Tucker Carlson: His Devastating Truth Formula; Plus, What Now?

— “Why do you lie like that?”

Before moving on from this, I think I’ve covered it all.

I did a short post with video just a couple of days ago:

BREAKING: Fox News Becomes the New Fox Light

(That’s a play on Bud Light if you didn’t catch it; not that Fox News is lighter without Carlson…though that’s true too.)

… I’ve been busting my ass for days, so deep into AI stuff it’s strangely euphoric on a number of levels. For one, I haven’t been so positive in quite some time. Second, the nature of that positivity is quite healthful and calming, I can tell.

Ironically, one way that plays out is sleep.

Lack thereof.

It’s not insomnia. It’s excitement and anticipation. The good kind of stress, I guess you could say. So I end up with days when I can’t even tell you when I was awake and when I was sleeping. I’m an advocate of free flow during the creating process. Work when you want to work, sleep when you want to sleep, 24/7. I’m just as likely to be deep in work from 01.30 to 07.30 (this morning, for example) as I am to have the blank-out curtains drawn, A/C on, and asleep from 11.00 to 14.00. That’s how it rolls. As required.

Eat well. That’s Rule 1-12, below. Just random from the last week or so (though I’ve lost track of that, too).

But I got ‘er done. I no-shit have a working AI Chat Bot on this blog…that’s the actual OpenAI ChatGPT 3.5-turbo running via API (application programming interface). In other words, there’s an app on my WordPress blog server that interfaces with the regular ChatGPT some of you might be familiar with and have used. Yea that one. Woke; created by a bunch of idiot savants.

It’s a paid (metered) service. And they both talk to another server running “Pinecone,” which is a vector database. Think of it as a database of functions, algorithms, and probabilities instead of words and integers. The Pinecone database that indexes 20 years worth of 5,200 posts—an estimated 6 million words—is at about 6,000 vectors currently.

To give you an idea of the enormity? The Holy Bible is about 800,000 words. Some people devote their whole lives to its study. … And get this: I hope to soon integrate the 110,000 comments into this as well. That’s another estimated 11 million words. So, we’re talking between 15 and 20 million words.

Then the magic happens, and I have GPT more or less “trained” on my own data, in addition to it’s massive, all the knowledge of humanity core training. Actually, this isn’t called training, per se. It’s called “fine-tuning” and “embedding.” I’m using both. Anyway, the full scoop in the next post, as soon as I can get in a good ocean swim/snorkel and real sleep…for as long as that may be.

As a bit of a tiny preview, see the very bottom of this post when you get there (not now!) and also, on the home page right after the “My Latest Posts.”

It’s an AI Search GPT. Uses the same thing, only it doesn’t chat. It just tries to figure out what you really want amongst the content and gives you 5 results. Play with it. You get better results by writing what you want in plain language. Write a sentence or two or three, see what you get. Is it close to what you were looking for?

As for the chatbot, pretty slick. Here’s what it popped off when I only had about 2,000 of the posts embedded.

To say I was blown away is rather understatementish. It was a lot of work and there were a lot of frustrations and WTFs, but when it finally works, all that’s washed away.

And it would be ridiculous to embed that video clip from Frankenstein, but now you’ve got it embedded in your head.

OK, I did 2 videos on this whole AI on the blog thing, both of which I’ll include in the invitation post to chat it up. It will be open to the public for a while, so everyone will get a chance.

But this post is about the two videos I did on the Tucker Carlson and Fox News affair just hours ago, back-to-back, in different locations.

The first is mostly about, so now what? I don’t think my idea is particularly unique, but I think it’s dead on, and we’ll see. It’s also about why this is such a big deal to so many. There’s some stuff there that might surprise you.

I hadn’t intended to do a second video, but I got back home and started thinking, hey, this just like I was saying 20 years ago, prior to the 2004 election.

OK, NOW you can check out the AI search, below. Remember, this isn’t like a search “engine” where you’ve got to get [enough] keywords. Just type a question regularly or a couple of sentences. It will “understand” you. Or thereabouts. It could be wrong, but it’s always “learning.”

UPDATE (28/04/2023 07.44):

Unbeknownst to me until 12 hours later, just as I was shooting, editing, uploading video, then writing this post, Tucker came up for air publicly for the first time. Without fanfare or reference to anything in particular, at 08.01 EST (his regular time slot), he appeared on Twitter for 2 minutes and 16 seconds, giving a monologue about truth and honesty.

Naturally, all the dishonest, automatic liars in this banal society of core and deep dishonesty don’t like it one little bit.

That law of nature notwithstanding, the video is at 68 MILLION!!! views at about the 24-hr mark from its tweeting. For perspective, the TOTAL daily viewership of Fox News, MSNBC, and CNN combined is a tiny fraction of that. A few million at best. The most watched broadcaster now and in all history is Joe Rogan. He gets 11 million viewers per episode.

… Japanese Admiral Yamamoto is said to have uttered a phrase after the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941. He didn’t actually say it, but it’s prescient just the same.

As I said, it’s not Fox News that deplatformed Tucker Carlson. Tucker Carlson is going to deplatform Fox News.

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