that, amounting mostly to some hoop-jumping, mask wearing, and getting home by midnight…to signal what a good Thai you are.

After a few days there, I’ll head up to the beach city of Da Nang for a few days and then, I’ll make my way back to Thailand over land, through Vietnam and Cambodia, perhaps stopping off for another visit in Koh Chang to round things out.

The Vietnam and Cambodia parts are really kind of a scouting mission in order to determine what I want to do about those places next time around. Laos, too…and Myanmar (Burma), Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia as well.

Culturally conservative and patriarchal, Southeast Asia is my home now. If I could easily obtain citizenship around these parts, I’d renounce my American citizenship and ceremonially burn my US Passport…

Because, justice.

It can sound as hubristic to you as you’d like it to sound, but America does not deserve my continued presence.

I don’t hate America.

I wish I could love it.

As an honest, non-lying man of principles, I cannot, anymore.

… One more thing.

The entirety of my adventure and all the blog posts and videos I do will be for my paying members exclusively; who, really, are the ones funding it. Thank you. The more funding I get by way of new memberships, the more I do, places I go see, time I take: to shoot video, write accounts, and publish. The trip is quite open-ended. Could be a month. Could be two or three. More?

Paying fortune-tellers to tell you what you already know

This is a video section, about 10 minutes, where I cover that subject, plus introduce the next. I also related how this subscription business is going and what the effect of doubling prices on Jan 1 has been for revenue.

The free speech and free press fantasy

Randolph Bourne in his essay, The State, published posthumously in 1919, famously wrote that “war is the health of the state.” … A proposition that’s difficult to argue with in the context of America’s perpetual state of being at war for decades upon decades—wherein an enormous chunk of our whole economy (and Western Europe’s by association, entanglement, influence, and extension) is dependent.

Imagine what would happen if America suddenly and completely stopped being at war rather than transition out of it. Would our economy collapse? How healthy would it be afterward?

Pondering those questions, and Bourne’s thesis, seems not so farfetched.

But take it a step further.

Upon what, exactly, does perpetual war rely?

And so we get to the point of this section, and I’m writing it in a way where it does not matter whether you agree ideologically, politically, or in any other manner. Since it’s for members, it’s going to be decidable and actionable; that is, knowledge (or methods) you will use to improve your standing in life in terms of relationships, time, and money: in highly and widely applicable ways.

Decidable and actionable AI tools

Well this was going to be the other member’s section, but I’m already over 5k words, so I’ll put this off for a general decidable and actionable AI post in a few days.

Until then, then…

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