Want It Dead? Then Kill It Yourself.

— The Hidden Puppeteer of Our Actions

“Empowering you to reclaim personal responsibility, face consequences bravely, and experience the liberating power of owning your actions.”

My paramount gripe with the labyrinthine complexities of culture, religion, society, community, institution, and politics is the rampant, unchecked yearning in human beings for the perpetual outsourcing of their nefarious deeds. Actions they wouldn’t dare to execute with their own feeble hands. If you glance back at the annals of human history, you’ll find the State, in all its glory and horror, to be the most notorious contract killer of all time and space.

You may be lulled into thinking, “well, that’s the mark of a malevolent State.”

Stop it.

Even the so-called benign States have blood on their hands, and that’s an objective fast. Secondly, what is this thing we so casually call government, or the State? What exactly is it? Is it not, more or less, a manifestation of the intrinsic desires of its denizens and subjects?

Isn’t it peculiar how then, when a State performs an act viewed as beneficial, it’s hailed as “the will of the people,” but when its actions are deemed reprehensible by those morally detached, it’s conveniently branded as a faceless, autonomous entity, devoid of any correlation to the aspirations of real, flesh-and-blood individuals.

It’s corrupt!

No, its people are, and it’s merely acting out their wishes in the large. And those politics turn in all directions depending on which party has the reins of all that’s weaponized for use in political contexts, contests, and destruction.

In this light, if we perceive the State as a remorseless killer, it is simply because its people harbor murderous instincts, and they lack the moral backbone and courage to take the law into their own hands, to be the executioner themselves, and to face the consequences of their actions head-on.

It’s a twisted game of passing the buck, where citizens conveniently evade personal responsibility and moral accountability. They prefer to hide behind the guise of the State, allowing it to act as their executioner while they sit back, reveling in the safety of their self-righteous bubble.

This is the crux of my sermon: break free from this cycle of moral cowardice. Reclaim personal authority, take responsibility for actions, and face the consequences, however grim they may be. Only then can we truly assert our individuality, establish our own values, principles, and standards, and work tirelessly within that framework. This, and only this, is the path to success, prosperity, happiness, and passionate love.

If you wish to terminate, be the terminator yourself. Be prepared to get your hands dirty. Be ready to face the consequences. And most importantly, be ready to take full responsibility for your actions. Therein lies true freedom, true power, and true selfhood.

Take physical and moral control of your life

Stop asking someone else to kill for you. Kill it yourself if you want it dead so bad.


Well, then what better idea do you have that doesn’t involve antagonizing to have someone else do your killing for you?


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