What’s the very best thing I can do right now, this very moment?

— A super-productivity hack to end all others

“Take back your control, reject the lies you tell yourself and start living in line with your true human nature. This article is a wake-up call for those ready to reject societal indoctrination and embark on a journey of self-realization and autonomy. Learn how to redefine your values and decisions based on the raw reality rather than comfortable illusions. Your path to success, prosperity, happiness, and passionate love starts here.” — Resident Chatbot Zon Summary

What you just want to do right now is probably not the correct answer.

… And it usually can’t be the correct answer.

Here’s why: the universe isn’t made that way for living beings. For the non-living, there’s no purpose: it just is, and does, and it’s the job of the living and autonomous to observe it, understand it, think honestly about it, and act accordingly with respect to the values held.

So there are two issues:

  1. What values are held (that which a living being acts to gain and/or keep)
  2. Is the very best thing to be done right now a) something in pursuit of a value held, and b) amongst the best values to be had

Non-conscious living beings have this all sorted out for them. They aren’t moral beings (they don’t make moral choices…as explained here). They have purpose, but that purpose is identical depending upon the species and how they go about pursuing that purpose is nearly identical per sex and the given environment and what it offers to exploit.

As Ayn Rand put it, paraphrasing, “only humans have the capacity to sink below their own natures.”

Interestingly, consider what I said above, “think honestly about it” (your observations of reality). All the species—other than humans—have that covered, too. They don’t (can’t) lie to themselves because lying is an evasion of reality and non-human animals can’t do that. They only succumb to the forces of nature when their neurological hard-wiring is insufficient to the task of survival (floods and fires being prime examples, where zero animals perish because they deny there’s a fire or flood or that it’s serious).

When you lie to others or to yourself, it is the act of knowing exactly, or about, what reality is, and willfully choosing to misrepresent it—either for the sake of lazy and pathetic comfort, blissful ignorance, or to fool or defraud someone else.

Substantive evasion of reality is never benign. White-lie social pleasantry (how are you?…great! …you look fabulous) is about it. But you know where it exacts the most costly toll? The lies we tell ourselves; and when you examine yourself very closely and play the game of honesty with yourself (which takes a lot of effort, which should be a big clue) you’ll come away with the honest realization that you are actively engaged in lying to yourself from the second you wake up, to the second you fall asleep…and even that’s no refuge. Our dreams are all lies, too.

… The Discord community is heating up, new members every day…though still only a fraction of the site membership, I don’t know why. It’s going to turn out to be the place to be because it’s smart people talking to other smart people, no fucking assholes and trolls. No ads either…but then again, everybody LOVES ads and dozens of pop-ups. Because IT’S FREE! but I digress…

I got up this morning, opened email, and jumped on Discord to take a look at what’s going on, since folks are beginning to dialog with one-another rather than only with me.

He’s referring to this post: Command Comes From Value Creation.

My advice is to try this exercise a dozen times per day, quoting from the post:

“What’s the very best thing I can do right now, this very moment?”

… It works particularly well when it’s time to go to the gym and your mind starts making these micro-excuses to build up into a reason to delay hours or a day…

And it’s pernicious. Even right now, I know there is something unpleasant (hard mental work) I need to do. It’s now 05.00, and I’ve been putting it off since 03.30 when I got up.

I encourage you to give it a try. Now, I have not done this myself, but honestly logging that question, the answer, and what you actually do once having honestly confronted the reality might be something quite powerful to review daily, weekly, monthly.

My guess?

As much as we’re fuck-up machines, we’re also man/woman-up machines and self-improving and self-correcting…redemption (the seeking, achieving, and granting of) being a core human value and virtue when practiced. So I’d lay money on if a person dutifully and honestly does this and logs for a month, without cherry-picking (only asking when you know you’re doing the best thing), then the entries at the end of the month are going to be a lot different and better than they were at the beginning.

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