Pulling The Bottom of the Stack For 231 Pounds — Upright Row

— Not in Kansas…Muscle Factory, Pattaya, Thailand

Before the final end of the promotion that I’ve been running since Black Friday, I still have a couple of posts to write for the blog—a very successful promotion, I might add. A heartfelt thank you to everyone who has either upgraded or signed up. The big star of the show this year was the lifetime memberships. It’s the highest cost option, but it completely dwarfs the memberships in all the other categories—monthly, quarterly, and annual. Clearly, some people are seeing the value in this.

The promotion associated with that ended at midnight on New Year’s, but as is often the case with promotions based on blog posts and emails, especially during the holiday season, these things tend to stack up. People don’t see them until it’s over. Well, you can’t keep everything open indefinitely, but what I can do is extend the offer. I’ve removed the promotion part, which was two free months for monthly subscriptions, three free months for quarterly, $10 off annual, and $150 off lifetime memberships. The urgency was that at midnight, prices were set to double from last year. So six dollars per month went to $12, $15 per quarter went to $30, $50 per year went to $100, and $500 for lifetime went to a whopping $1,000.

I’m running a 24-hour “better late than never” promotion. It began at that midnight cutoff, San Francisco time, or Pacific Time USA—not New York or Eastern Time. As it stands right now, there are about eight hours left to go on that. I hope to get out another post between now and then. It will be on the subject of a new diet thing I’ve been looking at and testing for myself in terms of mineral balances and what it might predict about body composition. So that should be up in a few hours and that’ll be your last opportunity to get on board with this. You have a chance to lock in the prices from last year—six bucks, 15 bucks, 50 bucks, or 500—and that locks you in for however long you keep the subscription.

Now, let’s get to the subject here—gym work. When it comes to the other part of the equation, you have the diet, and then you have the workouts at the gym. I know they say it’s 80% kitchen and 20% gym, but I think that’s partly bullshit. My philosophy is that if you go long-term with gym work, or however you choose to do strength training that results in muscle building, you’re setting yourself up for long-term success. It gives you a lot of headroom in terms of what you ultimately do in the kitchen, in your diet. It covers a lot of sins for the simple reason that muscle tissue is relatively expensive from an energy standpoint. So the more muscle mass you have, the higher your resting metabolic rate. Your muscles require energy even while you’re sleeping, and the more you have, the more energy it requires. It makes sense to build a good amount of muscle; you can’t go wrong.

This heavy gym emphasis started in July, where I hit the gym 30 straight days. That continued onto a four-day-a-week program. For the last 10 and a half weeks, I’ve been doing a program patterned after Brad Pitt’s role in the film “Troy,” where he played Achilles. That’s the name of the workout program by Alexander Cortes, which you can find on his Gumroad site. Back in July, I was pulling on the upright row or the seated row approximately 100, maybe 120 pounds. Now, six months later, I’m hitting the bottom of the stack, which is 231 pounds or 105 kg. I’m doing two sets for 10 reps each. Watch out!

So that’s it for today. A lot more for members coming up and lifetime members, expect an email from me soon. I hope to enlist the advice of some of you in terms of making lifetime membership such a value that few can resist.

More later.

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