You Have to Run With The Facts

— Business Thinking Reins and Tames Feelings

“Explore the importance of critical thinking, avoiding bias and embracing truth in achieving success. This article delves into the 114-No-Pill Lessons that challenge us to take control of our minds, reject wishful thinking, and embrace rationality. Navigate the path to true freedom and prosperity through intellectual courage and a commitment to truth. Plus, discover exciting changes to membership pricing and access to these life-changing lessons!

One of the recurring motifs I harp on about here…and have done so for eons…since the good old days of the Paleo Daze…is the concept of bias, investment, the “it’s my baby” syndrome, and a plethora of other phrases that encapsulate the moment when one abandons critical thinking and embarks on the futile mission to force square pegs into non-square holes. The moment when reason takes a back seat and one clings onto outmoded ideas, rather than ditching the peg and whittling up a fresh one that fits.

This, fundamentally, is the stark contrast between value-creation and business-like thinking and action as opposed to emotion-driven, “but-I-just-want-it” thinking and action. It’s a battle between rationality and irrationality, between objectivity and subjectivity. It’s about learning how to navigate the treacherous waters of bias and self-deception, and how to keep one’s mind open to new ideas and perspectives. It’s about recognizing when one’s thinking has become clouded by emotional attachments and vested interests, and learning how to clear the fog.

The 114-No-Pill Lessons delve into this at the very root and core of each of its Advantages. These lessons are not merely practical tips or strategies, they are a call to arms. They are a challenge to each and every one of us to take control of our own minds, to cultivate our critical thinking skills, and to reject the seductive allure of wishful thinking and self-delusion.

They implore us to accept the harsh reality that wishful thinking and emotion-driven action rarely lead to success, prosperity or happiness. They urge us to embrace the value of hard, rational, objective thinking and to resist the temptation to take the easy way out, to succumb to the comfort of familiar but flawed ideas and beliefs. They demand of us to assert our individuality, to establish our own values, principles and standards, and to assert our will and freedom and to work hard within that framework.

It’s not an easy path to tread. It requires a certain degree of intellectual courage, a willingness to question and challenge one’s own beliefs and assumptions, and a deep-seated commitment to truth and rationality. But, for those who dare to take it, it is a path that leads to true freedom, to the kind of success, prosperity, happiness and passionate love that can only be achieved when one takes full authority and agency for oneself.

We need to stop pandering to the whims of false authorities, and start thinking for ourselves. We need to stop being passive recipients of information, and start being active seekers of truth. And above all, we need to stop forcing square pegs into non-square holes, and start whittling up new ones that fit. That’s what the 114-No-Pill Lessons are all about.

… Now with that overwrought introduction, I have a small, modest example in the interest of transparency, here. And given the subject matter of this whole project going back 20 years, it’s in for a penny, in for a pound in terms of being transparent, honest, and open about what I’m up to…provided, that is, when I even know myself and aren’t just flinging shit to see what sticks.

Long story short, back at the end of last year I decided to test something, and that’s the sales/marketing technique of an impending change that will be seen as adverse, so action is to be taken prior to a deadline when the very bad thing happens.

Of course, to keep your nose clean, you must follow through on the threat.

In this case, it was a doubling of the membership price and the action to take was to lock in the price as it was, prior to the deadline. It worked marvelously, and I made somewhere around $6,000 in new subscriptions in December on that promotion.

Now, 8 months later, the data is very clear when compared to the data from before that end-of-year promotion began, and it all makes perfect sense. Since it makes perfect sense, what do I have to do?

It’s not complicated.

There are three sections of the data to consider.

  1. Overall new revenue
  2. Recurring revenue
  3. Retention

It’s a bit complicated to analyze, because these are related and inter-dependent. It also depends on whether looking at the short-term revenue picture or the long term.

Let’s start with #3. Hands down, retention is far superior at double the price. Not even in the same ballpark. Plus, I eliminated the monthly level of membership, so it was only quarterly, annual, and lifer. This enhanced retention even more.

Simple, really. Higher prices, bigger commitment, more serious decision…so those who make that decision in the affirmative are far more certain that they want this for the long haul.

Now let’s go to #1, overall new revenue. It’s simple on the surface. If you double prices, then you make the same with just half the new memberships. Now, think of number #3, again. If retention is better, then in the long run, I’m making more with just half the new folk as before.

What’s not to like?

#1 is what’s not to like. New memberships are less than half in number than before. It’s one of those things where you have to test it, see what happens. Now, there are lots of membership sites that are more and a LOT more than mine. But so far as I can tell, they are all very niche and very specialized. It’s people paying a lot for a very specific thing, presumably information that’s instrumental in what their own business-bottom-lines are.

That’s not this. I eschew specialization. I’ve written about it. I’m all about autodidactic, polymath, wide integration of all relevant facts.

Do you know what else I’m all about?

Common-damn-sense, pertaining to Mark 1, Mod A good, wholesome folk with their values, hearts, and minds in the right place…and aren’t the types to join something they might perceive as an exclusive cloistered choir taking up space in an ivory tower.

So, to sum it up, in terms of raw revenue, basically holding its own for the long term. Less than half the new signups, so a bit lower total revenue on the front end, made up for in recurring revenue and retention. But at the same time, stagnation long-term, in my view. Less fresh, new, revitalizing, rejuvenating new blood.

New blood is life’s blood.

In other words, the numbers could work and ultimately, I can build on that through marketing and targeting the right people, but does that meet my overall purpose: “good, wholesome folk with their values, hearts, and minds in the right place?”

Not so much…

And so, I am pleased to announce a reset in the prices to $6/mo and $50/yr. I’m retaining the quarterly level, and that’s $15 per quarter, a 3-bucks savings. That makes annual a $10 savings off quarterly, and a $22 savings off monthly.

I’m leaving lifetime at $500. Those who purchase that aren’t price sensitive. Plus, some of them like the enhanced access and attention they get from me. When they call, I listen.

… The final issue to address is that of those who are at the higher price points. That’s up to you to change if you like. I have members who pay for the downloads even though they have free access, and even non-members who’ve known me for a long time who will pay for downloads even though there’s a coupon code for 100% off. This is an individual decision. Anyone is always welcome to manage membership however they want. I don’t think one way or the other about it. You’re making your own business decisions, as you should and as I teach.

Here’s the skinny portal (the one without all the marketing stuff).

Go Maverick!

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