Good Captains

— Keeping it Shipshape

Young future leaders and masters, tread carefully while choosing and assembling your crew.

The contemporary, disintegrating Western World is drowning in mediocrity; it’s corroding from within due to the self-inflicted damage from insanities such as unbridled and uncurated diversity, inclusion, multiculturalism, and all the other destructive elements that are being introduced into society, business, institutions, and individual lives.

Our ethos, once rooted in “bring us your best and brightest,” has now devolved into “empty out your prisons and slums…they make apt voters” for those more interested in amassing power and wealth than the welfare of their own homeland—a classic case of shitting on one’s own doorstep.

Remember, there will always be those who, unable to commandeer the ship, will attempt to sink it. Envy is their default emotion—a refuge for losers with lofty dreams. These are the men who crave power, but lack the competence and drive to acquire it. They are weak, emotional, and natural-born losers.

On your ascent to the top, be exceptionally wary of these men and women, for they pose the greatest threat.

They are cancer seeds…to be discarded with the utmost discrimination, not sown.

As you diligently build your crew, your ship, and set sail, observe keenly the people around you. At the first hint of envy, abandon them. Leave the lazy and incompetent behind.

Instead, surround yourself with the hardworking, the thoughtful, the disciplined, and those with honor. Value those who are grateful. With the right men and women by your side, no storm can capsize your ship, no goal remains out of reach.

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