Super Bowl Sunday Is Better Foreign Relations Than Anything Else America Produces

— I’m No Sports Fan and Even When I Am, I’m a Fair Weather Friend

I can’t recall the last time I wrote about taking in Super Bowl Sunday while oversees (the first time being a Monday morning at the officer’s club on Subic Naval Base, circa 1988), but over in these parts it’s “Super Bowl Zero Dark Thirty Monday Morning.” Perhaps the last time I wrote about it was the 2020. Less than a month after arriving in Chiang Mai to begin life in what would turn out to be my home country, I searched out a sports bar at 05.00 on the given Monday…and then watched the 49ers lead the Chiefs, only to blow it.

Of course you can remember that; you just saw it again!

Oh, well. That’s not what I wanted to talk about, as I have a general disdain for professional sports fandom stuff anyway.

Die hard sports fans are like cuckolds, preferring to watch other people rather than get out and participate.

… Watch a dude bang your wife or girlfriend. Watch other people having sex in porn videos. Watch other people engage in physical competitive sports…

All the same.

(Yes, there’s a slight bit of tongue-in-cheek there, but you gotta admit it’s at least something to think about.)

That’s all the parade-raining-down-upon I’ll do, for now.

I love Super Bowl Early Monday Morning in Thailand. It’s an international affair. Most of the year, sports bars are filled with people watching that other thing called football, euphemistically called a sport. Maybe it’s just me, but in my heart, I just feel that there’s no such thing as a completely well-adjusted person who’s obsessed with that spectacle. Half the time you can’t even pronounce the names of the clubs, particularly if they emanate from that place where Great Britain used to be.

The scene over here is that in most of the sports bars you’ll go to for the Quintessentially American Super Bowl—no show like it, ever—you’ll be in the nationality minority. Americans are among the least in number for expats in Thailand, especially in places other than Pattaya where you have the highest concentration. Roughly, it’s about 50K Americans to 200K Europeans here.

Now, you won’t find it 4:1 at Super Bowl time as the Americans do turn out, and you’ll have the contingent of Euros who participate in the sport of explicitly not participating and making sure to tell you why on all social media outlets that day.

… So I drove on over to the Soi Buakhao, LK Metro, and Tree Town area (heavy expat concentration that didn’t exist in my stomping around days in the 1980s), parked the MC, and just walked around until I found a place matching a vibe for me. The Nest.

I’m a no-reservations kinda guy. A reservation rules out all chance of serendipity, and that’s half of what I live for. It’s like explicitly not making a date with a local gal in the morning, at noon, late afternoon, or early evening. Because…as soon as you do, and she’s not at the top of your favorites file, it’s like something goes out in the ether and your Line app starts dinging…vibrating your phone right off the Tantra chair… Annoying. Yea, you guessed it. Your three favorites, and one of them is ready for that threesome you’ve been hinting at…and you get to choose!

… So what was my serendipity this fine morning? Well, it wasn’t a win by the 49ers, my “home team” if such a fair-weather friend as I could be said to have one. First, it was this.

That’s an all-you-can eat breakfast buffet for 10 bucks. The pork is a whole-pig rotisserie over charcoal, which is hugely commonplace. Any night you go out, there’s not only one bar, but many, turning a whole pig over charcoal.

I find a seat, get food, sit down—the game’s only a few minutes in, zero score. I’m getting the feel of the crowd. 49ers favored, for sure (I think they’re the favorite team internationally, hands down…the French loved loved loved them in their early 90s heyday when I lived there.).

There’s a guy behind me cheering hard for the 49ers. Look and dress is Total American TM. For sure! Nope. German, and English skills aren’t his thing. Nonetheless…

There’s four older black guys at a table just beside me. For sure they’re American, and they were. Guess what else? Two are ex US Navy and had both visited Pattaya close to my first time, 1986.

You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave…

Soon as he heard us talking, another black guy just in front of me turns around and announces himself as ex-Navy too…a submarine officer, a “nuke.” So, crème de la crème smarts.

All in all, a cool morning in spite of the ultimate sporting result oh well. Here’s 17 seconds of action in front of Danny’s Sports Bar, Tree Town.

… Speaking of getting smart, here’s a project I’ve been working on for a while that has become this blog’s primary distinction against the mundane banality out there.

It has stories and history going way back.

It’s about being smart and if you’re not, getting to work on that.

>>> Take a Look <<<

PS: There’s a post on the heels of this one that’s totally new and I predict will be taking the health word by storms and hurricanes over the next years. I’m banking on it, all in, and already have substances on order for self experimentation (including one that might make your eyeballs pop out, guys).

Stay tuned for the whole introductory story.

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