Teaching 5th Graders About Hang-Gliding

Theory To Practice

Here we are. I know what’s due tonight—the third installment of my miniseries on AI and consciousness, human consciousness, and the potential for digital consciousness. What is consciousness, anyway? That’s what this third installment is supposed to focus on. The second part mostly dealt with big brains, and the first installment was about the astounding new capabilities of AI in the context of what people believe about higher powers and super beings.

But here’s the thing—I still have some work to do on this third installment. I’m exploring, expanding a little bit. So, as I was plugging away, looking for something else, I stumbled upon these old videos in my library. They’re of me giving a lesson on hang-gliding, of all things, to fifth graders—kids around 11 years old—in my wife’s classroom.

This was actually the third time I had spoken to her class. The first time was after the 2000 election—the infamous hanging chad debacle. Can you believe that was 24 years ago? A quarter of a century. They just couldn’t decide, and in retrospect, we know what a political mess it was. In that instance, what actually happened prevailed, unlike the 2020 mess, which I’m pretty sure will go down in the history books as a steal.

So, her kids were asking all these questions about what was going on. It was uncharted territory. My wife asked me to come and explain it to them, so I gave a civics lesson to fifth graders. After that, around 2010, my wife put me in for something called Junior Achievement. I taught several classes about business and entrepreneurship in her classroom. There weren’t any videos, just some photos, but it was a cool experience. I put together a little program and taught them about business and economics, hoping they wouldn’t grow up to be as clueless about economics as Democrats.

Then, there’s this last one, which I have recorded video clips of. It’s not continuous—just snippets. I don’t know what it shows. You tell me. Those who read and watch me have impressions of me. So, how did I do? You tell me.

And what would a post about Hang-Gliding be without a little practice, so here’s one of me actually flying. It’s a 30-minute flight, but chopped down to just the launch, a little flying around, and landing…all set to a little Led Zep. Sparing you, it’s only about a minute.

If you’re interested in more, here’s a vid that’s completely instructional. 10 minutes. And here’s the Hang-Gliding YouTube Channel.

Back tomorrow with that 3rd installment, then a few days off to coincide with my rest days from the gym…well, at least two of them.

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  1. Ron Padot Jr on May 24, 2024 at 05:08

    Thoroughly enjoyed that throwback. You had the room. They were engaged as 5th graders can be, Loved the “connecting the dots” thrown in there, too.

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