Paid Membership

I’ve been a free member and was not planning to obtain a paid acct. But your heartstrings post got to me. What you did for Yui and kids was great. The house and schooling especially, and then the car and help with the shop. (I contributed a little to that GoFundMe). Anyway, taking them on a vacation is a wonderful idea, and I’m willing to chip in. Show them a good time. I hope Yui’s next benefactor treats them as good as you have. I believe you said SS would kick in early next year so that will greatly help with your austerity lifestyle. And monetizing YouTube will certainly help. Who knows, maybe the vacation rental income will return. Good luck.

[Richard’s note: thank you, sir, and your expressions of recognition are the superlative long-term value, here. And…don’t write Yui off entirely just yet… All I can say right now…]