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— Because No-Pill Applies To Every Single Thing In Life Better Than Anything Else Applies

Note The Timestamp

“Discover the real-life journey of a man who revolutionized his daily routine, turning a simple blog-post-series into a captivating 114-Lesson Online Course. This post is not just about his insights on re-branding and perception change but also an intriguing narration of his experiences with McDonald’s Triple Cheeseburger, late-night party-goers, and people’s pretense about fast-food chains. Dive into this unique narrative that blends everyday life observations with profound life lessons, inspiring readers to question their own perceptions and actions.”

That’s snapped three hours ago, nearly to the minute. It’s 09.49 of the same morning.

The story of this morning is what this post is about…and it is a story. Fresh off the grill.

It kinda began last evening when I was doing final editing for the 114 No-Pill Advantages series. I was working on #19 and the style and tone (which I have struggled with from a “what is this?” perspective) seemed to begin to play out and flow better the more I was writing it as though this was lesson #19 of a 114-lesson course that’s 6 months long.

Excited, a bit, I then did 20, 21, and 22 in succession…then hit the sac at 21.21—after attempting to watch a bit of the Netflix Documentary Our Universe, narrated by the great Morgan Freeman. Nope. Eyes no wanna.

02.33 and wham! I’m ready to go and I have an idea.

… I’ve just spent most of the preceding 7 1/2 hours implementing it. I completely re-branded, re-issued, and re-did-all-the-small-stuff the thing. Well, most. Two more things to do, but I’m using what little mental energy I have left to write this post, then it’ll be gym time (4th consecutive workout for the week—LEGS DAY!—and then 3 days off and a 30-hr fast in there), eat again time, eff around whatever…probably do more work because I can’t stop.

Right off the bat, I’ve moved it from a blog-post-series to a 114-Lesson Online Course — Programmed, a Specific Length of Time, in title caps.

Have I changed anything?



Initial Human Perception.

And that’s all. The material will be no different except for style and tone, so that it reflects like a lesson in a course.

But the perception went from oh, a blog post amongst millions and millions—and 114 is just 114 amongst millions and millions—to something of much higher perceived value…something that will be relevant and worthy of keeping, referencing, and learning from well into the future.

The value-proposition changes completely.

… The story of the McDonald’s Triple Cheeseburger (and why I’m using it as my header image) is that along about 10-minutes-to-6 AM I’d been over 3 hours at work, thought I’d take a break, and target some protein.

So I rinsed off, tossed on some shorts and a V-neck, hit the road in the MC, and it took 3 minutes to ride down Pratamnak Hill and across to The Marine Plaza and surrounding area adjacent to Pattaya’s world-famous Walking Street—that I first walked 37 years ago, in 1986.

The lower photo is right outside of MYST Club, the interior photos of which are above.

Unlike me, who seems to be constantly aware of my surroundings and the hidden truths that lie within, the vast majority of individuals are unknowingly engaging in a grand act of make-believe known as live-action role-playing, or LARPing. Within this sea of oblivious participants, there may be a select few who consider themselves “Red-Pilled,” believing they possess a superior understanding of reality. However, just as Neo, the iconic protagonist in the third installment of The Matrix series titled Revolutions, discovers that he is the ultimate fool, these self-proclaimed enlightened ones are deceived as well. Their resistance, antagonism, and belief in the red pill are nothing more than crucial components for the overall well-being and stability of The Matrix itself.

That’s lesson #1 in No-Pilled thinking. A simple one, perhaps rather elementary to some.

A bit more advanced is people watching. No, I don’t mean the obvious Thai ladyboy in the psychedelic long dress. (He or she or whatever is actually a pretty nice person.) What I mean is watching to see if you can spot the non-LARPers. It’s easy for me. If I chat them up in a convo, it’s 100%.

If I broach political or social topics, it’s 70% chance they’re on the conservative, no-BS side of things.

There was an obvious one outside The Tunnel which is across the street from McDs and which has a really nice deck right on the bay with lots of table and chairs. This 50-sumthin, very gym-going fit, tan, and sober dude was just sitting, observing. Too easy, though.

He’s wearing a black silk T with big white block-caps across the chest:


… Then there’s the funny LARPers, and this is a big reason I like to go down and observe—it’s for the laughs. They’re the guys who’ve been out all night; they’re late-20s, early 30s, typically. They’ve scored the attention of a young & sexy Thai girl, typically out partying with her friends…of which, there will always be the hot one, and her 2-3 less attractive (or not at all) friends—to make her look better.

If you think about it, both the hot one and her less-hot friends have enhanced opportunities by being together. It’s a trade. The not-hots are using the hot, as much as she’s using them. You can figure that one out.

The thing that may not be obvious is that the hot one gets plastered no matter what. That’s her right and privilege as the alpha chick.

The calculus is that she gets taken care of no matter what. This is the implicit duty of the not-hot in exchange for the hot one drawing in potential males who otherwise wouldn’t give a 2nd look to that group…and guys know very well that you have a better shot with a hot chick who’s with some less-than-hot friends, as it gives the hot one a chance to show off and reaffirm who’s who in the tribe.

… But this is dangerous. Never do this early, and I see it time and time again. He latched onto hot one sometime between midnight and 02, when all the other places are closing and people are piling in. She was perfectly fine then.

She was fine for hours…which is why you had zero problem strutting your farang stuff by dropping 3-6,000 baht (100-200 bucks) on drinks not only for her, but for her friends as well. And you don’t complain. Other guys are looking at you with envy in their hearts, and you know it.

So far, it’s a bargain.

So far…

There is always a point where you have to have the presence of mind to exit stage left—even if you have to excuse yourself to the men’s room, go pay whatever tab remains, and ditch.

… You don’t want to get to that point of no return where, suddenly, you’re responsible to make sure hot-plastered-chick…whether to your room or hers doesn’t matter…gets wherever there is, safe and sound. The signs will become obvious if you observe the not-hot chicks. They want you to take the hot one home, because it lets them off the hook. They’re tired wanna go home sleep.

Don’t let them off the hook. Don’t let that window of opportunity close.

Otherwise, you’ll be one of those guys like I see in and out of the club every single time I go down—I counted 3 explicitly in MYST just hours ago…the look in their eyes telling the whole story I’ve merely retold.

… It’s almost 07.00, which is the hard-closing time…everyone must go…and they’re propping up hot chick, who’s drifting in and out of consciousness at this point; it’s way past anything like they had imagined as the outcome, they’re down 200 bucks, and now they have the serious man-up masculine responsibility, and thou shalt not wither in its face.

The not-hot chicks are still there to help…YOU…to do your duty!


So I went and had the burger. A No-Pill lesson there might be, I love to tell people I love McDonald’s…honestly, not eat there often, but I’m always delighted when I do, and I make no bones about it.

You know what I call McDonald’s?

“The largest, most successful, most profitable restaurant chain that nobody ever eats at.”

You know what I mean. Why do people always lie and say “I never go to McDonald’s,” or even “I have never been to McDonald’s.”

Liars. I’ve never believed a single person who has ever told me that. I know there’s gotta be a few, but what are the chances I meet them #1, and then #2, end up striking up a convo about McDs, of all things?

Nah, it’s just virtue-signalling, NPC regurgitating what everyone’s supposed to say.

But here’s the truth about that 100% beef (Australian imported Angus here in Thailand, which is why McD’s is pretty pricey).

I didn’t have fries, or even a drink of any kind, so that was it. That looks excellent, and it is excellent.

Most of the fat is saturated, and it’s only in the burger and the dairy-based “cheese.” No added fat like mayo or another fatty-sauce or dip. Carbs are a modest 35 grams…2 more similar modest-carb meals for the day, and you’re at about 100: technically low-carb.

32 grams of quality protein, beef and dairy, and that’s 65% of the [too low] minimum recommended daily. Keep that up, twice more, and you’re hitting my own minimum protein target of 100g per day for even small women.

… Finally, another cool thing happened. Owen Leahy, a longtime reader and paid member from Day 1, April 20, 2021, when I went to being a Membership site, put up a comment on one of my reports from the month of hurt.

The Month of Extreme Discipline: Report 1; Days 1-3

This is great stuff Richard, a real call to arms too. I love the candor with which you describe your experiences in both the gym, and the rest of your day. It’s just like shooting the shit in the locker room after a workout. There’s some really valuable insights when you’re flowing like that.

You got me all wrapped up in this challenge now too. I have plenty experience wanking around on a million different programs over the years, but this just feels different. For sure, by day 3 I’m goin “huh, wtf…..27 more days??”, but I find I respond better to a visceral, man-up challenge than merely easing into something. I just prefer to go big at the beginning, then feel the stride and momentum by the 3rd or 4th day….then it’s just showing up every day after that.

I don’t think anyone does these N=1 reports better than you…’s not just the technical data you bring, but life’s rich pageant to boot. Top class, good luck on your odyssey!

That came in at 05.19 and so perhaps I was in a good mood in deciding to go out 30 minutes later and now you have the story.

But wait! That’s not all!

I get back just after 07.00 and what’s that in my inbox? Oh, it’s a new testimonial. Hasn’t been a new one in a while. I click over.

It’s Owen, again.

The Real Deal

I’ve been an eager consumer of Richard’s explorations of the galaxy for about 15 years now. In that time, I’ve found him to be an insatiable pursuer of truth and a brilliant narrator of his experiences along the way. Over the years I’ve seen him take a leading, pioneer role across a disparate range of topics, not limited to diet and health (Paleo early adopter), finance (crypto), politics (unbeaten election prognosticator and reader of the cultural ‘tea leaves’) and now AI and all the other stuff I didn’t mention.

The trait that most resonates with me, however, is that unwavering commitment to truth. There’s no sideshow, no agenda: only the truth, even if that means walking back a previously held position. Richard has always struck me as having unimpeachable integrity, wears his heart all the way down his sleeve, and never shies away from the action. In all honestly, there is no ‘internet personality’ I trust more.

You’re missing out if you don’t jump aboard, and you have no idea where you’ll be this time next year thanks to the stuff you’ll learn on FTA.

Cheers for everything, Richard!

Now I’m really charged, and that integrates so well with everything I’ve been working on for hours. Here’s someone who has been reading for 15 years, paying a subscription for 2 1/2 years, and far from complaining, outlines a lot of what I do, what I’m expert at doing, and ends with an admonishment that’s the equivalent of…

So what the hell are you doing and waiting for?

Access the info about the 114-Lesson Course that’s 5 lessons per week and runs for 6 months, until the new year.

Free Download Brochure

Online Instant Login Access

And that’ll about do it. About 7 hours until Lesson #20 is published. A nice even number and there’s still time to catch up.

Since Covid killed my Cabo San Lucas vacation-rental business in 2021, this is my day job. I can't do it without you. Memberships are $10 monthly, $20 quarterly, or $65 annually. Two premium coffees per month. Every membership helps finance this work I do, and if you like what I do, please chip in. No grandiose pitches.

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