This Blog Is Not For You

Most of the world is in a trap. It lives according to the herd, lives according to the crowd – and the crowd means the lowest state of consciousness. To live according to the crowd means to live at the minimum. The crowd is not interested in honesty; its morality and its honesty is a social convenience, just a kind of lubrication; it helps people to be together. Its honesty is not true honesty, it cannot be.

Honesty is to live your life in freedom, in sincerity, Naked; never to be false and never to pretend – that is honesty. Whatsoever the consequences, whether one is hated or loved, whether one is respected or disrespected, it doesn’t matter. An honest person is one who lives in his utter nakedness as existence has created him.

He respects himself so much that he is ready to risk everything for it. His joy is tremendous; his bliss is infinite. If your morality, your honesty is a defense measure, to create a safe, secure life for yourself, this blog is not for you. If you refuse to be phony, false, plastic then your money will be well spent.

Remember, that a plastic rose cannot have any fragrance, only a real flower can. But the real flower needs to be rooted in the earth. The real flower has to take all the risks of being real.