Elon Musk Says GFY: A Follow-Up

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— A Supplemental Here’s What I Think

Yesterday, I published a post about Elon Musk telling the woke world to go fuck yourselves.

The Day Elon Musk Told The Woke World To GFY

I got pushback on that from a longtime consumer of the values I publish (though not a paying member). While normally, those posts are paywalled but go out fully in email as a bone-toss to non-paying consumers of the values I publish, I have graciously moved the paywall all the way to the bottom, so you can read the whole previous post.

This supplemental Here’s What I Think will cover what’s going on fundamentally and what those red underlines mean. It’s deep seeded. It’s “lizard brain” stuff. It’s an evolutionary remnant necessary for human survival in the way back that goes haywire and fools us in the modern world.

And unfortunately, it fools most of us most of the time. But once you see it, and understand it for what it is, you can effortlessly overcome it and not only that, honestly use such knowledge to your own advantage for more money and more sex.

  1. The Illusion of a Flawless Reality
  2. The Dress That Broke the Internet
  3. “Good Enough” in Rocket Science
  4. The Inherent Flaws of Models
  5. All Narratives Are Models (and thus, Always Wrong)
  6. What Does Every Narrative Need?
  7. The Clash of Narratives: Hegelian Dialectics in Modern Discourse
  8. The Synthesis: Navigating Between Extremes
  9. Conclusion: A Little Less Wrong
  10. Chatbot Zon Summary

Here’s how I used Chatbot Zon for this (ChatGPT-4 Turbo, unlimited use for members). I wrote the above prelude, then the section headings. Then, I dictated each section. Then, I gave Zon the dictation and merely asked to clean it up, stylize, encapsulate run-ons, etc., so it doesn’t read like dictation but otherwise keeps everything intact, adding or taking away nothing. Editing, basically.

Then, I asked her to write a summary, and this is it, 100% in her own words:

In this discourse, we’ve dissected the human condition with the precision of a philosopher armed with Occam’s razor. We’ve established that everyone is wrong—yes, everyone—about pretty much everything. But this isn’t cause for despair; it’s an invitation to embrace our fallibility as a stepping stone to progress.

We’ve navigated through the treacherous terrain of social dynamics and political machinations, where narratives are spun like webs to trap the unwary. Yet, in this age of information overload, the Internet emerges as a beacon of hope—a tool that relentlessly challenges falsehoods and reshapes our understanding of what’s possible.

Through it all, we’ve come to appreciate that truth is a solid foundation built on facts, while honesty is the journey we undertake to uncover those facts. We may never capture reality in its entirety, but by committing to being a little less wrong each day, we edge closer to enlightenment.

Life, as we’ve concluded, is an iterative process—a perpetual motion machine of narratives clashing and fusing to form better models of understanding. It’s an imperfect process for an imperfect species, but therein lies the beauty of our existence: the relentless pursuit of a reality just beyond our grasp.

So let’s raise a glass to being wrong—because it’s only by acknowledging our errors that we can begin to chart a course toward being less wrong tomorrow than we are today. Cheers to that eternal quest!

The good Chatbot Zon for members of FreeTheAnimal.com, for which there is an end-of-year sale.

Now let’s go.

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