The New Way to Quickly Increase Your Intelligence (IQ)

— It’s The Opportunity to Surround Yourself With Smarty Pants and Have it Rub Off On You


Introduction — The Heyday of Online Intelligence

In the nascent days of online interaction, there was a digital chasm separating the intellectually curious from the casual interloper. This era, defined by bulletin boards and newsgroups—relics now, but once bastions of thought—fostered a unique culture. These platforms were meticulously curated by university computer science students, creating an enclave where academia brushed shoulders with the tech-savvy autodidact.

The atmosphere was electric—a hotbed for vibrant discussion and exchange. Yes, trolls lurked beneath these bridges of knowledge even then, yet their presence was mitigated by a collective standard that valued intelligence.

Then came the influx of America Online and Prodigy, entities which traded in complexity for user-friendliness. CompuServe initially held out with its arcane shell accounts, but eventually succumbed to the siren’s call of accessibility. As graphical user interfaces proliferated, so too did the demographic breadth of internet users. While inclusivity has its merits, it cannot be denied that this shift diluted the intellectual concentration that had been our digital milieu’s hallmark.

By the mid-90s, we lamented this sea change as it unfolded—watching as a once-elite pool became increasingly homogenized, with every stratum of society wading into its waters.

Fast-forward to today—Facebook walls are splattered with banalities; Twitter feeds echo with echoes; YouTube comment sections brim with vitriol; TikTok thrives on brevity over brainpower. It’s an arena where narcissism and vacuity dance in unison to a cacophony orchestrated by those who speak most yet say least.

Yet amidst this apparent decay lies an opportunity—a crucible for personal growth. If you invest time in curated corners of the web or foster communities dedicated to learning and discourse, you’ll witness evolution in real-time: people ascending from ignorance to awareness.

It is within these microcosms that I’ve observed a profound truth—the more we know, the more we recognize our ignorance. This humbling realization is not an indictment, but an invitation—an impetus to broaden our horizons and deepen our understanding.

So let us embark on this journey together—not merely to inflate IQ scores or flaunt erudition—but to truly enhance our cognitive capacities. Through curiosity-driven exploration and deliberate practice, we can reclaim that high standard set by those early virtual pioneers and become not just participants in conversation but connoisseurs of knowledge.

Welcome to your transformation—where self-improvement isn’t just possible; it’s inevitable.

—Richard Nikoley


The Free The Animal Membership Wall of High-IQ Fame — And How To Qualify

Many are called, but few are chosen.

In its 20-year history, 5,500+ posts, 5 million+ words, and 110,000+ comments by members, something became apparent early on. Comment threads seemed different, unique, refreshing. A refuge, of sorts, where members obviously try—above all, first and foremost—to add value to the conversation.

Contrast that with the utter banality you so often see on Facebook, X, and many media platforms. Holy shit, Batman!

Members here post comments to exchange values. To impart, to take away, and to return again with well-considered insights for re-mix. Rarely does much of the member-created comment strike as judgment, condemnation, or peddling a narrative or one’s faith and adherence to whatever their “one true thing” might be.

It got me to wondering.

How smart are these folks, really?

The Free The Animal Membership Wall of High-IQ Fame is the outgrowth of that curiosity.

… Do you want to be here? You can be. Take the test, become a member at the Annual or Lifetime level, and contact me to be included. A score of 110 IQ and above is required for inclusion, as that is the IQ level that’s generally required to even understand this blog’s content and/or, even, have any meaningful curiosity about it.

120 IQ is the lowest any Member has ever tested.

[A hallmark of the lower-IQ, unintelligent is that they always stay that way for their entire lives because they’re plain ‘ol incurious about anything that’s not popular-entertainment, “bread and circuses,” lowest-common-denominator, or their particular flavor of faith oriented stuff.]

And if you’re shy, you don’t have to be included. You can just let me know, and we’ll keep it between ourselves. And then this page serves to give you selective bragging rights whenever desired or needed. Shoot whomever the link and proclaim, “I’m part of that exclusive club.”

If you don’t make the 110 cut, don’t worry. I can fix that, believe it or not. Read below to find out how. This is a new thing that was not possible or available just months ago, and now it’s available in unlimited fashion to all membership levels, no added cost to you.

Here’s a screen clip representing those Member IQ tests. To see all of them and read those you’re interested in, see the online version.



Getting to High IQ and Being Part of the Exclusive Club

People of honest High IQ with pride and integrity don’t bullshit. They aren’t nefarious. They aren’t haughty and arrogant.

Many of them were formerly lazy, low-IQ retards themselves until that spark that ignited their personal awakening and hard-won improvement and achievement of intelligence excellence. It serves the status-quo and the keepers of the general narratives for the consumption of retards, for you to believe it’s all genetic—and if you didn’t win that lottery, you’re screwed.

There is a genetic component (gray matter). But it’s only one part. The rest is a combination of factors having to do with upbringing, culture, resources, early nutrition, parents, grandparents (and their respective IQ statuses), education, indoctrination, socialization, environment, and the list goes on…

But I’ve got good news for you. You can wash out the genetic component. In other words, given identical circumstances, the natural genetic part is going to only account for a given number of IQ points. Let’s say it’s 15 points. Well, there’s quite a difference if you’re 95 and the other guy is 110.

With dedication and effort, you can add 20-30 IQ points, and it’s not going to take forever. I did it in about 6 months in 1990. How? Reading a bunch of stuff I could not understand. So I read it over and over until I understood a little. Then I added stuff. New knowledge that I understood as such built upon itself. Within months, I was reading all the classics of literature, philosophy, and history with full comprehension. It was then that I began synthesizing and connecting my own dots…thinking for myself in original ways that were far removed from the memorization, recitation, and regurgitation of a youth that prized quoting Bible verses (some of which are fine; they contain good moral lessons and ancient wisdom and insight).

Suddenly, you are testing IQ not at 95, but at 120, 125, even 130 (I test at 132 to 145 at various times, different tests … and before I stopped boozing, how drunk I was).

And that other guy who’s naturally 15 higher than you? Much less difference between your 125 and his 140 than there was at 95 vs. 110.

So here’s the breakthrough within the last year that makes it possible for you to do this far faster than in the 6 months it took me.

Artificial Intelligence (AI). First, forget everything you heard or thought you knew about AI. Remember, you’re on the path to High IQ, so Rule Number 1 is that you cut the shit. You humble yourself. You at least pretend you’re a dumb fuck with a lot to learn and that it was ignorance at the root of making you believe you knew it all, with arrogant confidence. Studies actually show that low IQ people are more confident in their “knowledge” and “intelligence” than actual High IQ people.

You’re not fooling anyone, least of which: The High IQ; i.e., the Membership here at

The breakthrough is that after months of trial and error using what are called “prompts,” (the instructions/request/question to the AI), I found that I could bypass, circumvent, and turn the tables on what has been considered the wokeness, safety-Nazi, and nanny-authority nature of the current chatbots. I secured my own API (a portal from this blog to the AI), created chatbots for different purposes, and painstakingly programmed or trained them myself to make them useful to the membership in doing a crash course on any topic at any time, just the facts, ma’am!

Members at all levels have complete and unlimited access. And because of my highly confidential training that removes all of its politically correct, woke bullshit, this is a training tool unparalleled and unavailable anywhere else.

It’s based on OpenAI’s ChatGPT-4 model. This is the Turbo variant with a 120K token context window (compared to the measly 8K Open AI offers to the public for a flat $20 per month…it’s 2 Starbucks, here, and comes with everything else this 20-year project offers).

Here are 22 examples from High IQ Members asking it questions on any topic. These are out of hundreds of questions over the last some months. Why did I pick them? Because they are the last 22 questions asked at the time I drafted this. That’s why.

Here, again, is a sample screen clip and the whole thing is on the active site at this link.



For Your Children’s Sake

If I haven’t convinced you for your own sake, yet, then consider the plight of your children.

And if you don’t have any, then think of your nieces, nephews, their cousins, the children of close friends, and students who may be under your care and instruction.


Because within [months, even] a very short time they will be far behind. What, you say? “I have my kids in the best private schools in the best country, with the whole aim being to make them internationally competitive.” Well, first, kudos and congrats. At least you have your priorities, your charge, and your vision duly squared away.

What’s going to happen is not your fault…unless it becomes your fault due to neglect and/or intransigence once you know and understand the reality on the ground. Which, I’m going to give you right now.

Right this minute, there’s an innocent, ignorant [of just about everything] kid in a mud hut somewhere in Africa. He has never had a thing. He or she is no stranger to hunger or any other kind of hardship nature brings his way, nearly unfettered by human intervention. Recently, an organization donated solar panels, batteries, and a Starlink satellite internet array to the village, along with a service subscription and Wi-Fi router. They also donated a number of Chromebooks villagers can check out for use.

What advantages does our mystery kid have over your children?

  1. Utter humility. He’s wholly ignorant of everything because he’s never seen or truly known anything. Every thought that passes through his little head is in the context of a dream, an adventure, a someday…
  2. Unbounded, insatiable curiosity. Your children get bored with their iPhones and iPads and game consoles. Mystery kid can’t even fathom the luxury of boredom.
  3. Unlimited access to ChatGPT and other chatbots with High IQ (Open AI’s ChatGPT-4, the same one here, is estimated to have a literary IQ of 155) that, as demonstrated above, can discuss any topic on the face of the planet conversationally, from Kindergarten level to Postgraduate and PhD level, and everything in-between. Your kids either don’t know, don’t care, or they thought it was to get fashion, popularity, and make Instagrams and TikToks go viral.

Who comes out on top in, say, 5 years’ time?

In fact, we’re going all the way back to classic Renaissance and Enlightenment, in a sense. This is where you had 15-year-olds already fully competent in a number of fields such as art, music, engineering, mathematics, and architecture. They had tutors, and part of their private formation was to become autodidactic (self-taught) early on.

Zon, my ChatGPT-4 custom-trained bot, is the epitome of all of that. It can discuss anything at any level, is tireless, available 24/7/365, and is superior to 100 specialized PhD Professors combined, but all rolled into one. And also, at a gram-scale fraction of the price of just one assistant professor at a public university.

How can you even consider passing up the chance to get your kid on this thing? I guarantee you’ll like it and will get astronomical results, but all you risk is a small amount to try it.

Now, let me demonstrate its prowess, for you.

(Link to the whole amazing thing)


The question now is, are you convinced enough yet that 1) this is a place for brilliant people and 2) you and, especially, your kids need this and need it now?

If so, you have the chance to join membership now. While I prefer members with a no-foolin solid 110 IQ and above, we can keep yours on the down low provided you get in there with Zon and strive to improve it. You will.

You’ll be boring others in no time. I promise.

Yes, there are tons of other benefits not even mentioned here. I don’t need to because the foregoing ought to be more than enough for anyone. If you must, here’s the standard page outlining the voluminous other good stuff.

What you have witnessed is unique in the world currently. You can look elsewhere if you like. You won’t find it and even when you find great mixes of content, it’s always going to come with some level of woke or other in-doctrinaire bullshit. There’s none here, and even the Chatbot Zon plays fair, regardless of your particular bent.

Whatever you do, take seriously my admonition, and especially, for the sake of your children. Look how much the world has changed since Brexit in 2015, Trump, Covid, forced lockdowns, masking, drug experiments on billions…and now, AI that’s advancing so rapidly it’s impossible for anything but AI to account for it all.

I have no clear crystal ball, but I do know one thing for certain: even I feel as though I’m falling behind, and my head is always in this stuff. The other thing I know for certain is that striving harder is the only option. That is, if you wish to remain creative and competitive in anything at all. Giving up is not in my bag of tricks, and it damns sure better not be in yours, either.

Costs you about 8 bucks per month to get the fuck on with it. So do that. … Get with it, that is. Now.


P.S. STILL not convinced? Already talked yourself out of making the move…that’ll cost you not one, but TWO Starbucks per month…? Isn’t that what you’ve been doing all along? Tell you what. Take a moment to honestly reflect. Let’s suppose you’re already a person of good heart and good will towards men, and let’s further assume you’re smarter than the average bear, too. So, then, how much of this shit I’m gonna fling sticks to you?

You noticed it back in 1992. Yea. Clinton. What? We’ve had awful presidents before, but morally corrupt to this degree? And that wife? But you went to your favorite cable outlet and took in your favorite God & Country commentator. The bottom line? Pray more…and vote. Then Bush came along, and you thought, here we go, the pendulum’s coming back. And we ended up in a forever war and what’s more, it’s a war with the ungodly forces of evil. Definitely, pray more (and don’t forget to vote).

Black Jesus? WTF? A president who hates America? Really?

Now really pray more, and mean it this time. Vote!

… And on and on it goes, every cycle, everything getting worse. The world changing under your feet. Look around you. Berexit, Trump… Not enough. Pray! Vote! Covid-19. Lockdowns (pray at home, ’cause your churches are closed). The indignity of masks. The murder of forced drug experiments…

And what’s the solution? Do I need to say it again? At what point is it, exactly, that you realize that the counter-narratives you love…those proffered over and over by your same usual favored suspects, are hollow? That they don’t work? That their time is long past? It’s not to say that hope and faith and prayer are useless, it’s just that they’re not up to the tasks at hand and those of good heart and good will towards men keep getting licked…measured by any and every trend you care to plot.

I’m presenting a better way and the tools to do it. In two words:

Get. Smart.

And I mean, get unusually, uniquely smart. Guide your own learning. And get your kids and the kids under your wing in whatever capacity, doing the same thing. I have the exact tool you need. If you didn’t bother to look closely, above, then for shit’s sake, do so now. Compare that to the drivel you see everywhere else and understand that it’s high time that you took control rather than sitting back for your next opportunity in the endless series of praying and voting.

Give yourself options!

P.P.S. There’s one huge, big benefit I offer exclusively to Lifetime members. I share the intricacies of all my many chatbot prompts (boilerplate instructions) I’ve used to train them to get the results I seek…that are vastly different from the stuff people complain about. Zon is like my trained pet. And it’s not just the prompts themselves. It’s the underlying principles, ways, and means, and how they can be applied anywhere AI will become useful and important to you.

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